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Peculiar shapes, repetitive movements, and iridescent colors were the three main hypnotic inductions, which inspired me for this post. I couldn't pass by the Fall/Winter 2019 collection by Iris van Herpen, intriguingly called Hypnosis, and decided to share my fascination with you, ladies and gentlemen. Without any doubt, Hypnosis will quickly become one of the most iconic haute-couture collections in the late 2010s.

collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis colelction

Inspired by the kinetic artworks of Anthony Howe, who creates the most unbelievable wind-driven sculptures, Iris van Herpen created the three-dimensional collection of cosmic dresses, made from lightweight silk organza. The weird lines and shapes, that hypnotize our eyes and minds, represent the eternal expansion of the galaxy and the infinite circle of life. 

fashion collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis colelction

Each dress is a work of art on its own, but it is possible to dissect the whole collection into four categories, or it is better to say, elements: air, water, fire, and earth. To bring these luminescent garments to life, the couturier used thousands of laser-cut pieces of silk organza, individually dying them with a special ink-on-water Japanese technique and putting them together onto see-through tulle.

fashion collage with Iris Van Herpen's Hypnosis collection

To be absolutely frank, I haven't seen anything more mesmerizing and hypnotizing in a long time! It is very hard to describe this collection with words, I guess it is better to see it one time than hear about Hypnosis again and again. I strongly recommend you take a look at Iris van Herpen's Hypnosis with your very own eyes.

Final Thoughts

Van Herpen's genius lies in her ability to transcend the confines of terrestrial fashion. Her creations aren't mere garments; they're portals to uncharted dimensions, where gravity loosens its grip and creativity soars on the wings of dreams. We've witnessed the birth of bioluminescent gowns that pulse with inner light, the metamorphosis of skin into shimmering scales, and the transformation of the human form into a breathtaking symphony of movement and light.