portrait of a woman with ginger hair
Photo: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

When winter arrives, your hair becomes a little more vulnerable than normal, but as long as you look after it, it can remain at its glossy best. One of the best ways of keeping your locks in tiptop shape is to use essential oils. From the benefits of using tea tree oil for hair to how rosemary oil can help with thickness, here are four of the best natural oils for your winter hair care routine.

  • Tea Tree Oil 

Irritated skin is an inevitable part of the winter, and that includes your scalp. In particular, it can easily dry out and cause dandruff. Using tea tree oil for hair can prevent dandruff, as its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties can help fight the flakes. Mix in a few drops of tea tree with a carrier oil like coconut or olive, massage into the scalp, leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse out. For a deeper conditioning treatment, you can leave it in overnight and wrap your hair. 

close-up picture of lavender branches
Photo: Joanna Kosinska

  • Lavender Oil 

Staying with irritation for a moment, lavender oil is great for soothing an itchy, dry scalp. In addition to that, it can also nourish your hair follicles, prevent breakage, and even promote growth – the perfect combination when you’re looking to improve the health of your winter hair. All you have to do is mix a few drops into your favorite shampoo or conditioner and massage them into your scalp. Just be careful how much you use – as with all essential oils, you won’t ever need more than five drops at a time.

  • Chamomile Oil 

Another potential problem we all face when it comes to winter hair is dullness. As the elements take their effects your hair can lose its luster and sparkle. The answer to that? Chamomile oil. Not only can it leave your hair with a lovely shine, but it can also actually lighten the tone of your hair and soothe your scalp too. Mix up to five drops with a carrier oil and rub it gently into your hair. Leave for up to an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

woman's hand is holding a natural oil for hair
Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

  • Rosemary Oil 

Just like dullness, winter weather can also leave your hair looking a bit thin and limp. That’s where an essential oil that helps promote hair growth, health, and thickness would come in handy. And that’s exactly what rosemary oil can do for you. Rubbing a little rosemary oil, combined with coconut oil, directly into your scalp can actually assist cell regeneration, resulting in your hair regaining its luscious and glossy look. 

When you’re thinking about hair health in the winter, remember these essential oils. All of them can support your hair and keep it looking healthy when it’s at its most vulnerable. So, say bye-bye to weary winter hair and hello to luscious locks!

Guest Post


cosmic girl on a beach
Photo: Marek Okon

History repeats itself, and so do fashion trends, they come and go and return to our wardrobes again. It is an eternal fashion cycle and every trend comes back into style eventually. Each time an old fashion design reappears in fashion, it brings brand-new ideas and fresh concepts. According to this point of view, future fashion may repeat the hottest trends of the early 00s, so don't hurry to throw out your beloved hipster glasses and skinny jeans, you may want to wear them once again shortly. 

Of course, I doubt that future outfits will look like the old-school costumes from sci-fi movies and books. I hope fans of the original Star Trek will forgive me, but there are no places for aluminum swimsuits and faux fur crop tops in the future. And as much as I love tight catsuits, we need to face reality, the future won`t look like Marvel comics. But what will the future of fashion look like?

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contact are so quick. Fashion is an instant language." —Miuccia Prada

woman wearing eco fashion
Photo: Noah Buscher

Intelligent Textiles & Fast Fashion

Climate changes will accelerate the invention process of new materials and fabrics. These materials will be bacteria and cruelty-free and have adaptive abilities to regulate body temperature according to the weather condition. Brands will need to develop a new design approach to stay up to date and survive on fashion markers. 

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, so designers will need to think up how to carefully bring environment-friendly materials into the fashion industry. Thanks to worldwide globalization, cultural mixing processes, and advanced technology, future clothes will be comfortable, mobile, and fleeting. The concept of 'throwaway' or fast fashion will become a common principle of all designers, because of a rapid lifestyle and fast-changing trends.

future shopping process
Photo: Lucrezia Carnelos

Shopping Revolution

When it comes to future shopping, I disagree with people who think that regular physical stores will fully disappear from our lives. Of course, they will look and function differently, in a new contemporary way. For example, future dressing rooms will be equipped with holograms and virtual reality. These technologies will allow customers to try on new outfits without even changing their clothes. In the near future consumers will play a large, important role in designing their own garments. Fashion stores won`t need to stock a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Future 3D printers and other similar technologies will allow customers to print necessary items with a unique design and sizing. Digital modeling and virtual reality technologies are even closer than you think. For instance, in October 2015, designer Tommy Hilfiger became the very first major fashion retailer who tested out the virtual reality headsets in the stores and shoppers experienced his fashion show virtually. 

