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close-up picture of female eyes with alternative makeup look

The new 2023 year is just around the corner. Wondering what makeup trends it holds? Instead of gathering up classic makeup trends, I decided to focus my attention on their alternative antagonists. Besides, alternative makeup trends can be a fun way to express oneself, experimenting with different looks. So, here are the top 10 alt makeup trends we all should embrace in the coming year. Enjoy and get inspired!

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look

#1. Alt Makeup Trend: Colorful Eyeliner

The colorful eyeliner trend is a makeup trend that involves using colorful eyeliners to create bold, vibrant looks. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg in Ipsy's article mentioned that we are going to see this trend everywhere in 2023. This trend involves using eyeliner in shades of bright colors such as pink, purple, green, blue, and orange to line the eyes, either on the top or bottom lash lines, or both. You'll be able to create a variety of different alternative makeup looks, from playful and fun to bold and dramatic with the help of a few different eyeliner products and a fine synthetic brush.

selfie of Victoria De Angelis from MĂ„neskin Rock band with smokey eye makeup lookVictoria De Angelis

#2. Alt MAkeup Trend: Smokiest Smoky Eyes

The next alt trend needs no introduction. Smoky eyes are one of the most popular makeup styles, which is going to look even more dramatic in the new year. It can be achieved with a little bit of practice and a few basic makeup products: black eye kohl and a few different eyeshadow colors. The two main secrets of the look are good eyeshadow primer and blending.
a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and dark lip liner

#3. Alt Makeup Trend: Dark Lip Liner

Tired of tedious rose and nude shades? Then the next makeup trend will soothe your alternative soul! Dark lip liner is a makeup trend that involves using a lip liner in a deep shade, such as red, purple, or black, to outline and define the lips. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips to achieve the best results with this makeup trend.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and over-the-top eyeliner lip liner

#4. Alt Makeup Trend: Over-the-Top Eyeliner

Bold eyeliner is a go-to look for many alternative babes. You can take this trend even further, extending the liner beyond the natural shape of the eye. Don't let classic eyeliner colors stop you. Electric blue, crimson red, and pure white colors go well with this alternative makeup trend. For a more dramatic look, you can also apply a bold eyeshadow color to your eyelid and blend it into your crease and outer corner. 

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and heavy brush

#5. Alt Makeup Trend: Aggressive Blush

The "Clean Girl" Look will stay trendy in the coming year. Contrary to the radiant, slightly blushed skin, the aggressive blush trend grows in popularity. I like to believe it was born as an alternative to the clean girl aesthetic. The heavy blush look can be achieved with cream, powder, or liquid blush. Pair it with minimal eye and lip makeup for a balanced look.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and graphic accents on her face

#6. Alt Makeup Trend: Eye-catching Accents

Sometimes all you need to leave an impression is a few small details. The next alternative makeup trend involves placing small, evenly spaced accents of eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines and all over the face. These accents can be differently shaped and sized, done with rhinestones or even lipstick. For a more dramatic look, you can create larger graphic shapes or use a deeper shade of liner. You can also mix and match different shades of the liner to create a custom color that suits your skin tone and personal style.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and bleached eyebrows@uglybeige

#7. Alt Makeup Trend: Bleached Eyebrows

Love them or hate them, bleached eyebrows aren't going anywhere! This makeup trend ideally goes with most alternative styles, adding uniqueness to the face. However, bleaching your eyebrows can be a risky process. Harsh chemicals can damage your hair and skin. It's important to follow the instructions on the bleach kit carefully and to conduct a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the bleach. If you are unsure about bleaching your eyebrows, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional hairstylist.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and vinyl lip look

#8. Alt Makeup Trend: High-Shine Lips

High-shine lips or vinyl lips are a versatile makeup trend that involves creating a glossy, high-shine finish on the lips using a lip product with a vinyl-like finish. My personal favorites – are black or cherry-red glossy lips. But the natural lip color, covered with a coat of shiny lip gloss also looks fabulous. Plus it is more wearable. Achieve the vinyl lip look with lip gloss or liquid lipstick.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, fantasy makeup look and@meicrosoft

#9. Alt Makeup Trend: Fantasy Vibe

Fantasy makeup is a creative and expressive form of makeup that is inspired by mythical creatures, fantastical worlds, and otherworldly themes. This trend is often characterized by bold, vibrant colors, intricate designs, and exaggerated features, and is often achieved using a variety of makeup products, such as eyeshadow, liner, glitter, and face paint. The hardest thing about this alternative makeup trend – choosing a theme or inspiration that speaks to you.

a portrait of a young woman with a cool, alternative makeup look and glossy eyelids

#10. Alt Makeup Trends: Glossy Eyelids

Glossy eyelid is a famous makeup trend that is going to stay popular in 2023. Your alt makeup look will definitely benefit from its dewy, youthful appeal.  You can use shiny lip gloss to create a glossy effect on your eyelids. Simply apply a small amount of gloss to your eyelids using a brush or your finger, and blend it out for a seamless finish.

