billie daw webb with split hair look

Remember the era of pop-punk anthems, studded belts, and dramatic eyeliner? Ah, the days when emo and scene hairstyles reigned supreme! While many trends from that time have made comebacks, some iconic hairstyles seem to have faded into obscurity. But fear not, fellow nostalgic souls! Let's delve into the vault of forgotten hairdos and rediscover 15 epic emo and scene hairstyles that deserve a revival.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with bright magenta hair and emo scene bob hair look
Photo: @rockyourhead

  • #1. Choppy Layered Bob

This hairstyle was all about asymmetry and rebellion. The choppy layers created a wild, untamed look that perfectly matched the emo attitude. Remember, it's not about perfection but embracing the chaos!

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with rainbow extensionshair and emo scene long hair
Photo: @possumchic

  • #2. Rainbow-Colored Extensions

Why pick only one hair color when you can add various shades to your hair look? Rainbow-colored extensions were a staple in the scene community, allowing kids to express their vibrant personalities through their hair.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with bright red hair and faux hawk hair look
Photo: myspace madonna

  • #3. Faux Hawk

A versatile style that provides an edgy twist without the commitment of shaving the sides. The faux hawk was a favorite among those seeking a bold yet manageable emo-inspired hair look.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with two-toned magenta hair look
Photo: @cheristyle_

  • #4. Two-Toned Emo Hair Look

Parting the hair down the middle and dyeing each side a different color was a daring statement. It was all about contrast – think black and blonde or pink and blue! And don't forget to wear a bold lip look to complement the hair.

a portrait of beautiful emo  woman with teal hair and emo scene backcomed haistyle with
Photo: Adriana Teacat

  • #5. Teased and Backcombed Hair

Volume was the name of the game! Teasing and backcombing hair to gravity-defying heights was an art form that added drama to any alternative style.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with pink dreadlocks

  • #6.  Emo/Scene Dreadlocks 

A fusion of alternative styles, dreadlocks is the ultimate choice for emo and scene souls. Unlike traditional dreadlocks that are often natural and freeform, emo/scene dreadlocks were sometimes achieved using backcombing, braiding, or waxing to create a more controlled and stylized look.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with purple long hair and side swept bangs
Photo: Isuezochan

  • #7. Side Swept Bangs

A subtler option among the dramatic styles, side-swept bangs were popular for their versatility. They added a touch of mystery while still being easy to manage. Go for long and wavy hair extensions, while keeping the overall hair look dramatic and bright. 

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with purple shaggy pixxie
Photo: milkw0lf

  • #8. Shaggy Pixie Cut

Breaking away from the longer styles, the shaggy pixie cut was a rebellious take on a classic. It was short, spiky, and full of attitude. If the pixie doesn't seem, edgy enough, you can always color it with a bold hair dye.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with blonde mullet hair and rainbow highlights
Photo: Goth Egg

  • #9. Emo Mullet

Combining the best of both worlds, the emo mullet featured short layers in the front with longer locks in the back. It was unconventional and unapologetic. I really love this look paired with a few pretty rainbow highlights.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with pastel pink braided hair
Photo: @nyane

  • #10. Braided Crown

This hairstyle added an ethereal touch to the scene look. Braiding sections of hair and wrapping them around the head created a whimsical crown effect.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with jellyfish haircut and blue dip-dyed ends
Photo: yulingwu

  • #11. Dip-Dyed Ends

An easy way to add a pop of color, dip-dyed ends involved dyeing just the ends of the hair in vibrant hues, creating a playful contrast.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with choppy fringe and bright pink hair
Photo: Billie Dawn Webb

  • #12. Emo Fringe and Pink Hair

Characterized by long, choppy bangs that often covered one eye, the emo fringe was an iconic statement of individuality. You can always combine this hair look with Gothic lolita makeup and call it a day!

a portrait of beautiful scene woman with spiky haircut
Photo: betta_koral

  • #13. Spiked and Colored Scene Hait with Blunt Fringe

For those unafraid of turning heads, the spiked and colored hair look was a bold choice. Adding bright colors to the spikes made it even more eye-catching. The bright blue or pink makeup makes all the hues pop up even brighter!

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with scene pigtails and baby-blue hair colors
Photo: obedientworm

  • #14. Scene Pigtails

Pigtails weren’t just for kids – scene enthusiasts rocked them with flair. Adding colorful hair accessories, little bows, and cute hair ties elevated the style to a whole new level.

a portrait of beautiful emo woman with emo undercut and spiky style
Photo: hair_slayerz

  • #15. Edgy Scene Undercut

A daring punk hair move that involved shaving or closely cutting your locks on the sides or back while leaving the top longer. It was one of the most rebellious yet stylish choices for emo and scene kids.

Let's summarize...

While these epic emo/scene hairstyles may have taken a backseat in recent years, their impact on self-expression and individuality remains undeniable. From wild colors to daring cuts, these hairstyles embodied a spirit of rebellion and creativity that resonated with many. As fashion constantly evolves, perhaps it’s time to revive these iconic looks and let our inner Avril Lavigne shine once more.

So, grab your hair dye and styling tools – let’s bring back the bold and beautiful era of emo and scene hairstyles!