"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment." —Alexander McQueen
close-up of futuristic smart watch
Photo: Fabian Albert

Smart Accessories

Even today, computers, smartphones, earphones, and other gadgets have become more than just everyday items, but essential fashion accessories. When people are searching for a new computer or smartphone, they aren't just buying an electronic device, they are also making a fashion statement by choosing the gadget`s designs, color, and even brands. In the long run smartphones, smartwatches and glasses will become a stylish addition to our everyday outfits. Fashion will become more than just a personal expression of your style, taste, and personality, it will become a technology as well.

Oscar de la Renta once said that the greatest thing about fashion is that it always looks forward. With every passing day, we approach the future closer and closer, but we can't know for sure what is coming for us. My biggest wish for future fashion is to be versatile and indulgent. There will be no more racial, age, or gender boundaries ‒ anyone will wear the clothes they want. In the future fashion will empower people, not isolate or separate them. I'd like to see how fashion becomes an international language of communication and fashion designers become its interpreters, helping people to understand each other better.

Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis colelction thumbnail

Peculiar shapes, repetitive movements, and iridescent colors were the three main hypnotic inductions, which inspired me for this post. I couldn't pass by the Fall/Winter 2019 collection by Iris van Herpen, intriguingly called Hypnosis, and decided to share my fascination with you, ladies and gentlemen. Without any doubt, Hypnosis will quickly become of the most iconic haute-couture collections in the late 2010s.

collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis colelction

Inspired by the kinetic artworks of Anthony Howe, who creates the most unbelievable wind-driven sculptures, Iris van Herpen created the three-dimensional collection of cosmic dresses, made from lightweight silk organza. The weird lines and shapes, that hypnotize our eyes and minds, represent the eternal expansion of the galaxy and the infinite circle of life. 

fashion collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis colelction

Each dress is a work of art on its own, but it is possible to dissect the whole collection into four categories, or it is better to say, elements: air, water, fire, and earth. To bring these luminescent garments to life, the couturier used thousands of laser-cut pieces of silk organza, individually dying them with a special ink-on-water Japanese technique and putting them together onto see-through tulle.

fashion collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis collection

To be absolutely frank, I haven't seen anything more mesmerizing and hypnotizing in a long time! It is very hard to describe this collection with words, I guess it is better to see it one time than hear about Hypnosis again and again. I strongly recommend you take a look at Iris van Herpen's Hypnosis with your very own eyes.


close-up of womans face with a black lip look

You can never go wrong with wearing a dark, haunting lip look. No matter what fashion critics have to say, dark lip makeup looks absolutely gorgeous on every skin complexion and absolutely anyone can pull off this daring makeup trend. The only major secret here is to find an ideal dark lipstick shade, which will ideally fit your inner vibe, the occasion, and, of course, your skin tone. Today we are going to find out everything you wanted to know about dark lipstick, discover how to evenly apply it to your lips, and much more!

How to Choose Dark Lipstick?

Well, first of all, let's discover what is the best dark lip color for your complexion. Girls with fair skin tones usually look the best with intense berry shades. Don't be shy about wearing very dark colors on your lips, vampires are always trendy! I love wearing dark and bold lipstick combined with bushy eyebrows and minimal to no makeup on my eyes. 

If you have warm undertones in your skin opt out for warm-toned lip colors like bold brick-red lipstick and true red. And if your skin has cool tones, colors like purple will look better on you. Ladies with medium and tanned skin tones should definitely try to wear plum or dark grape color on their lips, dark red also goes well with this skin tone. If you have a deep skin complexion go for dark chocolate, ripe plum, and magenta shades.

blonde woman with a dark red lip makeup

Nocturnal Blackness is a Key

I know, this might sound unbelievable, but black lipstick color is very versatile and anyone can effortlessly wear it. The ideal black lipstick should be opaque with only one thin layer. Creamy formulations should glide easily on your lips, like a charm, while matte black lipstick should feel comfortable on the lips. Combine with classic winged eyeliner, flawless foundation, and subtle highlights, black lipstick completes one of the most insolent, yet wonderfully sophisticated makeup looks. You should definitely try it out one day!

close-up of a pale woman's face and a process of black lipstick application

How to Flawlessly Apply Dark Lipstick?