Summing Up...

Alternative makeup trends are styles and techniques that deviate from traditional or mainstream beauty standards. Instead of focusing on everyday norms, alt makeup trends often focus on self-expression and creativity. There are no strict rules on achieving a certain makeup look. Hopefully, in the new year, we all can learn something from the trend I mention above. Maybe some of us will feel courageous to try something new?


close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @fuentes_legna

Is gothic eye makeup your to-go look? A layer of black eyeshadow, a pair of false lashes, and dark lipstick. Yes, something is still missing. If only there was a universally flattering makeup 'accent' that could add a glamorous, edgy twist to your everyday goth look. How about a good old eyeliner, but in a slightly upgraded version? Here are the 15 gothic eyeliner ideas, that will spice up your look in a matter of seconds. Which one do you like the most?

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Sharp, Pin-up Eyeliner Style with Red Lip Look

Let's start with the classics: a sharp and thick pin-up eyeliner style. This is probably the most popular and widely used eyeliner look that looks wonderful in many makeup situations. However, if you combine this eyeliner style with a dramatic lip and eyeshadow look, you'll get a wonderful combination for an unforgettable gothic makeup look.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @ ratskeleton

Thick Gothic Eyeliner with Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

In the next Goth makeup idea, the thickness of the eyeliner remains the same, but its shape changes. Plus, this look gains a peculiar accent on the bottom lash line in the shape of drawn-on lashes. This is a very popular makeup trick: instead of gluing the bottom lashes on, you draw them with a sharp pencil or eyeliner. It looks both cute and dramatic!

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @geezlouiseurthebest

Bat Eyeliner Look for Goths

Winged eyeliner in the shape of a bat's wing is almost an essential Halloween attribute. Just like a pumpkin eyeshadow color or a set of creepy Halloween nails. I think you can rock this eyeliner style all year long. You just need to find a color and a shape that matches the rest of your gothic look. Go a bit less dark and thick in case you want to make it more casual.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Solid Black & Red Eyeliner Look

Now that's what I call thickness! A solid black eyeliner with a few colored accents that follow the shape and size of the eyeliner does wonders for your overall look. It makes your eyes look bigger and emphasizes their shape. Leave your lips nude or apply matte black lipstick. You'll love the end result!

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @vocallyshook

Graphic Eyeliner with Geometric Elements

Another interesting way to improve your gothic eye look is to add some geometry to it. For example, you can draw thick and sharp winged eyeliner with a small triangle line in the inner corner. A sharp, winged line over the eyelid will add another geometric touch to the look. Keep it neat and sharp for the best results!

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @rodrickcultofficial

Red Wiccan Eyeliner Look for Goths

Wiccan eyeliner styles are not your everyday, wearable wings. They are something from another dimension. Very artistic, very complicated, and is very eye-catching. For this look, you'll need two different eyeliner colors: classic black eyeliner and red one. Start with thin lines and slowly thicken them. If you don't feel confident enough, you can pre-draw the line with pencil eyeliner and add liquid eyeliner later.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Smudged Pencil Eyeliner Style

A thick and sharp eyeliner look is pretty hard to achieve. Especially if you're new to makeup. Surely a few good old winged eyeliner hacks will come in handy along the way. But if you need a quick fix, just use black kohl to achieve the gothic makeup look you want. Draw a line on your eyelid, pull it outward and smudge it with a synthetic brush. Apply some black eyeshadow over it to make it look "smoky".VoilĂ !

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Spider Eyeliner Look 

Along with bats, spiders occupy an important place in Gothic lore. Why don't we put a spider's web on the eyes? I liked the curled upwards eyeliner and long false lashes! They add a special twist to this makeup look. Would you dare to wear it?

