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For some people, capsule wardrobe might be a new word, while for others, it can be a familiar word. If you are new to this word and wonder what a capsule wardrobe is, then keep a little patience and keep reading as we are here to discuss and explain the complete guide about the capsule wardrobe. Building a wearable capsule wardrobe may be especially challenging if you prefer an alternative aesthetic in your style. But, don't fret! In today's post, we are going to explore everything about a capsule wardrobe and see how you can build your own set for your exquisite alternative style.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe isn't something new, especially for hardcore fashion lovers. The concept can be shortly described as a short collection of clothes that needs to be coordinated well. The exhibition is thoughtfully curated, easily interchangeable items crafted to maximize the number of outfits you create. You can carefully select around 30 clothes for your capsule wardrobe and assemble a company you can love for any occasion. A good capsule wardrobe will save you time, money, and closet space. In addition, you can also maintain a capsule collection of your handbags, like a vegan convertible backpack that can be used in different ways.

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History of Capsule Wardrobe

The term capsule wardrobe belongs back to the 1970s and belong's to Susie Faux. According to her, a capsule wardrobe contains a few essential and evergreen items, like skirts and pants, that you can carry with seasonal pieces. However, the concept of a capsule wardrobe took off with the designer Donna Karan's first capsule collection, Seven Easy Pieces. The group included a skirt, tailored jacket, dress, leather, a white shirt, and a sweater.

Capsule wardrobes have a revival primarily due to the increased public interest in reducing the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the greater demand for brands with sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

What are the Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe has many benefits, here are only a few:

• You will have to decide on less

When you have limited options to choose from, it makes you stress-free. While on the other hand, when you have so many choices, you can get confused, and it takes longer to decide. However, with a capsule wardrobe, it becomes easier to decide what to wear as you have fewer options. In addition, your capsule wardrobe can help you get more creative with your wardrobe compared to a cabinet with hundreds of items hanging in it.

• Capsule wardrobes are better for the environment

When you purchase fewer things, it can significantly impact the environment. Fewer clothes mean fewer chemicals released into the water bodies and air, fewer clothes dumped in the landfill, and fewer carbon footprints.

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• You can afford likable stuff

When you stop purchasing clothes, you don't need you can have more money to buy more nice and fantastic stuff. This way, you can focus on buying high-quality pieces that can last for multiple seasons and years.

• You will reclaim hours of your life back

In your free time, think of the time you have spent buying clothes over the last few years, including online shopping, trying on, and making returns or exchanges. Then think of the time you have spent managing the clothes in your wardrobe. However, when you develop a capsule wardrobe, you can invest less time on all these other things, which gives you more time to focus on other essential items.

• A capsule wardrobe can help you to reduce unnecessary stress

When you see a mess around you, it is obvious to feel stressed, which can increase cortisol, the primary stress hormone of the human body. But when you shorten your wardrobe size will clear the mess from your home, and your room can become a relaxing and calming place. Moreover, getting dressed is stress-free when you have a wardrobe filled with the clothes you love; it can boost your confidence.

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How to Build an Alternative Capsule Wardrobe?

Well, now it is time to follow a few steps to start building your versatile alternative wardrobe:

• Declutter your wardrobe

The foremost step towards developing a minimalist wardrobe is removing items from your current wardrobe that are not in use now. This will allow you to clear the mess and focus on creating a capsule wardrobe with the clothing items you love.

Still having your Barbie pink tops and bell skirts from high school, which simply do not match your current, alternative aesthetic? It may be a perfect opportunity to finally eliminate the mismatched pieces and substitute them with basic black tops, blouses, and simple skirts.

Try to donate or recycle clothes that do not fit you, items that you do not like, and clothes that are similar in style and color. Things that don't go with your body shape or skin type, and lastly, the clothes that are damaged. Now make some space in your wardrobe for items left in the categories like- bottoms, denim, tees, tanks, tops, sweatshirts, dresses and jumpsuits, jackets, and coats.

• Select your core capsule pieces

Once you are done with the above step, it's time to select the clothes you want to include in your capsule wardrobe. While doing this, you need to look for both functional and versatile quality basics. An available piece of clothing is practical and valuable for the current lifestyle. A versatile piece of clothing can be paired with other clothes that can be styled in different ways and carried in your alternative fashion styles.

