15 Jaw-dropping Gothic Lolita Makeup Looks that Will Make You Go Wow!

Do you know about the Gothic Lolita style? Gothic Lolita is a very famous fashion and aesthetic movement across the globe, which originated in Japan in the '90s and gained popularity during the 2000s. This style can be described as an organic mixture of cuteness and sadness with a pinch of haunting danger. Sounds very inspiring, isn't it? For all of those, who love and cherish Gothic Lolita and everything connected to this charming style I suggest taking a look at these 15 jaw-dropping makeup looks. Maybe you'll want to try something yourself?

young woman in curly wig and Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup Look with Kissable Lips

#1. Blushed or GothLoli Look with Kissable Lips

Let's start with classic Gothic Lolita makeup with a pale foundation, slightly blushed cheeks, and kissable lips. This makeup look is also completed by two bold wings on the eyes and smudged eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. Looks cute and dramatic at the same time!

young Japanese woman with  Cute Goth Lolita Makeup and a Ton of Blush

#2. Cute Goth Lolita Makeup with a Ton of Blush

Certainly, the Gothic Lolita style is a blend between cute and intimidating, but it doesn't have to stay on the dramatic side most of the time. I love this cute GothLoli look with a ton of peach blush and glossy lips. The barely-there lash look adds purity to this makeup and makes it daytime-appropriate. Would you wear it to school?

young woman with Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

#3. Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

There is never enough drama when it comes to any type of Gothic makeup look! The next look will have you covered on many levels. Purple and black smokey eyes? Check! Thin, black eyebrows? Present! Black matte lips? Yes, of course! A luscious platinum blonde wig will make the drama even more contrasting.

YOund Asian woman with Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

#4. Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

This is probably my favorite makeup look in today's compilation. I love the way highlighter on the cheekbones, lips, and white 'tears' add contrasting accents to the look. A touch of pink blush on the nose and chin adds youthfulness to this Gothic Lolita makeup look.

cute woman with Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

#5. Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

The drawn-on bottom lashes are not a very popular makeup technique in the West, but eastern beauties use this little trick all the time. Instead of gluing on small bottom lashes, they simply draw them with liquid eyeliner on the skin. Try it yourself and incorporate this makeup hack into your Gothic Lolita look.

cute asian woman with Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

#6. Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

Here is another soft and girly makeup look for those who aren't looking for drama. The cutest little detail here is the rose-pink eyeshadow on the eyelids and, of course, an overload of blusher on the cheeks and tip of the nose. For the lips use a natural-looking tint. It is a great alternative for full-coverage lipstick.

woman in cosplay costume of Snow White with Gothic Lolita makeup look

#7. Snow White Beauty with Lips as Blood

'Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.' This is how the Grimm Brothers described Snow White in their tale. Of course, the Gothic Lolita style has nothing in common with this character, but when I saw this cosplay, I felt like it belongs on this list. Huge eyes with circle lenses, highlighter in the corner of the eyes, and blood-red lips – sounds like a classic Gothic Lolita to me!
young woman with Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

#8. Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

Absolutely gorgeous makeup look for the bravest alternative babes. If you still don't understand what is so unusual about this look I will point out – the eyebrows, or their absence. If you don't feel like shaving them off you can always go for a dose of bleach.

Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

#9. Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

The next makeup look can be used for various occasions including Halloween costumes or cosplay. But, primarily, I picked it up as a great sickly-looking makeup for Gothic girls. I especially love the way this grayish-brown lipstick color looks on the lips. For the eyes use a similar eyeshadow and blend it out up to the eyebrows.

cute asian Gothic Lolita with Pink Look and Rose Lips

#10. Pink Gothic Lolita Look with Rose Lips

Gothic Lolitas can rock the cute pink makeup just as great, as they do with moody black. I can't stop admiring the way the Barbie-pink blush is connected to the eyeshadow. I simply adore this unique makeup technique! This Gothic Lolita look also involves the 'tear bag' technique which makes the eyes sad and adorable.

gothic woman with Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

#11. Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

Enough with the cuteness, it is time to go back to something more intense. How do you like these magenta smokey eyes paired with dark plum lipstick? The same plum shade can be used for contouring to add an interesting twist to the look.

victorian Goth Look with Smudged Lips

#12. Goth Look with Smudged Lips 

Another 'sickly' makeup look for the saddest Gothic Lolitas. This time it involves another interesting makeup trick – smudged lips. To recreate this detail apply the medium-dark lipstick to the lips, contour them with concealer, and blend it together with the lipstick to create a color gradient. For the inner part of the lips apply the darkest and boldest lip color.

beautiful Halo Smokey Eye makeup look for Gothic Lolita Girl

#13. Halo Smokey Eye for Gothic Lolita Girl

If you are looking to master a bit more versatile and wearable look, you may like these halo eyes highlighted with black eye kohl. This makeup look is good for special occasions, on the days when you want to look more glamorous, or on those days when your Gothic Lolita soul is asking to be revealed.

gothic woman with Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

#14. Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

Bright-red eyeshadow is always a win-win choice for any kind of Gothic look. If plain black lips look too boring for you, you can couple your red eyeshadow with black lips and add a hint of red color to it. How to do that? It is very simple, just sprinkle the black lipstick with shimmering red eyeshadow and you'll love this look!

e-girl with Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

#15. Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

Well, it is time to wrap up today's compilation. Let's do this with yet another super-cute makeup look so fitting with the Gothic Lolita theme. An e-girl cosplay with pink circle lenses and very pink cheeks! Because there is never enough blush for the Loli girls! A pair of fluffy cat ears will surely be a nice Kawaii accent to this look!

Wrapping Up...

So how do you like these stunning looks? Some of them are dark and sad, while others extrude the dark feminine energy. I like every single color hue and eyeliner flick here. Of course, these jaw-dropping looks aren't just about makeup; they're a symphony of artistry and imagination. Let these styles whisper to your inner creative soul, urging you to paint your uniqueness boldly.

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