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You can love it or hate it but punk hairstyles are here to stay. Just like punk fashion and music, punk hairstyle has been a prominent trend throughout the last 50 years. I’m sure this style is going to outlive us all! Punks not dead, am I right? Unquestionably, you can spot punk hairstyles and haircuts not only on devoted people who follow the subculture closely. This hairstyle is just as popular among fashion designers, stylists, influencers, and other appreciators. And how about you? Thinking to give yourself a bold change of hair look? In this case, here are a few punk hair ideas that are always trending.

selfie of a young woman with punk mullet haircut

#1. Peach Mullet for Punks

Mullet hair has become one of the most popular hairstyles for women in the last few years. It is both edgy and good-looking but may require styling and content maintenance. To soften up your look opt for rose gold or peach hair color with a few black low-lights. This style looks wearable but daring.

selfie of a young woman with punk pink adn red haircut

#2. Pink and Red Choppy Bob

Choppy haircuts have always been trendy! They are pretty easy to style and pull off. A huge bonus of such a punk hairstyle is that it looks great on every hair texture and face shape. Spice it up by adding some bold colors to the mixture; How about cherry red and barbie pink?
selfie of a young woman with punk choppy bob cut and black hair color

#3. Choppy French Bob with Punk Baby Bangs

Have you watched The Craft movie? The 1996's version with a gorgeous Fairuza Balk? Well, this choppy bob with punk styling and teeny-tiny bangs reminds me of Fairuza's character Nancy Downs. It looks like a classic French bob haircut turned punk with a help of a hair straightener and styling gel.

selfie of a young woman with grass green punk mullet haircut

#4. Moss Green Punk Hair

And what about the color? What is the ideal punk hair color? Certainly, pitch black or raven wing are the first two options that come to mind. However, if punk is all about breaking the norms, then I prefer swamp or moss green hair in this case. A short bob with long asymmetrical bangs and black shadow roots looks mind-blowing!

selfie of a young woman with punk haircut, mustard hair and pin-up makeup look

#5. High Messy Bun with Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are just as popular in 'alternative' subcultures as mullet hairstyles. I love the soft and delicate combination of straight baby bangs with some longer hair locks on the sides. For the moments when you want your punk hair up, put it in a messy bun, leaving the baby bangs and locks out.

selfie of a young woman with punk bob haircut and platinum blonde hair

#6. Short Platinum Blonde Bob

A shaggy short bob in platinum blonde looks super punk! Don't let the first impression fool you. And, when it comes to styling this punk hair look, the options are indefinite. Of course, matching punk makeup look and outfit will only intensify the jaw-dropping effect. Try it yourself!

selfie of a young woman with punk assymetrical haircut

#7. Asymmetrical Long Bob and Punk Choppy Bangs

So many words have been said about the classic asymmetrical bob. If you are a big fan of this hairstyle for women but want to give it a punk twist try incorporating some hair color. The vivid combination of acid green and royal purple looks astonishing. Harley Quinn would be jealous of this hair look!

selfie of a young woman with short punk haircut

#8. Messy Caesar Cut

Have you ever heard of a Ceasar haircut for women? It looks like a very short bowl undercut. It may not be a look for everyone, but if short punk hair is what you always wanted to try, this may be a look for you. It looks very edgy and rebellious, but somehow soft and feminine at the same time.

selfie of a young woman with punk mohawk, sidecut and curly hair

#9. Improvised Mohawk with Natural Curls

The lucky owner of luxurious natural curls? Then the next punk hair is definitely for you! How do you like this improvised mohawk with shaved sides and accent on the natural hair curls or coils? You may need time and patience to master this punk look, but when you do, you will want to rock it all the time.

selfie of a young woman with green and pink punk mullet hair

#10. Hot Pink and Grass Green Mullet Split

Another day another punk mullet for rebellious women. To style this hair look most efficiently, start with the fringe and blow dry the rest of it with your fingertips. Use some hair wax to get rid of flyaways, and gently 'press' the shape of the hair with a comb. Finish off your punk mullet with a few accessories – hair clips or a scarf.