When evaluating items for their functionality, you need to consider the item's fabric, weight, physical type, and how manageable it is to clean and maintain. While evaluating the garment, consider how easily it can be matched with other clothes, colors, and patterns and whether you can wear it to different events.

young woman in an edgy, alternative outfit is posing on a street

• Create everyday outfits

Now that you have edited your wardrobe and selected core capsule pieces, the next step is to create ten or more everyday works with the garments you have put back in your closet. Including this step is helpful as having pre-planned outfits will make you feel more confident with a smaller wardrobe that can save you time and energy while getting ready. However, to create everyday outfits, you can get inspiration from Pinterest, take photos, start with one pair of bottoms, and find some suitable accessories.

• Don't forget about the accessories

Accessories always put a final touch on the outfit. Especially, since it is an alternative look. Accessories are like a cherry on top of your current ensemble. The capsule wardrobe is not an exception! Keep your accessories on the simpler side: patterned pashminas should be replaced with monotone scarfs, plastic earrings, and necklaces with simplistic jewelry from high-quality material. Of course, the new pieces should match your alternative fashion style and inner feel.

Final Thoughts:

A capsule wardrobe is a timeless trend that helps to save money, time, and energy. In addition, it also helps keep the planet because people who still follow fast fashion are likely to buy clothes frequently and dump them in landfills that remain for many years and release toxic chemicals that are life-threatening to nature. But when you follow the trend of a capsule wardrobe, you can contribute to saving the planet by maintaining limited and functional apparel that can last longer.


a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Patrick Porto

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date. The west wind starts to bring the long-hoped coolness back to the northern hemisphere. Although fall is still several weeks away, it’s never too early to think about what to wear on the days when we can mix and match. Get tired of digging out your hand-me-downs and resuming your last autumn ensemble? Before hurrying to shop, let’s see what inspiration we can draw from street style in Scott Schuman’s camera.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Fashion is a loop.

Vintage can never go out of date. A foolproof styling in the 60s is to opt for the monochrome and plain items and they will look after themselves! Instead of going with suit pants, choose a pair of jeans to lend instant casual appeal to your outfit. Stepping in these Piedàterre shoes is like stepping into a time machine going back to the 60s. Simple embellishments, like sunglasses and a Beanie cap, serve more than accentuating a retro outfit without feeling too overdone.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Fallen leaves and burnt orange, a match made in heaven.

Knit cardigans are definitely a cold-weather mainstay in the transitional season. Pair the burnt orange cardigan with a plaid pleated skirt and go for the schoolgirl vibes. A pair of mid-calf boots with animal print can avoid looking too preppy. Keep it monochrome with a corresponding hue and let the patterns add an extra bit of complexity and oomph to the overall aesthetic.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

A smiley face is the most natural embellishment.

Swap for a knit bodycon one-piece dress to ease the costumey sense when the temperature dips. Crab a sweater to keep you snug in the days with chilly mornings and warm afternoons and make it an accessory whenever your moods strike. Slip on a pair of sandals to feel the coolness of fall and show off your cute pedi.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Paris in the rain

Embrace a woolen blazer if you are not a big fan of burrowing into oversize fuzzy sweaters. And it can be a shelter in sudden rain (but an umbrella can do better). Finish your smart look with skinny dark jeans and a pair of mid-calf boots. You can never get enough of the jeans-boots combo.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Keep it monochrome with a corresponding hue

A trench coat is always an evergreen staple in warm fall. Opt for a khaki trench coat and straight-leg trousers in the same color family for a perfect fall ensemble. Let your accessories stand out as the main attraction in your outfit. A silk scarf or a chain strap will be a BFF.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Balance dark clothing look with beige jeans

A pair of white or beige mom jeans can solve all your problems of what to pair with dark overcoats. The light shades can balance the demure atmosphere and breathe new life into your look. Square-toe ankle boots with heirloom quality are a more wearable choice for year-round styling. Apart from summer dresses, they can go well with your mom jeans for a classic Parisian look.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

It’s OK to stay in your comfort zone of black and white

Don't underestimate the power of a black-and-white outfit. Embrace the clashing of billowing materials with tight-fitting garments to avoid dullness. Finish the look with a color-blocking scarf to keep you warm while going bare-legged.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Let colors burst

Don’t skimp out on mixed colors. Pick the motley items in the plain design and keep the accessories fairly minimal. It can be an easy-to-master but groundbreaking look just like black-and-white. Being not total master classes, these varicolored babies are stylish enough to make a statement in your closet.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Head-to-toe black look: je ne sais quoi