Well-defined dark lips are the dream look for many makeup lovers. But how do you actually apply dark colors with such irreproachable precision? Believe me, it is not as hard as it seems at first. Practice makes perfect, of course, but you'll easily learn this lesson and will have no issues with any dark lip color in the future. 

Firstly, exfoliate and moisturize your lips' skin – an even and smooth surface is mandatory for flawless application. You can use a bit of vaseline and sugar to scrub your lips and your favorite lip balm to keep them nourished and moisturized. The next step is to give your lips a desirable precise shape. Use a well-sharpened matte lip liner in a similar color to shape your lips and fill them in with color. When finished, apply the dark lipstick on the top of the lip liner. Use a special synthetic brush for better precision. 

Now when you have your dark lip liner and dark lipstick on it is time to pay some attention to the edges of your lips. Use a clean synthetic brush for a tiny amount of your foundation or concealer and clean up any uneven edges and messy corners. Keep your hand steady and carefully outline your lips once again. As a result, you'll get a perfect, well-defined dark lip look. This method works great with vivid lip colors as well.

blonde girl is wearing dark violet lipstick

How to Wear Dark Lip Look?

Evidently, pairing intense lips makeup with very dark eye makeup, like this gorgeous Gothic smokey eye look is not the best idea. To look good you always need to keep your makeup well-balanced. Avoid wearing black and dark eyeshadow colors together with dark lipstick and keep your foundation natural. Stay away from harsh contouring, instead go for a subtle highlighter. Dewy highlighter placed on the highest points of your face will add dimension to your look, creating an appealing youthful effect. 


close-up of mortar and pestle made of stone

When I was a little girl, I used to spend my summer holidays in the farmhouse of my lovely granny in the company of my friends and sister. Surrounded by awesome nature I loved spending my free time swimming in a cold lake and helping my granny to grow veggies and fruits in her little garden. I always recall the times when the trees were taller and the grass greener with a sweet feeling of nostalgia. Oh, how I miss those summertime meadows from my childhood, but I remember another thing clearly. 

My mom and granny used to craft a whole bunch of different skincare masks made from fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables. Mommy knows what's best, doesn't she? Today I'm going to share with you how you can craft your own wonderful skin care remedies at home to make your skin clean, smooth, and nourished all with natural ingredients. Before using any of these remedies make sure you don't have allergies to any of the ingredients you are going to apply to your skin.

honey and baking soda gentle skin exfoliator diy face mask recipe

  • Natural & Gentle Skin Exfoliator With Baking Soda & Honey

Honey is a well-known moisturizing ingredient, which softens the skin and even fights acne-causing bacteria. A mixture between honey and fine baking soda will create the most gentle and natural skin scrub, which can be used to remove dead skin cells. Baking soda will make the surface of the skin appear smoother and clean the dirt out of the pores, while honey calms down skin irritations and nourishes the skin. Baking soda and honey skin scrub are good for every skin type.

diy strawberry face mask and milled coffee

  • DIY Fresh Strawberry Skin Mask against Dull Complexion

Apart from being a sweet and refreshing berry with the pure taste of spring, strawberry holds the power of five different acids - ascorbic acid, ellagic acid, citric acid, malic acid, and pantothenic acid. This cocktail of natural acids combats acne, prevents the destruction of collagen in the skin cells, and removes extra sebum from the skin. 

Mash up a few berries and thinly apply the mass on your face and neck, avoiding the under-eye area, wait around five minutes, and wash the mask away with warm water. Your skin will immediately appear to be brighter and purer. If used regularly, a strawberry skin mask whitens the skin (and teeth!), promotes cell regeneration, and reduces excessive skin oil. By the way, you can mix mashed strawberries with milled coffee beans to get natural skin scrub.

diy cucumber or potato slices refreshing skin mask recipe

  • Cooling Cucumber/Potato Face Mask that Fights Dark Circles & Puffiness

Everlasting dark circles, skin puffiness, and redness are the three horsemen of the sleep deprivation Apocalypse. As a nocturnal person, I always get at least one of these three issues as a companion, especially during summer. My mom always uses thin cucumber, potato, or zucchini slices as a natural remedy against tired eyes and puffiness. The refreshing coolness of these water-based veggies relieves itchiness, restores natural skin balance, and reduces skin discoloration. Slice the cucumber, potato, or zucchini into thin round slices, lay down, and place them on your closed eyes and irritated areas. After a few minutes, you are going to adore the results!

diy rose water mist for thirsty skin care recipe

  • Homemade Rose Water Mist For Thirsty Skin

Every beauty junkie knows the benefits of rosewater for the skin. Rosewater elixir has wonderful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it soothes skin irritations and it holds the power of nature itself. It is made of distilled water and fragrant rose petals and is widely used as a perfume because of its pleasant scent. In the beauty industry, water is usually used as a refreshing skin mist or toner that reduces skin puffiness and supplies thirsty skin with moisture. Davida from Healthy Maven shares a wonderful recipe on how you can make your very own rose water at home.