selfie of a young woman with platinum punk mohawk haircut

#11. Voluminous Punk Mohawk 

The time for punk mohawk has come. Don't deny it, you have been waiting for this hair look in this compilation. No wonder, as it is the first and most popular hairstyle for punk women! The side and back part of the head gets buzzed, while the top part of the hair stays long to form a mohawk-like forelock. The platinum blonde color makes this punk hair look extra crisp.

selfie of a young woman with punk messy buns and split hair color

#12. Tiny Buns on Curly Hair

Another way to keep your punk hair away from your face is to bring it up in two tiny buns, leaving a large portion of the hair loose. You can straighten the rest of your hair with a hair straightener, curl it up or keep your natural hair texture.

selfie of a young woman with punk mohawk haircut

#13. Curly Undercut Mohawk

The next punk hair idea is very similar to one of the previously mentioned mohawk, but this time with a little different twist. The buzzed sides feature two straight lines shaved into the styles and the forelock is long enough to create flirty curls or add colorful accents.

selfie of a young woman with classic punk mullet haircut

#14. Classic Long Mullet with Baby Bangs

Let's say a few more words about the classic mullet hair for women. This time this layered cut features choppy baby bangs and intense black color. Unlike their short versions, long mullets are easier to maintain and can be gathered in a low ponytail or low-key braid for your comfort.

selfie of a young woman with short punk mullet haircut

#15. Black and White Short Punk Mullet

And, lastly, gorgeous shaggy hairstyle in black with contrasting white accents. Tease it up for volume and hairspray the shape of the hairstyle in place for long-lasting wear. This is one of the most versatile and cool versions of mullet for that gorgeous punk look. Isn't it?


Do you know about the Gothic Lolita style? Gothic Lolita is a very famous fashion and aesthetic movement across the globe, which originated in Japan in the 90s and ga its popularity during the 2000s. This style can be described as an organic mixture between cuteness and sadness with a pinch of haunting danger. Sounds very inspiring, isn't it? For all of those, who love and cherish Gothic Lolita and everything connected to this charming style I suggest taking a look at these 15 jaw-dropping makeup looks. Maybe you'll want to try something yourself?

young woman in curly wig and Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup Look with Kissable Lips

#1. Blushed or GothLoli Look with Kissable Lips

Let's start with classic Gothic Lolita makeup with a pale foundation, slightly blushed cheeks, and kissable lips. This makeup look is also completed by two bold wings on the eyes and smudged eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. Looks cute and dramatic at the same time!

young Japanese woman with  Cute Goth Lolita Makeup and a Ton of Blush

#2. Cute Goth Lolita Makeup with a Ton of Blush

Certainly, the Gothic Lolita style is a blend between cute and intimidating, but it doesn't have to stay on the dramatic side most of the time. I love this cute or GothLoli look with a ton of peach blush and glossy lips. The barely-there lash look adds purity to this makeup and makes it daytime appropriate. Would you wear it to school?

young woman with Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

#3. Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

There is never enough drama when it comes to any type of Gothic makeup! The next look will have you covered on many levels. Purple and black smokey eyes? Check! Thin, black eyebrows? Present! Black matte lips? Yes, of course! A luscious platinum blonde wig will make the drama even more contrasting.

YOund Asian woman with Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

#4. Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

This is probably my favorite makeup look in today's compilation. I love the way highlighter on the cheekbones, lips and white 'tears' add contrasting accents to the look. And a touch of pink blush on the nose and chin adds youthfulness to this Gothic Lolita makeup look.

cute woman with Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

#5. Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

The drawn-on bottom lashes are not a very popular makeup technique in the west, but eastern beauties use this little trick all the time. Instead of gluing on small bottom lashes, they simply draw them with liquid eyeliner on the skin. Try it yourself and incorporate this makeup hack into your Gothic Lolita look.

cute asian woman with Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

#6. Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

Here is another cute and innocent makeup look for those who aren't looking for drama. The cutest little detail here is the rose-pink eyeshadow on the eyelids and, of course, an overload of blusher on the cheeks and tip of the nose. For the lips use a natural-looking tint. It is a great alternative for full-coverage lipstick.