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Upper Eyelid Eyeliner 

Going for a more simplistic Gothic look? Then concentrate on your upper eyelid. Draw a thick winged eyeliner on top, add some falsies and completely ignore the bottom lash line. You can add some concealer and powder, but skip mascara. This makeup technique works especially good on mature skin.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @eli.monsivaisg

Gothic Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Is it the wing of a butterfly or a moth? I can't say for sure, but it looks beautiful! I especially like the thin, delicate lines. Pair this eyeliner look with a pair of eye-enlarging circle lenses and black lipstick. This makeup is just as suitable for special occasions and parties as it's for an everyday goth look.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

80s goth eyeliner

Some studies claim that the Gothic subculture began in the UK during the 1980s. It is also known as Trad Goth or Positive-Punk. What name do you prefer? The name may vary, but one thing stays unchanged – black and blocky eyeliner. Pair it with black or dark red lip contouring (leave your lips unfilled) and you'll get the most authentic Trad Goth makeup look.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look
by @aconitemercury

Starry Night Gothic Makeup

When I saw this romantic gothic look, I knew I'd to include it in today's eyeliner roundup. At first glance, it looks very simple, but this makeup look is a real staple. Purple eyeshadow along with red and black, is a very popular color for goth makeup, along with red and black.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Dripping Black Goo Eyeliner

Dripping eyeliner can be your worst makeup nightmare unless it's the look you're going for. To achieve the "dripping eyeliner" effect, draw teardrop-like shapes on your lower lash line. A well-applied black or red eyeshadow and white highlighter in the corners of the eyes add the finishing touches to the look. This makeup look is worth trying!

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Double Goth Eyeliner

Double wings or split eyeliner is yet another mega-popular approach to the eyeliner problem. I simply love the d double goth eyeliner and even made a step-by-step makeup tutorial on this look. You can wear it on bare eyelids or with grayish-blue smokey eyeshadow. It looks simply fantastic with any makeup style you choose.

close-up portrait of a young, beautiful woman with goth eyeliner makeup look

Glitter Eyeliner Makeup with Smoky Eyes

And, finally, it would be a true makeup crime not to mention a glitter eyeliner look. Instead of the classic black wing, which we draw with cream, gel, or pencil eyeliner, this wing is made of pure glitter. Of course, goth makeup will benefit from crimson red or sparkly black glitter. What do you think of this makeup look?


Do you know about the Gothic Lolita style? Gothic Lolita is a very famous fashion and aesthetic movement across the globe, which originated in Japan in the 90s and ga its popularity during the 2000s. This style can be described as an organic mixture between cuteness and sadness with a pinch of haunting danger. Sounds very inspiring, isn't it? For all of those, who love and cherish Gothic Lolita and everything connected to this charming style I suggest taking a look at these 15 jaw-dropping makeup looks. Maybe you'll want to try something yourself?

young woman in curly wig and Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup Look with Kissable Lips

#1. Blushed or GothLoli Look with Kissable Lips

Let's start with classic Gothic Lolita makeup with a pale foundation, slightly blushed cheeks, and kissable lips. This makeup look is also completed by two bold wings on the eyes and smudged eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. Looks cute and dramatic at the same time!

young Japanese woman with  Cute Goth Lolita Makeup and a Ton of Blush

#2. Cute Goth Lolita Makeup with a Ton of Blush

Certainly, the Gothic Lolita style is a blend between cute and intimidating, but it doesn't have to stay on the dramatic side most of the time. I love this cute or GothLoli look with a ton of peach blush and glossy lips. The barely-there lash look adds purity to this makeup and makes it daytime appropriate. Would you wear it to school?

young woman with Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

#3. Dramatic Goth Makeup with Thin Eyebrows and Black Lips

There is never enough drama when it comes to any type of Gothic makeup! The next look will have you covered on many levels. Purple and black smokey eyes? Check! Thin, black eyebrows? Present! Black matte lips? Yes, of course! A luscious platinum blonde wig will make the drama even more contrasting.

YOund Asian woman with Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

#4. Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

This is probably my favorite makeup look in today's compilation. I love the way highlighter on the cheekbones, lips and white 'tears' add contrasting accents to the look. And a touch of pink blush on the nose and chin adds youthfulness to this Gothic Lolita makeup look.

cute woman with Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

#5. Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

The drawn-on bottom lashes are not a very popular makeup technique in the west, but eastern beauties use this little trick all the time. Instead of gluing on small bottom lashes, they simply draw them with liquid eyeliner on the skin. Try it yourself and incorporate this makeup hack into your Gothic Lolita look.

cute asian woman with Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

#6. Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

Here is another cute and innocent makeup look for those who aren't looking for drama. The cutest little detail here is the rose-pink eyeshadow on the eyelids and, of course, an overload of blusher on the cheeks and tip of the nose. For the lips use a natural-looking tint. It is a great alternative for full-coverage lipstick.