  • DIY Mono-mask with Cherry with Anti-aging Power

Face masks made of sweet and sour cherries are my favorite. These mouth-watering berries are rich in antioxidants and help your skin to maintain a healthy level of pH. You can craft a mono-mask that contains only cherries or mix them with other fruits and vegetables. Ripe avocado mixed with cherries will nourish dry skin, while a mixture of cherries and honey fights wrinkles and fine lines. Apply a thin coat of mask and leave it on your skin for five to ten minutes, after washing the skin with warm or mineral water. Apply your favorite skin moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

diy pumpkin and honey face mask natural skin care recipe

  • DIY Natural Pumpkin Facial Mask against Wrinkles

Pumpkins exist not only for pumpkin pies, soups and lattes, you can use them to improve the appearance of your skin. This vegetable is high in vitamin C which protects the skin from free radicals and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Mix a fresh pumpkin puree with pink or green clay if you have oily skin and let it dry on your face. For dry skin type use a teaspoon of honey with this autumnal veggie. And what is your favorite DIY skincare recipe?


girl in the field

It is not a secret that a nocturnal lifestyle is damaging to health. Adult people who prefer a night owl's sleeping patterns and lifeway habits are nearly twice as likely to have diabetes and psychological health problems. According to various studies, people who tend to stay up until the early hours of the morning might get negative consequences on health. Keeping up a healthy diet and appropriate sleeping practices is not an easy task, especially for people who do not have a consistent work schedule, but there is no harm in trying. 

The beginning of spring is a great time to start organizing your lifestyle and plan a personal fitness program. But there is something important to consider before starting an exercise and diet program - your current state of health. The best way to find out if your body is ready for these changes is to look inside yourself with the help of a DEXA scan. Do you have problems with your joints? Maybe you have muscular asymmetry or issues in your bone structure? DEXA scan will give you comprehensive answers to all of these questions.

doctor is reading xray

What is a Dexa scan?

DEXA scan is one of the most popular scanning methods among professional and amateur athletes, who like to monitor their health condition and body composition. Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scanning precisely measures your bone mineral density, overall body fat, weight, and percentage. The final results are compared to other results in your age and gender group. Based on this information, fitness and dieting specialists will be able to create personalized plans for you, taking your body composition into account.

healthy diet

Certain physical activities and diets, such as weight-lifting, CrossFit, or restrictive low-fat plans, are not recommended to people with determined health issues. That is why it is so important to scan your body before planning your lifestyle metamorphosis. DEXA scan will give you a detailed body map, explaining the sense of where is your health and body condition now. Over time you will be able to track your health and body improvements, comparing your current state with the beginning results.

Why Doing Dexa Scanning?

DEXA scanning is not only a great to monitor your weight loss journey and health changes, but it is also a great way to diagnose various health issues in the early stages like osteoporosis, bone fractures, hyperthyroidism, and Crohn’s disease, and others. Just in five-seven minutes, you are going to see thorough information about your body composition and possible diseases. Your personal therapist will help you to find the nearest DEXA scan cabinet in your city.

doctor schedules the appointment

I'm excited to start improving my lifestyle habits! Eating healthy, staying hydrated, and sleeping the recommended number of hours during nighttime are my health priorities for the upcoming spring season. Hopefully, there will be no health considering restrictions and I'll be able to reach all of my goals in the nearest months. And what is your goal for the springtime?


Ripped jeans, sad tunes, reeky cigarettes, and a world full of promises. The decade of grunge style in music and fashion has passed a long time ago, but apparently, we can't get over this historical injustice, trying to refresh the memory of this romantic, slightly gloomy phase. Grunge fashion is not exactly retro yet, but it is definitely something we all missed, even though some of us are too young to even remember this massive movement. 

As Robert Hilburn noticed in his Los Angeles Times article: "...grunge stuck around long enough to get into the dictionary, but the excitement and early promise of the 90's rock movement draw distant indeed as the decade comes to a close." Today I'm going to trace the legacy of grunge style in fashion, recalling the most outrageous, edgy, and rebellious collections, its rise, fall, and finally, the victorious rebirth of my favorite grunge fashion.

Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore & Angelina Jolie
Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore & Angelina Jolie

The Rise

My favorite grunge fashion first appeared in the mid-'80s together with the popularity of that time grunge music and became widely popular in the '90s. Popularized by grunge music bands and singers, this fashion style can be characterized by three words: androgynous, thrifty, and anti-glamorous. Although grunge fashion, just like grunge music and lifestyle, is supposed to be an anti-glamorous movement, which rejects everything posh and expensive, it swiftly became mainstream and made an appearance on the runway shows of that time.

Strangely enough, my thousands of grunge styles weren't understood by high-fashion critics, and the spring Ready To Wear collection, carried out by 29-year-old designer Marc Jacobs got him fired from Perry Ellis. But it was a legendary show and revolutionary collection that marked his career! Models wore loose dresses, sloppy trenches, and Dr. Martens. These "outfits looked as if it was put together with the eyes closed in a very dark room" were completed with stretched beanies and silver jewelry.

The Fall

In a short period, impure motives of grunge melodies, smoked voices, and budget-friendly outfits are going to be replaced with fluent recitative and weighty golden chains. The golden age of hip-hop music expanded, swallowing the alternative rock together with its depressing lyrics. Flannel plaid shirts were slowly changed for cropped denim and faux fur jackets. Everyone forgot about grunge for another ten years, enjoying the brand new sounds by Britney, Destiny's Child, and other pop idols of the late 90's early 2000s.

Kylie Jenner, Rihanna & Lucy Hale
Kylie Jenner, Rihanna & Lucy Hale

The Rebirth

The early and mid-2010s experienced the rebirth of grunge fashion and it keeps coming back again and again with every new season up until now. In the new century, grunge fashion looks even edgier and more rebellious. The everlasting ripped jeans and jackets look even more worn out, combat boots are even more massive and lip color is even bolder than ever. Leather jackets and chokers are promised to stay forever in our wardrobes or at least until another grungy trend won't take its place.

collage of three grunge fashion looks

The comeback of grunge fashion has marked the appearance of sub-genres like soft grunge: a casual and well-planned blend between classic grunge pieces and modern fashionable items. Soft grunge fashion is believed to be born on Tumblr and widely popularized by Tumblr girls. Apart from featuring classic grungy pieces like flannel shirts, combat boots, and denim, soft grunge allows using Gothic influences. Singers like Lana Del Rey and bands like Arctic Monkeys and Sky Ferreira are usually associated with this fashion style.

Although all of us have an awesome opportunity to experience the rebirth of one of the most controversial and beautiful fashion styles, there is one thing that has never returned to the world. And, I guess, you know what I'm talking about. Rusty and soiled grunge music with its screechy guitars and husky voice had not returned in our lives. But, we'll be waiting!

girl in all black, total black outfit

You can't go wrong wearing a total black outfit. There is something absolutely mysterious and appealing about black color, it can instantly boost your charisma skill, making you look and feel cool. Of course, most people are afraid of all-black fashion, but oddly, it is one of the easiest colors to style and pull off. 

There are so many beautiful and elegant ways to style black pieces in one gorgeous fashion ensemble. Plus the black color is wonderfully versatile. It is achromatic and has no additional hues or shades, so it fits every skin complexion, hair color, and, most importantly, personality. Today I've decided to share my love for a total black outfit with you and show you a few simple ideas that will help you find your very own look noir.

three total black outfit ideas
Chanel Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Mixing Textures

I guess everyone agrees that an all-black outfit styled with only leather or cotton pieces won't fascinate the eyes. One of the easiest ways to diffuse the plainness of a total black look is to mix different textures in one outfit. Chiffon ruffles add volume, while thin leather fringe adds a frisky contrast to the look. You can try mixing different patterns or decorate your black with bulky eclectic embroidery.

three total black outfit ideas from runway show
Left to right: Ermanno Scervino Spring 2019, Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2019, No. 21 Spring 2019

Light-reflecting Outfit

Black is the color that absorbs the light, therefore some people find it hard to style and pull off. But what about shiny and sleek fabrics that can catch and reflect light? Glassy latex, patent leather, and radiant rubber fabrics will loosen the simplicity of black color, attracting enthusiastic looks to your outfit. Nevertheless, try to keep your light-reflecting look well-balanced, because no one wants to end up looking like a black hole sun.

three total black outfit ideas from runway show
Left to right: Christian Dior Spring 2018, Valentino Resort 2019, Philipp Plein Spring/Summer 2019

