Top 10 Fantasy Aesthetics Makeup Looks that Will Go with Your Mood

a close-up of a woman's face with a glittery makeup look

Makeup just like any other artwork can express your inner world through the intricate shapes and colors. Hence, why waste such an awesome opportunity to match your mood with your appearance? To help you with this uneasy task and inspire you to escape out of your comfort zone, I've gathered up these 10 breathtaking makeup looks. All of thems are inspired by various fantasy-based aesthetics, and they will surely help you emphasize your personality. Let's take a look?

a portrait of a beautiful woman with black and white gothic makeup look and hair

1. The Queen of Damned

Let's begin the list with one of my favorite aesthetics, which spread its roots deep into the fashion core. I'm talking about the Gothcore and the eternal need for darkness and ethereal beauty. This particular black and white look resembles the fine mixture between Cruella de Vil and the Spider Queen named Lolth. I simply couldn't pass by this dark duality. What are your thoughts on it?

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a fairycore-inspired makeup look

2. Mischievous Pixie 

Feeling mischievous? Maybe a fairycore-inspired makeup look will be a perfect match for your playful mood? The light green and light blue eyeshadow colors remind the peaceful beauty of the forest and petite pearls and glitter give the look a reflective appearance. As a final touch add a makeup gloss over the eyes. This look is not very wearable but is definitely enchanting.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with an elf-inspired makeup and hair look

3. Elvish Beauty

If Arwen from the Lord of the Rings skipped on her no-makeup makeup look for once, then she would probably wear something similar to the next look. Inspired by the intricate intertwining of tree branches and feathers, this elvish makeup look won't be easy in executing. However, with a little bit of makeup practice, you'll be able to nail it!

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a dreamcore-inspired makeup look

4. Dream Girl

To tell the truth, I have never heard of the dreamcore aesthetics before I started working on this post. Thi surrealistic theme combines all things dreamy: from the sweetest and the most innocent to dark and nightmarish. This particular girl, apparently,  has dreamed of unicorns and rainbows last night. I like how she added a few large, faux freckles on her nose and cheeks to make this makeup look even more trendy.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a blue, mermaid-inspired makeup look

5. Sister Siren

Of course, today's list of the most beautiful fantasy-inspired looks won't be complete without dewy mermaid makeup. Flawless skin, glossy eyes and lips, and, of course, teal-colored eyes. This fantastic look is ideal for the summer and for those of us with blue and brown eyes. Well, if mermaids know the waterproof makeup technology, then they definitely wear similar looks all the time.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with an angel wing eyeliner look

6. Just Call Me Angel

Angelcore is yet another aesthetics I have never heard about before. Obviously, it is inspired by all things angel-related like feathers, wings, clouds, and tears. Therefore, if you feel like rocking an otherworldly look and reflect your inner peacefulness, then a pair of white wings will help you with this. Add some blue color to your eyelids to make this look brighter.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a goblincore-inspired makeup look

7. Beauty in Ugly

Mushrooms, toads, and duckweed are the most common attributes of the next aesthetics – the goblincore. If you are a fan of the following things then you will surely like the weird beauty of this green and gray look. If you don't feel like losing your eyebrows for the sake of goblicore look, then you don't have to. You can simply bleach them up!

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a clowncore-inspired makeup

8. Sentimental Circus

Well, the next makeup look only looks bright and happy. In reality, the clowncore aesthetics is all about the duality of a personality. Clowns can be funny at first sight, but, at the same time, they can be creepy and evil. This doesn't mean you can't create your own interpretation of the clowncore-inspired makeup look and wear it when you feel like it.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a vampire-inspired makeup

9. Immortal Kiss

The everlasting beauty of vampire aesthetics deserves a separate chapter in the big book of art. It is elegant, sophisticated, and combines so many old-timely elements and features. If one day you'll feel like approaching vampirecore you should start with the makeup. Black, red and dark violet colors are usually used to resemble this aesthetic, but maybe you'll go further and incorporate other shades?

a portrait of a beautiful woman with a witchcore-inspired makeup look

10. Something Wicca This Way Comes

And, lastly, let's take a look at this weird, witchcore makeup look. It reminds me a bit of the warpaint worn by bandits in the Elder Scrolls universe. Wearing something like this on your face will definitely set even the shyest person into the most daring Catwoman mode. And, if anything goes wrong during the day, you can always use one of your strongest enchantments against the enemies.

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