woman in cosplay costume of Snow White with Gothic Lolita makeup look

#7. Snow White Beauty with Lips as Blood

'Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.' This is how the Grimm Brothers described Snow White in their tale. Of course, the Gothic Lolita style has nothing in common with this character, but when I saw this cosplay, I felt like it belongs on this list. Huge eyes with circle lenses, highlighter in the corner of the eyes, and blood-red lips – sounds like a classic Gothic Lolita to me!
young woman with Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

#8. Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

Absolutely gorgeous makeup look for the bravest alternative babes. If you still didn't understand what is so unusual about this look I will point out – the eyebrows, or their absence. If you don't feel like shaving them off you can always go for a dose of bleach.

Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

#9. Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

The next makeup look can be used for various occasions including Halloween costumes or cosplay. But, primarily, I picked it up as a great sickly-looking makeup for Gothic girls. I especially love the way this grayish-brown lipstick color looks on the lips. For the eyes use a similar eyeshadow and blend it out up to the eyebrows.

cute asian Gothic Lolita with Pink Look and Rose Lips

#10. Pink Gothic Lolita Look with Rose Lips

Gothic Lolitas can rock the cute pink makeup just as great, as they do with moody black. I can't stop admiring the way the Barbie-pink blush is connected to the eyeshadow. I simply adore this unique makeup technique! This Gothic Lolita look also involves the 'tear bag' technique which makes the eyes sad and adorable.

gothic woman with Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

#11. Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

Enough with the cuteness, it is time to go back to something more intense. How do you like these magenta smokey eyes paired with dark plum lipstick? The same plum shade can be used for contouring to add an interesting twist to the look.

victorian Goth Look with Smudged Lips

#12. Goth Look with Smudged Lips 

Another 'sickly' makeup look for the saddest Gothic Lolitas. This time it involves another interesting makeup trick – smudged lips. To recreate this detail apply the medium-dark lipstick to the lips, contour them with concealer, and blend it together with the lipstick to create a color gradient. For the inner part of the lips apply the darkest lip color.

beautiful Halo Smokey Eye makeup look for Gothic Lolita Girl

#13. Halo Smokey Eye for Gothic Lolita Girl

If you are looking to master a bit more versatile and wearable look, you may like these halo eyes highlighted with black eye kohl. This makeup look is good for special occasions, on the days when you want to look more glamorous, or on those days when your Gothic Lolita soul is asking to be revealed.

gothic woman with Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

#14. Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

Bright-red eyeshadow is always a win-win choice for any kind of Gothic look. If plain black lips look too boring for you, you can couple your red eyeshadow with black lips and add a hint of red color to it. How to do that? It is very simple, just sprinkle the black lipstick with shimmering red eyeshadow and you'll love this look!

e-girl with Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

#15. Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

Well, it is time to wrap up today's compilation. Let's do this with yet another super-cute makeup look so fitting with the Gothic Lolita theme. An e-girl cosplay with pink circle lenses and very pink cheeks! Because there is never enough blush for the loli girls! A pair of fluffy cat ears will surely be a nice kawaii accent to this look!


a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Patrick Porto

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date. The west wind starts to bring the long-hoped coolness back to the northern hemisphere. Although fall is still several weeks away, it’s never too early to think about what to wear on the days when we can mix and match. Get tired of digging out your hand-me-downs and resuming your last autumn ensemble? Before hurrying to shop, let’s see what inspiration we can draw from street style in Scott Schuman’s camera.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Fashion is a loop.

Vintage can never go out of date. A foolproof styling in the 60s is to opt for the monochrome and plain items and they will look after themselves! Instead of going with suit pants, choose a pair of jeans to lend instant casual appeal to your outfit. Stepping in these Piedàterre shoes is like stepping into a time machine going back to the 60s. Simple embellishments, like sunglasses and a Beanie cap, serve more than accentuating a retro outfit without feeling too overdone.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Fallen leaves and burnt orange, a match made in heaven.