Heavy-set Prints

Black fabric sprinkled with heavy-set colorful print is a great option for those people who aren't ready to entirely dive into look noir. The white polka dot was heavily featured in Christian Dior's spring 2018 collection and it still remains a trendy and sophisticated print. Exotic flowers and trendy animal spots look gorgeous on intensely black fabrics, adding a colorful touch to the outfit.

three total black outfit ideas from runway show
Left to right: Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2019, Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2018, Heliot Emil Fall 2019

Statement Pieces

Sometimes all you need to complete the look is a small, but very prominent detail. Gothic waist belt, gold or red stiletto heels, or unusual purse – pick a statement to accessorize that will make your total black outfit stand out from the crowd.

three total black outfit ideas from runway show
Left to right: Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2019, Altuzarra Spring 2019, Valentino Catwalk SS2019

Unusual Silhouettes & Asymmetric Cuts

Nothing looks more original than irregular cuts and nontrivial silhouettes. If you feel like experimenting with your total black outfit, go for asymmetrical sleeves, as seen in Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2019 show, or a puffy flower-like silhouette, inspired by the latest Valentino collection. Layering a few black pieces, made of different fabrics is also an excellent way to make your look noir more appealing.


girl with smoky eye makeup, double eyeliner and red glossy lips is showing her makeup

Gothic smoky eyes were my favorite makeup look throughout my teen years. I did not spare black matte eyeshadow and eye kohl, smudging them all over my eyelids and not caring about the final results. I liked following only one makeup rule – the blacker, the best! And don't even get me started about my eyebrow routine, because there was none. Black eyeshadow and eyebrow absence were fascinating completion of my rebellious grungy outfit.

Many years, hundreds of youtube videos, and dozens of makeup lessons later I have finally mastered or at least moved towards my ideal smoky eye look. That's one great thing about aging, isn't it? I like to call this makeup the Nocturnal Eyes. Highlighted brow bone and eye corners, black matte eyeshadow, and incredible dramatic double eyeliner. Today I'm going to show you how to create this charming smoky eye makeup, which will look amazing for a night out with green, brown, and even blue eyes.

pictures with step by step instructions on how to to a black smoky eye makeup look with double eyeliner

  • Like any other makeup look, start your Goth smoky eyes with a nice eyeshadow primer. If you don't have primer use a tiny amount of concealer or foundation, apply the product all over your eyelid, and spread it with your ring finger.
  • Fill in your eyebrows using a dark brown or black pencil. Black smoky eye makeup demands well-defined, neatly filled eyebrows. You can follow my easy step-by-step eyebrow tutorial and learn how to shape your eyebrows in no time.
  • Highlight your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes with satin white eyeshadow. To intensify black eyeshadow and make it last all day long on your skin, apply matte black eye kohl all over your eyelid. Smudge the corners of the black base with a soft synthetic brush.
  • To make the transition between white eyebrow highlighter and black eyelid color, apply a matte gray eyeshadow to the crease. Blend the color with a fluffy blending brush. On the top of the black eye, kohl applies dark gray shimmer eyeshadow and blends it with the crease color.
  • For the outer corner use highly-pigmented black eyeshadow and apply it in V-shape. I like to use smaller brushes for precision. Blend it together with a dark gray color.
  • The next step will add even more drama to your look – tighlighting the upper and lower waterline. I suggest you use a waterproof eye pencil for tighlighting. For the bottom lash line use black matte eyeshadow and apply some dark gray shimmers as well. Blend both colors together.
  • Now it is time for a liquid eyeliner. I like to draw a bold cat wing from the start of the inner corner of my eyes. This trick will make them look longer and almond-shaped. Draw the bold eyeliner and the second wing right under the first one. The second wing should repeat the shape and direction of your cat's eye but be a little bit smaller.
  • Cur the lashes, apply a few coats of your favorite curling mascara and apply false lashes. Clean up the mess and hide any dark circles under your eyes with a good concealer. Your nocturnal eye makeup look is done, how do you like it?

black smoky eye makeup look with double eyeliner close up pictures

Wondering what lip color goes with such dark, dramatic eye makeup? You can wear subtle, nude shades and clear lip glosses to balance the look, or go for cherry-red lipstick. Sheer fuchsia, baby pink, and keen shades of ripe berries also go well with strong eye makeup. This time I've decided to wear bright red lipstick with shiny lip gloss on the top. And what do you think of this look? Do you like intense smokey eye makeup?