All-black can showcase your unique sense of style with the right items. Pair padded puffers with long swing dresses to complete a fab layering fashion. Accentuate your simple outfit with metallic ornaments to add up to just the right amount of polish.

a young woman wearing steet style inspired look for fall/winter and posing on a street
Photo: Scott Schuman/ Instagram: @thesartorialist

Never too late to invest in a reversible puffer

Wear your thermal layers and wrap up in a reversible puffer against the frigid air. Leave it unbuttoned and show off the details inside. You’d better choose a longer bottom to save yourself from hypothermia.


two neutral blazers in wardrobe on a plain background
Photo: Ivan Samkov

Shopping for brand new clothing and shoes is always a pleasure. At least for most of the time. But, after a few years of fruitful trend-hunting, your wardrobe can be easily compared to a post-apocalyptic world: a pile of unwanted things buried under another pile of outdated stuff. A loaded closet is a very common thing for most people. Sometimes we have no time to organize it, other times we are not in the right mood for changes. But, most of the time, we get sentimental about clothes and can't let them go.

Theoretically, having various fashion options to choose from sounds fantastic. But in practice, it always results in the infamous ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation. The wardrobe's drawers and shelves end up overburdened with clothes, which are too big, too small, or too distressed for your outfit. Sounds like a fashion nightmare, doesn't it? If it does, then it is time for a clean slate! Prepare some large bags, roll up your sleeves and get ready to say goodbye to some of the clothes you own. And 3 simple tips will help you to de-clutter your wardrobe.

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Yellow Textile
Photo: Ron Lach

#1. To keep, to throw, or to give away? That is the question.

The very first, and the easiest wardrobe de-cluttering tip to follow, is a one-year rule. If there is a piece that you haven't used for a whole year, the chances you are going to go back to use it in your next outfit are thin. You may love it, it may look perfect on you, and be stylish and trendy, but if you are not using it for over a year, it is time to let it go to a better place.

But, don't rush to be wasteful, and throw away everything you are not using anymore in the nearest bin. If clothing is still fresh, doesn't have stains, or holes, and holds the shape, you can easily donate it, making someone happy. Another way to get rid of old clothing is to sell it, making money for something you may actually wear.

Now, it is time to get rid of items that you have a sentimental attachment to, but no practical use. This will be more complicated, so be ready to put your emotions away. Clothes may remind you of some special times in your life, but your fashion style always evolves and changes. Set your memories and your clothes free, opening space for something new.

Next in line are the impulsive purchases, those that seemed like a good idea at the time, but have never made it into a decent outfit. You can also include items on sale, when you couldn't resist a deal, but have never actually wanted or needed it. The pricey clothes and shoes also must go in this pile! Just because you feel like it is a waste of money to get rid of expensive items, you shouldn't let them take up the space in your wardrobe. Try to sell it and move on to better, more relevant things.

And, finally, we have reached the last category with too big or too small clothing. A good tailor will help you to resolve the problem with the clothes, that are too large for you. It will almost be like getting an entirely new piece of clothing. The rest of the pieces should be packed away into the bags and dispatched to their new homes.

two women choosing clothes in fron tof the mirror in the fashionstore
Photo: Ron Lach

#2. Let's start from scratch.

At this moment you may feel a slight demotivation, and your wardrobe may seem like a glass half empty. However, this way of fashion thinking is completely wrong, and a semi-empty wardrobe is going to be your excuse to shop for brand new clothing. This time you are going to approach fashion shopping seriously with a list of must-have pieces, and an organized manner.

To save your time, money, and the space in your free from the cluttered wardrobe, you'll need to shop smarter. By this, I mean investing in fewer, but high-quality clothes that fit into the 'capsule wardrobe' vibe. To give you an idea of what to shop for, try thinking of classic cuts for coats and pants, natural material, and pricey haberdashery. Everything must fit your body type, complexion, and personality 100% with little to no exceptions. Pricey accessories are mandatory as well. 

Speaking of fashion basic, you shouldn't skip the purchase of quality undergarments. The right type of underwear and shapewear do wonders to your outfit and provide your body with the proper comfort and support. Correctly chosen undergarments can even numerous benefit your health, especially if they are made with natural, sustainable materials like linen, silk, and bamboo.

