close-up of a blue eye with pastel goth makeup, long lashes and white faux freckles on the skin

I've always been drawn to the dark and mysterious world of goth fashion, but I also love the sweetness and innocence of pastel colors. Pastel goth makeup is the perfect way to combine these two worlds, creating a look that is both edgy and adorable. In this blog post, I'm going to share 15 of my favorite pastel goth makeup looks, inspired by the mid-2000s. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I'm sure you'll find a look that will take you back in time.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look and pastel mint lipstick

  • Black Heart on the Cheek and Minty Lips

One of the quintessential elements of pastel goth makeup is the juxtaposition of light and dark. Start with a flawless pastel base and adorn one cheek with a delicate black heart, symbolizing the duality that this style embodies. Complement this look with minty lips – a refreshing twist on the traditional dark lips that will make your pout pop.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Long Lashes and Pastel Lavender Eyebrows

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and pastel goth makeup knows how to frame them enchantingly. Coat your lashes with voluminous mascara, letting them touch your eyeshadow-dusted lids. For a striking contrast, fill in your eyebrows with a soft lavender shade, adding an unexpected yet captivating element to your gaze.

pretty selfie of a young woman with lavender pastel goth makeup
Photo: beautsoup

  • Dusty Lavender Lips and Pale Blue Flick

Create a mesmerizing contrast by adorning your lips with dusty lavender lipstick that screams understated elegance. Enhance your eyes with a delicate flick of pale blue eyeliner, offering a subtle nod to the pastel spectrum while retaining the signature edginess of gothic makeup.

pretty selfie of a young woman with bit doll eyes and pastel goth makeup look

  • Doll-eye Look with Long Lashes and Pastel Eyebrows

For a look that's equal parts cute and mysterious, go for the doll-eye aesthetic. Use a pale, matte eyeshadow to achieve a wide-eyed appearance. Frame your peepers with dramatic, fluttery lashes and complete the look with pastel-hued eyebrows that add a unique twist to this beloved trend.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Monochrome Pastel Goth Makeup

Monochrome never looked so captivating. Choose your favorite pastel hue – be it pink, blue, or purple – and create an all-encompassing look. From eyeshadow to blush to lipstick, let your chosen shade dominate, punctuated by dark accents that maintain the gothic allure.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look with gradient eyebrows
Photo: manic moth

  • Gradient Eyebrows and Natural Eyes

Embrace the gradient trend by blending pastel blue and teal shades for your eyebrows. The transition from a soft pastel color at the inner corner of your brows to a slightly deeper hue at the tails. Pair this with a minimalistic eyeshadow look using neutral tones, letting your gradient eyebrows take the spotlight.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Whimsy Pastels and a Touch of Neon

The next pastel goth look is totally unwearable, but isn't it stunning? I love the mix of pale blue, white, and pastel lavender shades that create these whimsical patterns on the skin. A kind of pastel mermaid, if you please. But the special detail of this look – false neon eyelashes. Use pale, pastel lavender lipstick to complete this look.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look inspired by mermaidcore aesthetic

  • Like a Mermaid

Channel the mystique of the mermaidcore aesthetic with this pastel mermaid-inspired makeup. Blend shades of pastel blue and green on your eyelids, reminiscent of ocean depths. Enhance the magic with a touch of iridescent shimmer on your cheeks and finish the look with pastel pink lips that evoke the rosy hues of a beachside sunset.

selfie of a young woman with trad goth makeup look

  • Goth from the 80s

There is nothing like a touch of classic goth vibe from the nostalgic 80s. Bleach your eyebrows or use white concealer to hide them, and blend pink and dusty blue matte eyeshadow on your lids. For the lips use classic black lipstick or a very dark blue color. Rhinestones or faux piercings will put a final accord to this goth look.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Gothic Tears

Incorporate an avant-garde touch to your pastel goth look by adding "gothic tears." Apply delicate, dark teardrop shapes beneath your lower lash line using eyeliner or eyeshadow. This creative twist combines the edgy essence of gothic makeup with the whimsical world of pastels.

pretty selfie of a young woman with baby pink goth makeup look and thick eyeliner

  • Baby Pink Eyeshadow and Thick Eyeliner

For a classic pastel goth appearance, coat your eyelids with a soft baby pink eyeshadow. Amp up the drama with thick, jet-black goth eyeliner that contrasts beautifully against the pastel background. This look strikes the perfect balance between delicate and daring.

selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Gloudy Pastels & Everyday Lip

Capture the essence of a dreamy pastel sky by blending shades of soft pastel blue and pink on your eyelids. Keep it wearable by pairing the look with an everyday nude lip color. This combination showcases the versatility of pastel goth makeup, making it suitable for various occasions.

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look and faux freckles

  • Faux Freckles and Black Lips

Add a sprinkle of whimsy to your pastel goth makeup by donning faux freckles across your cheeks and nose. Balance this playful element with bold, black lips that exude confidence and mystique. The result is a look that's both endearing and fierce

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look
Photo: MothQueen

  • Chunky Pastel Glitter and Hazy Lip Look

Glitter makes everything better! Embrace the magic of chunky pastel glitter by applying it generously to your eyelids. This celestial touch pairs harmoniously with a hazy, blurred lip look achieved by slightly smudging your chosen pastel lipstick shade. The ethereal glow of the glitter and the soft lip create an entrancing contrast

pretty selfie of a young woman with pastel goth makeup look

  • Pretty Goth Makeup with Long Lashes

False long eyelashes can add drama to any makeup look! Choose the longest lashes you can find and color your lips black. For an extra touch of drama, consider adding a slight winged eyeliner. Keep it thin and elegant to maintain the pretty goth vibe. Remember, the key to nailing this look is the balance between the softness of the pastels and the mystique of gothic elegance.

Wrapping Up...

Blending the delicacy of pastel shades with the boldness of gothic elements, this trend allows makeup enthusiasts to explore and experiment. Whether you're drawn to the enigmatic allure of black hearts on pastel cheeks or the dreamy gradient eyebrows, there's a pastel goth look for every mood and occasion. So, embrace your inner pastel goth goddess and let your makeup speak volumes about your unique style and artistic spirit.