a ray of sunlight touches girl's face

Exhausting sleepless nights always leave unpleasant marks on our faces. Dark under-eye circles, eye redness, and puffiness – is there anything more unattractive than these sleep deprivation consequences? Sometimes even getting a recommended eight hours of beauty sleep isn't enough to get rid of those everlasting dark under-eye circles and bags. But don't worry, there are a few useful  skincare and makeup hacks that we are going to learn today. These hacks will help you erase, and conceal those annoying skin discolorations on your face and brighten up an overall complexion.

girl rolls out fitness rug for morning gymnastics

1. Recover Your Energy 

The very first thing you want to do after spending the whole night with your eyes wide open is to refresh yourself. Get up out of your cozy bed and light exercise. Morning physical activity will provide your body with more energy and fill your blood with endorphins. Open your balcony door and window, take a full breath, and feel the chilly morning airstream! Don't forget to drink a glass of water to hydrate your skin from the inside.

lutando com olheiras sob os olhos

2. Give Yourself A Face Massage

Is there a better way to start a long day? Facial massage is undoubtedly one of the best methods, that can do wonders for your tired facial skin. Few simple massage techniques will promote a healthy lymphatic flow in your skin tissues, reducing puffiness and bringing back skin elasticity. Remember to be gentle while massaging your skin. Fine face oil will make the process easier, hydrating your skin, and providing necessary nutrition. Lightweight facial oil that rapidly absorbs into your skin is a must-have skincare routine product, especially if your skin tends to get dry and flaky.

To take off morning puffiness and stimulate a better blood flow I also like to use The Pore Smasher tool by Banish. You can put it for a few minutes in the fridge and roll it on your skin. The cold part of this skincare tool freshens up the skin, decreasing the effects of a sleepless night on the skin.

beautiful cup of freshly made tea with a tea bag and wish

3. Kitchen Skin Care Remedies

Surprisingly, the old-fashioned skincare methods deeply loved and appreciated by our grannies and mothers, still work perfectly! Try applying thin slices of refreshing cucumber or zucchini on your eyelids and under your eyes. Apart from being refreshing, cucumber juice hydrates and lightly tighten the under-eye area. An oldie, but goldie tea bag can kill two birds with one stone: prepare a tasty energizing morning drink and reduce the appearance of the dark circle under the eyes. And few slices of juicy raw potato can drastically reduce skin puffiness.

girl applies concealer under the eyes to cover dark cirles

4. Camouflage Your Tiredness 

Even the fanciest makeup can't heal dark under-eye circles and bring you back your priceless sleep time. But let's face the truth, a full-coverage concealer can reduce the appearance of a sleepless night, bringing back a lively bright complexion. Use a simple color-correcting rule to camouflage your dark circles: bright yellow concealer for pale skin; peachy or salmon shade for medium skin tone and saturated red corrector for dark skin tone. Apply a color-correcting product under your eyes and lightly blend it with a brush or your ring finger. Finish your makeup as always – foundation, concealer, contouring. And don't forget to set your under-eye area with setting powder. 

An iridescent highlighter is a must-have makeup product for every nocturnal people, who can't sleep at night. It wonderfully brightens up dull skin tone and attracts attention to the highest points of your face, hiding imperfections. Use bright warm highlighters like pearl, champagne, and gold to warm up your skin.

a bottle of fresh water with us for proper hydration throughout the day

5. Hydration Throughout the Day

An exhausted skin deserves some love and special treatment throughout the whole day. A lightweight skin moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and nourished under the coat of concealer, but you may need an extra hydra balance. Rosewater not only reduces the dark circles under the eyes but also soothes soreness and rejuvenates the skin. Take a small spray bottle and re-apply rose water for the whole day to feel the results. You can also use any other facial spray that works for you.

A woman rests her head on a pillow and wears a pink satin mask that states: "Beauty Rest", allowing her to catch a little extra sleep.