#3. Get Some Fashion Advice

Relying on your fashion sense is always the right idea. You are the only person who knows what your fashion style needs. Nevertheless, asking for some fashion advice from a professional stylist may be beneficial for your new wardrobe. That doesn't mean you have to hire the most expensive celebrity stylist. You can start by finding professionals in the fashion industry through Youtube and Facebook. Their tips will help you with the basics: everlasting trends, color palette, fabric quality, and other little fashion secrets. If you are going to need more in-depth fashion help in interpreting your style, then proceed to a hiring personal stylist

In addition to all of the previous de-cluttering tips, it is highly recommended to invest in good bags and footwear, as they make half of the look. It is always better to own only a few high-quality items rather than a ton of cheap ones. Your personal stylist will surely help you to find the best options, and can even recommend to you in which pieces it is best to invest your money. Remember, that it is more than just a matter of personal style, it is also about being environmentally conscientious.


woman in a studio with natural light wearing shapewear set and posing on the floor
Photo: Anna Shvets

Too many words have been said about the shapewear, but it still doesn't receive enough praise for its simplicity and versatility. Shapewear always stays hidden underneath the layers of clothing, and little to no people like to be talking about it. That's in vain, after all, it is one of the most versatile types of undergarments. Shapewear in all sizes, colors, and shapes like no other piece. It can be worn underneath an outfit and even styled like outerwear. Isn't it fascinating? 

However, it is not always easy to find the best shapewear that will perfectly fit your fashion needs, and emphasize the qualities of your body.  With so many variants on the market to choose from, it may be hard to stop your eyes on a particular option. In this post, we are going to try to discover which shapewear pieces are the most versatile and will work best for most people and wardrobes.

undentified woman wearing shapewear shorts

#1: Shapewear Shorts

Let's begin with the most popular shapewear piece — high-waisted body-shaping shorts. If you ask your friends and relatives, all of them will admit to wearing shapewear shorts. Of course, like any other shapewear, shorts came in several models and level controls. The shorts have the power to sculpt hips, support the inner thigh part, slim the tummy area, and get rid of muffin tops.

undentified woman wearing shapewear bodysuit

#2: Body-shaping Suit

Buying wholesale shapewear is a good way to flatter your outfit. And, if you are not sure what shapewear to use underneath your today's look, try a win-win body-shaping suit. It is an undergarment that will take care of every area: support the breast, smooth the volume on the back, flatter belly, and muffin tops, and slim the upper part of the legs.

undentified woman wearing shapewear leggings

#3: Shapewear Leggings

I believe every woman loves and wears leggings. They don't just smooth the skin, and flatter the curves, but make the whole workout experience more pleasant. Pick a high-waist model that will support your abdomen muscles during the session, and opt for neoprene fabrics. This special material will make your body sweat more profoundly, which always results in better results. 

undentified woman wearing shapewear leggings

#4. Waist Trainer

Waist trainer wholesale is probably one of the most controversial, but nonetheless, popular shapewear pieces. It is a waist-shaping garment that is very similar to a girdle, and it is used to hold the body's core and slim down the waistline. It may not be for everyone, but a waist trainer is worth mentioning, as its popularity grows each and every day.

undentified woman wearing shapewear bra

#5 Breast Shaper

And, lastly, a few words about the breast shaper, or shapewear bra. Make sure to go for a bra with soft padding, and wide straps for the best comfort support. Another important thing to look for is a lightweight material that will not be visible underneath the clothes but will allow your skin to breathe freely. You'll be able to wear such bra shapers underneath any outfit for most fashion occasions.


winter office outfit
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Winter is one of the most ideal seasons for minor and major wardrobe changes. As the temperature drops, we tend to substitute our breezy summer attire with something more substantial and cold-weather appropriate. Our favorite office outfits may suit the summer hotness, but they won’t be an ideal choice during the colder months of the year. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to figure out what you should wear to the office this winter. The following ideas will make choosing work outfits a lot easier:

Add Some Color with a Floral Skirt

Too many people make the mistake of assuming they need to hide their love of bright colors and beautiful patterns in winter. That’s not the case. Wear a classy and relatively formal winter sweater with a professional floral skirt, and you’ll have an appropriate outfit for the office that doesn’t require sacrificing your personal style.

Of course, you can’t wear the same outfit to work every single day. You might thus experiment with this general concept by pairing a floral scarf with a black suit. It will achieve essentially the same purpose as the previous outfit, while also being unique enough to stand on its own.