woman in cosplay costume of Snow White with Gothic Lolita makeup look

#7. Snow White Beauty with Lips as Blood

'Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.' This is how the Grimm Brothers described Snow White in their tale. Of course, the Gothic Lolita style has nothing in common with this character, but when I saw this cosplay, I felt like it belongs on this list. Huge eyes with circle lenses, highlighter in the corner of the eyes, and blood-red lips – sounds like a classic Gothic Lolita to me!
young woman with Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

#8. Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

Absolutely gorgeous makeup look for the bravest alternative babes. If you still didn't understand what is so unusual about this look I will point out – the eyebrows, or their absence. If you don't feel like shaving them off you can always go for a dose of bleach.

Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

#9. Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

The next makeup look can be used for various occasions including Halloween costumes or cosplay. But, primarily, I picked it up as a great sickly-looking makeup for Gothic girls. I especially love the way this grayish-brown lipstick color looks on the lips. For the eyes use a similar eyeshadow and blend it out up to the eyebrows.

cute asian Gothic Lolita with Pink Look and Rose Lips

#10. Pink Gothic Lolita Look with Rose Lips

Gothic Lolitas can rock the cute pink makeup just as great, as they do with moody black. I can't stop admiring the way the Barbie-pink blush is connected to the eyeshadow. I simply adore this unique makeup technique! This Gothic Lolita look also involves the 'tear bag' technique which makes the eyes sad and adorable.

gothic woman with Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

#11. Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

Enough with the cuteness, it is time to go back to something more intense. How do you like these magenta smokey eyes paired with dark plum lipstick? The same plum shade can be used for contouring to add an interesting twist to the look.

victorian Goth Look with Smudged Lips

#12. Goth Look with Smudged Lips 

Another 'sickly' makeup look for the saddest Gothic Lolitas. This time it involves another interesting makeup trick – smudged lips. To recreate this detail apply the medium-dark lipstick to the lips, contour them with concealer, and blend it together with the lipstick to create a color gradient. For the inner part of the lips apply the darkest lip color.

beautiful Halo Smokey Eye makeup look for Gothic Lolita Girl

#13. Halo Smokey Eye for Gothic Lolita Girl

If you are looking to master a bit more versatile and wearable look, you may like these halo eyes highlighted with black eye kohl. This makeup look is good for special occasions, on the days when you want to look more glamorous, or on those days when your Gothic Lolita soul is asking to be revealed.

gothic woman with Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

#14. Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

Bright-red eyeshadow is always a win-win choice for any kind of Gothic look. If plain black lips look too boring for you, you can couple your red eyeshadow with black lips and add a hint of red color to it. How to do that? It is very simple, just sprinkle the black lipstick with shimmering red eyeshadow and you'll love this look!

e-girl with Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

#15. Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

Well, it is time to wrap up today's compilation. Let's do this with yet another super-cute makeup look so fitting with the Gothic Lolita theme. An e-girl cosplay with pink circle lenses and very pink cheeks! Because there is never enough blush for the loli girls! A pair of fluffy cat ears will surely be a nice kawaii accent to this look!


Dramatic, dark, and glamorous goth makeup is probably one of my favorite makeup styles to choose. Despite being pretty unwearable (unless you are a full-time goth!), gothic makeup looks are always appealing and eye-catching. This style has the power to transform not only your eyes in a matter of seconds but a whole outfit and even your personality! Below you will find 10 breathtaking goth makeup looks, that you should try. From classic smokey eyes with colorful accents, to intricate tribal motifs – which one of these gorgeous looks will match your inner darkness?

goth model with bob hair and Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent makeup look

1. Black Smokey Eye with Purple Accent

Let's begin with the classiest of them all –  a dramatic black smokey eye with a bright purple accent in the inner corner of the eye. The blacker is your eyeshadow, and the darker will be your gothic makeup. Use an eyeshadow primer or creamy eye kohl instead of the primer to create a base for your eyeshadow. Apply the black eyeshadow and blend it on your crease, dragging the shadow a bit upwards. Use a pencil brush dipped in nude or gray eyeshadow to help you with the blending. The final touch – a purple highlighter on the inner corner, to give your goth eye look a twist.

