Dramatic, dark, and glamorous goth makeup is probably one of my favorite makeup styles to choose from. Despite being pretty unwearable (unless you are a full-time goth!), gothic makeup looks are always appealing and eye-catching. This style has the power to transform not only your eyes in a matter of seconds but a whole outfit and even your personality! Below you will find 10 breathtaking goth makeup looks, that you should try. From classic smokey eyes with colorful accents, to intricate tribal motifs – which one of these gorgeous looks will match your inner darkness?

goth model with bob hair and Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent makeup look

#1. Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent

Let's begin with the classiest of them all –  a dramatic black smokey eye with a bright purple accent in the inner corner of the eye. The blacker is your eyeshadow, and the darker will be your gothic makeup. Use an eyeshadow primer or creamy eye kohl instead of the primer to create a base for your eyeshadow. Apply the black eyeshadow and blend it on your crease, dragging the shadow a bit upwards. 

Use a pencil brush dipped in nude or gray eyeshadow to help you with the blending. The final touch – a purple highlighter on the inner corner, to give your goth eye look a twist.

goth model with blue hair and bloody red gothic makeup look

#2. Crimson Eye Look with Dramatic Eyeliner

Something is tempting and irresistible about the red smoky eye look. It gives me the strongest vampire vibe, making it an excellent choice for a gothic soul. For this look, you`ll need two shades of red: a darker one for the lid, and a lighter for blending. If you don't have a lighter red, you can use nude eyeshadow or even powder. Blend the shadows, apply the boldest eyeliner you can, and add a pair of false lashes, and your crimson gothic eye look is done!

goth woman with Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips makeup look

#3. Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips

If a dramatic goth makeup look is something you are definitely willing to try, but you are not sure if you can pull it off, I suggest you start with something less challenging. Like this coffee brown smokey eye paired with a black matte lip. 

Brown shades look more natural on the skin, and you won't have any trouble blending them together with nude, orange, and gray shades. Apply coffee brown eyeshadow, blend it, and add some eyeliner. A dramatic and bold lip look will complete this stunning goth makeup.

selfie of a goth girl with 4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter makeup look

#4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter

It is time to be bold and adventurous, as the next makeup look is otherworldly! Certainly, it is not for beginners and demands some practice to be executed neatly. The two main complications here: are the wing-like shape of the green matte eyeshadow and the glitter on the lid. You'll need a special glitter primer to make your gothic sparkles last longer on the eyelid. Pair your goth eye look with black or maybe dark-green matte lips and you are done!

gothic woman with aesthetic makeup look and black cirlce lenses

#5. Aesthetic Gothic Makeup with White Eyebrows

For the melancholics out there I found this dark aesthetic makeup look. Just like a previous gothic look, this may demand some serious makeup skills and extra supplies: thin chains, lash glue, white paint, concealer, and a pair of black circle lenses. 

Use a thin brush with matte red eyeshadow or blush to create a blushed contouring around your nose, lips, and under the eyes. A few thin chains that look like tears will decorate the look and black circle lenses will make your eye look bigger and sadder.

goth woman with curly pink hair and Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

#6. Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

The next look is definitely a mixture of glam, goth, and Barbie. It is both cute and dangerous! If you have a neon pink hair color it will look twice as striking. Apply pink eyeshadow, and blinding highlighter to the brow bone and inner corners, and line your eyes with black eyeliner. 

The main feature of the look should be long, curled false lashes. For the lips – glossy black lipstick. I have a few useful makeup tips for you that will help you to pull the dark lipstick offHow do you like this neon pink goth look?

goth woman with a beautiful cyber-goth makeup look and face piercing

#7. Cool-toned Goth Makeup Look with Blue Lips

Cyber goth anyone? I love the way this makeup looks. It is pretty low-key, but, paired with icy-blue lenses, it reminds me of the Snow Queen somehow. You know, the one from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. An icy, goth look is definitely provided by the dark-blue, slightly dusty lip look, which you can achieve by applying eyeshadow to your lips. Keep the shadows and mascara on the top eyelid to give this goth look extra crispiness.

gothic woman with a Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips makeup look

#8. Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips

I don't know how about you, but I always loved the Wiccan aesthetic. This gothic makeup look with intricate tribal eyeliner reminds me of warpaint or pagan motifs. This is a high-level makeup, for sure. To create the most accurate and neat lines like this, you'll need a lasting black eyeliner, it is better to opt for liquid eyeliner. A couple of thin synthetic brushes will help you to draw every single line beautifully. For the lips use a soul-eater lip technique, which is characterized by the smudged, freshly-kissed lip look.

goth woman with 80s gothic makeup look, crazy har and split makeup look

#9. Split Goth Makeup Look and Sharp Eyeliner

The early and mid-80s was the time when the Goth subculture emerged from the British underground. It is known as the classic Goth era and has a lot of distinguished characteristics loved and cherished by the old-fashioned goths. 

It wouldn't be fair to create this list of breathtaking goth makeup looks without including this split purple and green goth eye makeup. It was strongly inspired by the classic Goth decade and, together with the accessories and hair, created a wonderful character. Doesn't it?

goth girl with Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look and green hair

#10. Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look

And, finally, to wrap up this compilation, check out this acid-yellow and green gothic look with triple eyeliner and dramatic yellow contouring. I called it toxic waste, which is the name of sweet and sour candy. The key to this look is blending and highlighting. It creates a very special, radiant glow on the skin. A sharp eyeliner with weird yellow lenses will make you look like an odd creature from another plant. Would you dare to wear this gothic makeup look?

Let's wrap up...

Do you feel inspired after this makeup compilation? Because I surely am! The allure of Goth makeup lies in its shadows and secrets. The possibilities for creative makeup enthusiasts are endless. Dive deeper into the world of the macabre, and discover the endless depths of your own dark beauty. Good luck with the brush!