Knit cardigans are definitely a cold-weather mainstay in the transitional season. Pair the burnt orange cardigan with a plaid pleated skirt and go for the schoolgirl vibes. A pair of mid-calf boots with animal print can avoid looking too preppy. Keep it monochrome with a corresponding hue and let the patterns add an extra bit of complexity and oomph to the overall aesthetic.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

A smiley face is the most natural embellishment.

Swap for a knit bodycon one-piece dress to ease the costumey sense when the temperature dips. Crab a sweater to keep you snug in the days with chilly mornings and warm afternoons and make it an accessory whenever your moods strike. Slip on a pair of sandals to feel the coolness of fall and show off your cute pedi.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Paris in the rain

Embrace a woolen blazer if you are not a big fan of burrowing into oversize fuzzy sweaters. And it can be a shelter in sudden rain (but an umbrella can do better). Finish your smart look with skinny dark jeans and a pair of mid-calf boots. You can never get enough of the jeans-boots combo.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Keep it monochrome with a corresponding hue

A trench coat is always an evergreen staple in warm fall. Opt for a khaki trench coat and straight-leg trousers in the same color family for a perfect fall ensemble. Let your accessories stand out as the main attraction in your outfit. A silk scarf or a chain strap will be a BFF.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Balance dark clothing look with beige jeans

A pair of white or beige mom jeans can solve all your problems of what to pair with dark overcoats. The light shades can balance the demure atmosphere and breathe new life into your look. Square-toe ankle boots with heirloom quality are a more wearable choice for year-round styling. Apart from summer dresses, they can go well with your mom jeans for a classic Parisian look.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

It’s OK to stay in your comfort zone of black and white

Don't underestimate the power of a black-and-white outfit. Embrace the clashing of billowing materials with tight-fitting garments to avoid dullness. Finish the look with a color-blocking scarf to keep you warm while going bare-legged.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Let colors burst

Don’t skimp out on mixed colors. Pick the motley items in the plain design and keep the accessories fairly minimal. It can be an easy-to-master but groundbreaking look just like black-and-white. Being not total master classes, these varicolored babies are stylish enough to make a statement in your closet.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Head-to-toe black look: je ne sais quoi

All-black can showcase your unique sense of style with the right items. Pair padded puffers with long swing dresses to complete a fab layering fashion. Accentuate your simple outfit with metallic ornaments to add up to just the right amount of polish.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Never too late to invest in a reversible puffer

Wear your thermal layers and wrap up in a reversible puffer against the frigid air. Leave it unbuttoned and show off the details inside. You’d better choose a longer bottom to save yourself from hypothermia.


Dramatic, dark, and glamorous goth makeup is probably one of my favorite makeup styles to choose. Despite being pretty unwearable (unless you are a full-time goth!), gothic makeup looks are always appealing and eye-catching. This style has the power to transform not only your eyes in a matter of seconds but a whole outfit and even your personality! Below you will find 10 breathtaking goth makeup looks, that you should try. From classic smokey eyes with colorful accents, to intricate tribal motifs – which one of these gorgeous looks will match your inner darkness?

goth model with bob hair and Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent makeup look

1. Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent

Let's begin with the classiest of them all –  a dramatic black smokey eye with a bright purple accent in the inner corner of the eye. The blacker is your eyeshadow, and the darker will be your gothic makeup. Use an eyeshadow primer or creamy eye kohl instead of the primer to create a base for your eyeshadow. Apply the black eyeshadow and blend it on your crease, dragging the shadow a bit upwards. Use a pencil brush dipped in nude or gray eyeshadow to help you with the blending. The final touch – a purple highlighter on the inner corner, to give your goth eye look a twist.

goth model with blue hair and bloody red gothic makeup look

2. Crimson Eye Look with Dramatic Eyeliner

There is something tempting and irresistible about the red smoky eye look. It gives me the strongest vampire vibe, making it an excellent choice for a gothic soul. For this look, you`ll need two shades of red: a darker one for the lid, and a lighter for blending. If you don't have a lighter red, you can use nude eyeshadow or even powder. Blend the shadows, apply the boldest eyeliner you can, and add a pair of false lashes, and your crimson gothic eye look is done!