goth model with blue hair and bloody red gothic makeup look

2. Crimson Eye Look with Dramatic Eyeliner

There is something tempting and irresistible about the red smoky eye look. It gives me the strongest vampire vibe, making it an excellent choice for a gothic soul. For this look, you`ll need two shades of red: a darker one for the lid, and a lighter for blending. If you don't have a lighter red, you can use nude eyeshadow or even powder. Blend the shadows, apply the boldest eyeliner you can, and add a pair of false lashes, and your crimson gothic eye look is done!

goth woman with Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips makeup look

3. Coffee Brown Smoky Eye with Black Lips

If a dramatic goth makeup look is something you are definitely willing to try, but you are not sure if you can pull it off, I suggest you start with something less challenging. Like this coffee brown smokey eye paired with a black matte lip. Brown shades look more natural on the skin, and you won't have any trouble blending them together with nude, orange, and gray shades. Apply coffee brown eyeshadow, blend it and add some eyeliner. Black matte lips will complete this goth makeup look.

selfie of a goth girl with 4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter makeup look

4. Gothic Green Eye Makeup with Glitter

It is time to be bold and adventurous, as the nest makeup look is otherworldly! Certainly, it is not for beginners and demands some practice to be executed neatly. The two main complications here: are a wing-like shape of the green matte eyeshadow and glitter on the lid. You'll need a special glitter primer to make your gothic sparkles last longer on the eyelid. Pair your goth eye look with black or maybe dark-green matte lips and you are done!

gothic woman with aesthetic makeup look and black cirlce lenses

5. Aesthetic Gothic Makeup with White Eyebrows

For the melancholics out there I found this aesthetic gothic makeup look. Just like a previous gothic look, this may demand some serious makeup skills and extra supplies: thin chains, lash glue, white paint, concealer, and a pair of black circle lenses. Use a thin brush with matte red eyeshadow or blush to create a blushed contouring around your nose, lips, and under the eyes. A few thin chains that look like tears will decorate the look and black circle lenses will make your eye look bigger and sadder.

goth woman with curly pink hair and Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

6. Neon Pink Gothic Eye Look with Long Lashes

The next look is definitely a mixture between glam, goth, and Barbie. It is both cute and dangerous! If you have a neon pink hair color it will look twice as striking. Apply pink eyeshadow, and blinding highlighter to the brow bone and inner corners, and line your eyes with black eyeliner. The main feature of the look should be long, curled false lashes. For the lips – glossy black lipstick. I have a few useful makeup tips for your that will help you to pull the dark lipstick offHow do you like this neon pink goth look?

goth woman with a beautiful cyber-goth makeup look and face piercing

7. Cool-toned Goth Makeup Look with Blue Lips

Cyber goth anyone? I love the way this makeup looks. It is pretty low-key, but, paired with icy-blue lenses, it reminds me of the Snow Queen somehow. You know, the one from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. An icy, goth look is definitely provided by the dark-blue, slightly dusty lip look, which you can achieve by applying eyeshadow to your lips. Keep the shadows and mascara on the top eyelid to give this goth look extra crispiness.

gothic woman with a Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips makeup look

8. Daring Tribal Eyeliner and Soul-eater Lips

I don't know how about you, but I always loved the Wiccan aesthetic. This gothic makeup look with intricate tribal eyeliner reminds me of warpaint or pagan motifs. This is a high-level makeup, for sure. To create the most accurate and neat lines like this, you'll need a lasting black eyeliner, it is better to opt for liquid eyeliner. A couple of thin synthetic brushes will help you to draw every single line beautifully. For the lips use a soul-eater lip technique, which is characterized by the smudged, freshly-kissed lip look.

goth woman with 80s gothic makeup look, crazy har and split makeup look

9. Split Goth Makeup Look and Sharp Eyeliner

The early and mid-80s was the time when the Goth subculture emerged from the British underground. It is known as the classic Goth era and has a lot of distinguished characteristics loved and cherished by the old-fashioned goths. It wouldn't be fair to create this list of breathtaking goth makeup looks without including this split purple and green goth eye makeup. It was strongly inspired by the classic Goth decade and, together with the accessories and hair, create a wonderful character. Doesn't it?

goth girl with Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look and green hair

10. Toxic Waste Goth Makeup Look

And, finally, to wrap up this compilation, check out this acid yellow and green gothic look with triple eyeliner and dramatic yellow contouring. I called it toxic waste, which is the name of sweet and sour candy. The key to this look is blending and highlighting. It creates a very special, radiant glow on the skin. And a sharp eyeliner with weird yellow lenses will make you look like an odd creature from another plant. Would you dare to wear this gothic makeup look?


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