crop portrait of a woman in a stylish leather jacket sitting on a bench
Photo: ArtHouse Studio

Fashion is one optimal aspect of life in today's world. While some fashion pieces are associated with simplicity, others lift up the look turning it into a masterpiece. A simple leather jacket, for example, isn't always associated with an everyday style. It's rather a chic piece that came from the alternative fashion universe. The beauty of such a piece lies in its versatility!

Suppose you can't just take off your nightgown to go to a party. However, some character-inspired outfits, such as top gun outfit and leather jackets, are meant to suit almost every occasion you encounter. Here are five efficient tips to create a funky yet refined look with your favorite leather jacket. Which one do you like the most?

beautiful, young woman posing for the camera wearing leather jacket and total black look
Photo: Airam Dato-on

• Embrace the killing black-on-black look

Black undoubtedly is an unstoppable force that forces the person on the other side to divert all of their attention to you. You will need all-black-colored clothing pieces for the creation of this masterpiece. So invade your closet and extract out black-colored leather pants, a plain round neck t-shirt, and, not to forget – a classic black leather jacket.

Start by putting on the primary layer followed by a jacket. Shoes are a tricky part of this attire. Refrain from spoiling your whole look by wearing shoes of a different color, as in this way, the shoes will become the center of attraction, and your leather jacket won't get all the love it deserves. So be careful and pair the same colored shoes with the attire.

beautiful, young woman posing for the camera wearing leather jacket and floral dress
Photo: @ milkywaysblueyes

• Slay the floral look

Flowers are a crucial part of nature that energizes us with their refreshing property and look good to the eyes. The same is why women prefer to embrace a solid-colored leather jacket over a printed or floral dress to blend the beauty of flowers with decency. Apparel- creating a fun fusion look to carry.

You can go with any color scheme in this regard. However, contrasting colors are essential to save the whole look from spoiling. For instance, choose a dark brown jacket with colorful prints and a jet black jacket if you are willing to wear a white floral dress. Rest, we assure you of your great looks.

beautiful, young woman posing for the camera wearing cropped and patched leather jacket and jeans

• Patch it up

Are you one of those people who like to go a bit fancy? If yes, then this is a life-changing tip for you. Start by getting yourself a new leather jacket ( an old jacket in fine condition can also be used) and sew or stick fabric patches of different colors all over the clothing piece. You can also replace these fabric patches with stickers of your choice. 

Take the top gun women jacket for inspiration. The main character in the whole series embraced a wide range of apparel – each with multiple patches embossed on the front, back, and sleeves.

beautiful, young couple cosplaying top gun movie, wearing leather jackets

• Walk down the lane with a character-inspired outfit

Every character in the cinema world obtains a unique attire that compliments their traits. However, only a few pieces of apparel can be used as daily wear. Yet, the case is different when we talk about the top gun outfits.

Being inspired by our beloved and the fearless Tom Cruise, these jackets grant you an adequate amount of comfort and warmth and look good to the eyes. Hence, with top gun outfits such as the top gun bomber jacket, flight jacket, and leather jacket, you can conquer the hearts of others with minimum effort.

beautiful, young woman posing for the camera wearing leather jacket and frilled skirt
Photo: Judy Gao Couture

• Get some frills

Frills are one essential part of female clothing pieces. They add flow and elegance to the dress. How about pairing your favorite skirt or dressing up with a leather jacket? There are plenty of options you can consider in this regard. However, wearing patterned clothes and plain leather jackets would be in your best interest. For instance, you can go with a zig-zag patterned dress in white color along with a plain coat. Some people think leather jackets only look good in black color. In comparison, this is nothing else but a myth.

These jackets are available in a wide variety of collars and designs. All you need to do is pick the right color combination and a high-quality product. This way, you can spend a decent amount of time with the apparel.


On the bottom line, winters are about to come. And when it comes to an icy season, leather is one of those old best friends. It will never let you down. Nevertheless, styling leather jackets in a proper way is truly a hectic task. Hopefully, these fashion tips will inspire you to try a different approach to styling your favorite leather jacket.