Find a Pantsuit You Love

Pantsuits have become extremely popular over the past few years. Some theorize this is due to the rise of women politicians who’ve embraced the outfit. Regardless, fashion brands and designers have responded to the growing demand for pantsuits by creating a wide range of options. Browse the collections at your favorite retailers to find one that’s attractive to you. Odds are good you’ll easily find a pantsuit that’s perfect for the office, and perfect for your tastes.

winter office outfit
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Go Cozy with Cashmere

The idea that you need to give up comfort if you want to dress well (particularly for the office) is a myth. In winter, there are plenty of ways you can be cozy in a work-appropriate outfit.

For example, you may decide to wear several layers of cashmere garments. As long as your job doesn’t require that you wear a suit, you could wear a sleeveless cardigan over a long-sleeved sweater, along with wide-leg trousers. Aim for muted winter colors for the ideal effect.

Pick a Graphic Blazer

Once more, your winter office outfits don’t need to be bland. A simple graphic blazer can be dynamic enough to suit your preferences. Pair it with leather pants, and you’ll have office attire that makes a subtle but undeniable impression.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to experiment with these outfits. Your goal is to create a winter office wardrobe that truly reflects your personality. These tips will simply help you get started.

Guest Post


cosmic girl on a beach
Photo: Marek Okon

History repeats itself, and so do fashion trends, they come and go and return to our wardrobes again. It is an eternal fashion cycle and every trend comes back into style eventually. Each time an old fashion design reappears in fashion, it brings brand-new ideas and fresh concepts. According to this point of view, future fashion may repeat the hottest trends of the early 00s, so don't hurry to throw out your beloved hipster glasses and skinny jeans, you may want to wear them once again shortly. 

Of course, I doubt that future outfits will look like the old-school costumes from sci-fi movies and books. I hope fans of the original Star Trek will forgive me, but there are no places for aluminum swimsuits and faux fur crop tops in the future. And as much as I love tight catsuits, we need to face reality, the future won`t look like Marvel comics. But what will the future of fashion look like?

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contact are so quick. Fashion is an instant language." —Miuccia Prada

woman wearing eco fashion
Photo: Noah Buscher

Intelligent Textiles & Fast Fashion

Climate changes will accelerate the invention process of new materials and fabrics. These materials will be bacteria and cruelty-free and have adaptive abilities to regulate body temperature according to the weather condition. Brands will need to develop a new design approach to stay up to date and survive on fashion markers. 

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, so designers will need to think up how to carefully bring environment-friendly materials into the fashion industry. Thanks to worldwide globalization, cultural mixing processes, and advanced technology, future clothes will be comfortable, mobile, and fleeting. The concept of 'throwaway' or fast fashion will become a common principle of all designers, because of a rapid lifestyle and fast-changing trends.

future shopping process
Photo: Lucrezia Carnelos

Shopping Revolution

When it comes to future shopping, I disagree with people who think that regular physical stores will fully disappear from our lives. Of course, they will look and function differently, in a new contemporary way. For example, future dressing rooms will be equipped with holograms and virtual reality. These technologies will allow customers to try on new outfits without even changing their clothes. In the near future consumers will play a large, important role in designing their own garments. Fashion stores won`t need to stock a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Future 3D printers and other similar technologies will allow customers to print necessary items with a unique design and sizing. Digital modeling and virtual reality technologies are even closer than you think. For instance, in October 2015, designer Tommy Hilfiger became the very first major fashion retailer who tested out the virtual reality headsets in the stores and shoppers experienced his fashion show virtually. 

"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment." —Alexander McQueen
close-up of futuristic smart watch
Photo: Fabian Albert

Smart Accessories

Even today, computers, smartphones, earphones, and other gadgets have become more than just everyday items, but essential fashion accessories. When people are searching for a new computer or smartphone, they aren't just buying an electronic device, they are also making a fashion statement by choosing the gadget`s designs, color, and even brands. In the long run smartphones, smartwatches and glasses will become a stylish addition to our everyday outfits. Fashion will become more than just a personal expression of your style, taste, and personality, it will become a technology as well.

Oscar de la Renta once said that the greatest thing about fashion is that it always looks forward. With every passing day, we approach the future closer and closer, but we can't know for sure what is coming for us. My biggest wish for future fashion is to be versatile and indulgent. There will be no more racial, age, or gender boundaries ‒ anyone will wear the clothes they want. In the future fashion will empower people, not isolate or separate them. I'd like to see how fashion becomes an international language of communication and fashion designers become its interpreters, helping people to understand each other better.


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