goth woman with Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips makeup look

3. Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips

If a dramatic goth makeup look is something you are definitely willing to try, but you are not sure if you can pull it off, I suggest you start with something less challenging. Like this coffee brown smokey eye paired with a black matte lip. Brown shades look more natural on the skin, and you won't have any trouble blending them together with nude, orange, and gray shades. Apply coffee brown eyeshadow, blend it and add some eyeliner. Black matte lips will complete this goth makeup look.

selfie of a goth girl with 4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter makeup look

4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter

It is time to be bold and adventurous, as the nest makeup look is otherworldly! Certainly, it is not for beginners and demands some practice to be executed neatly. The two main complications here: are a wing-like shape of the green matte eyeshadow and glitter on the lid. You'll need a special glitter primer to make your gothic sparkles last longer on the eyelid. Pair your goth eye look with black or maybe dark-green matte lips and you are done!

gothic woman with aesthetic makeup look and black cirlce lenses

5. Aesthetic Gothic Makeup with White Eyebrows

For the melancholics out there I found this aesthetic gothic makeup look. Just like a previous gothic look, this may demand some serious makeup skills and extra supplies: thin chains, lash glue, white paint, concealer, and a pair of black circle lenses. Use a thin brush with matte red eyeshadow or blush to create a blushed contouring around your nose, lips, and under the eyes. A few thin chains that look like tears will decorate the look and black circle lenses will make your eye look bigger and sadder.

goth woman with curly pink hair and Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

6. Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

The next look is definitely a mixture between glam, goth, and Barbie. It is both cute and dangerous! If you have a neon pink hair color it will look twice as striking. Apply pink eyeshadow, and blinding highlighter to the brow bone and inner corners, and line your eyes with black eyeliner. The main feature of the look should be long, curled false lashes. For the lips – glossy black lipstick. I have a few useful makeup tips for your that will help you to pull the dark lipstick offHow do you like this neon pink goth look?

goth woman with a beautiful cyber-goth makeup look and face piercing

7. Cool-toned Goth Makeup Look with Blue Lips

Cyber goth anyone? I love the way this makeup looks. It is pretty low-key, but, paired with icy-blue lenses, it reminds me of the Snow Queen somehow. You know, the one from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. An icy, goth look is definitely provided by the dark-blue, slightly dusty lip look, which you can achieve by applying eyeshadow to your lips. Keep the shadows and mascara on the top eyelid to give this goth look extra crispiness.

gothic woman with a Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips makeup look

8. Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips

I don't know how about you, but I always loved the Wiccan aesthetic. This gothic makeup look with intricate tribal eyeliner reminds me of warpaint or pagan motifs. This is a high-level makeup, for sure. To create the most accurate and neat lines like this, you'll need a lasting black eyeliner, it is better to opt for liquid eyeliner. A couple of thin synthetic brushes will help you to draw every single line beautifully. For the lips use a soul-eater lip technique, which is characterized by the smudged, freshly-kissed lip look.

goth woman with 80s gothic makeup look, crazy har and split makeup look

9. Split Goth Makeup Look and Sharp Eyeliner

The early and mid-80s was the time when the Goth subculture emerged from the British underground. It is known as the classic Goth era and has a lot of distinguished characteristics loved and cherished by the old-fashioned goths. It wouldn't be fair to create this list of breathtaking goth makeup looks without including this split purple and green goth eye makeup. It was strongly inspired by the classic Goth decade and, together with the accessories and hair, create a wonderful character. Doesn't it?

goth girl with Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look and green hair

10. Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look

And, finally, to wrap up this compilation, check out this acid yellow and green gothic look with triple eyeliner and dramatic yellow contouring. I called it toxic waste, which is the name of sweet and sour candy. The key to this look is blending and highlighting. It creates a very special, radiant glow on the skin. And a sharp eyeliner with weird yellow lenses will make you look like an odd creature from another plant. Would you dare to wear this gothic makeup look?


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