6. Try To Go To Bed In Time

Now, when you survived a whole hard day of work without a night of proper sleep and concealed all of the skin nastiness, it is time to prevent the appearance of dark circles under your eyes in the future. Try going to bed earlier the next day, without any excuses! Stay away from alcohol, salty, food, and caffeine.


ginger girl with pale skin and freckles in black hat and fur coatat winter

Taking care of a pale and sensitive skin type might be very tricky, especially during the coldest months of the year. In the autumn-winter period, harsh cold airstreams can irritate the skin, making it dry, flaky, and more pliant to the harmful environment. Dry fair skin becomes even more sensitive and easily damaged by ultraviolet sun rays, therefore it requires a very special skincare regimen. My dears, today we are going to learn how to care for your pale and sensitive skin in winter properly, securing its health, overall well-being, and beauty.

witchcrafting skin care and makeup products in pestle and mortar

Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine

Start caring for your sensitive skin by upgrading your skincare routine for winter. In winter your skin becomes extra dry and may cause keratosis pilaris –- a common skin condition, when the skin produces too much keratin, blocking the hair follicles. To prevent this condition regularly exfoliate your skin with gentle skin scrubs. 

Instead of a harsh soap-based face cleanser, use a mild PH-neutral face wash. Avoid washing your sensitive skin with stiff facial cleansing brushes and skin cleaning systems, because they can traumatize your skin. A soft konjac sponge, made from a natural plant, is a great alternative to harsh synthetic brushes.

And the last, but very important step in upgrading your skincare routine for winter is moisturizer. It is best to substitute your favorite lightweight face moisturizer with a thicker nourishing cream. During cold winter days, our fair, sensitive skin needs a thicker moisturizer with a special formula, developed for drier skin types. Purchase a few travel-sized miniatures of your favorite face and body lotions. Keep your moisturizers within reach in your backpack or purse, so you can reapply them during the day when your skin needs relief.

girl with pale skin applies sunscreen cream on her skin

Sunscreen Protection

If the weather is super chilly, it doesn't mean that the sun won't burn your sensitive pale skin. That means a sunscreen moisturizer is your best friend and you need to put it on your face just as generously as you would apply it to the beach. Investing in good sunscreen lotion with a high UV filter is very important. Try to search for a fragrance-free cream with a very light texture that absorbs rapidly and doesn't leave a greasy residue on the face. If your skin is fair, always burns in the sun, and rarely tans go for a 30-50 SPF or even higher.

a flatlay of various makeup and beauty products

Makeup For Pale Gals

Everyone is different, and when it comes to makeup, pale and sensitive skin also needs an individual approach. Consider these makeup tips and tricks, when applying your everyday makeup to make your fair skin look glowing and attractive:
  • Always use a light sunscreen cream before applying the foundation. Put a few tiny drops of the product and spread it with your fingers. Let it absorb for a few minutes and proceed with the primer.
  • Do not misuse setting powders! Dry skin doesn't look striking when it has a layer of dry and cakey powder over it. Dew's slightly glowing skin always looks more natural and fresh than totally matte skin. Take into account bb and cc creams with full coverage and high SPF.
  • Research makeup products, dermatologists recommend for dry and sensitive skin types. There are a ton of natural and affordable skincare and makeup brands, which care for dry and sensitive skin, making it look healthy and beautiful.
No Harsh Treatments 

Harsh chemical treatments are never recommended for people with sensitive pale skin, especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Except for your beautiful freckles and don't use any harsh skin-lightening creams and other chemical treatments. Healthy facial skin, with a smooth surface and glowing from the inside, always looks beautiful! Professionals also recommend cutting the long hot showers and baths. Hot water with chlorine can strip your skin of its natural barrier, making it uncomfortable dry, and even irritated.

Hydrate Your Skin Throughout The Day

Air conditioners and heaters do not help the pale sensitive skin stay good-looking and healthy. But lightweight vitamin sprays for the face will help your sensitive skin to stay hydrated in dry accommodations throughout the whole day. Special facial oils will reduce redness and skin irritations, making your skin look refreshed and nicely hydrated. Welcome soothing rose water into your everyday skincare routine. This ancient medical and skin treatment is good for every skin type and condition. Spray the rose water over your body and face to relieve the dryness and calm the skin.

oat meal porridge with bananas morning breakfast

Drink Water & Eat Healthily

Winter days aren't hot and definitely not so exhausting as sunny summer period, therefore we tend to drink less water in winter. To be healthy and look glowing, the skin needs to stay hydrated, so don't forget to drink the recommended amount of water. Keeping a healthy diet rich in vitamins will improve the appearance of your skin.

girl wearing sweater, warm hat, scarf and gloves in the mountains

Fashion Aid

And lastly, I would like to stress, that fashion stands for the health of your skin during the winter. When reading about skincare for the pale and sensitive skin in the winter, I never stumbled across this particular statement. I strongly suggest you buy cashmere or wool gloves and a scarf to protect your face and hands from cold winter weather. Don't continue to wear gloves, if they got wet under the snow or rain.


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