close-up of a female hand with red and black Halloween nail look

What is your favorite thing about the fall season? Apart from all of the romanticism and deliciousness, mine must be Halloween. I can't say I'm a big fan of dressing up in Halloween costumes, but spooky nails I wear regularly during October. With Halloween just around the corner, I've decided to compile some of my favorite creepy and cool-looking nail designs. From the simple and minimalistic looks to the most incredible intricate nail looks. Which one of these are you going to wear on Halloween?

close-up of a female hand with Black and Green Halloween nail look

  • Black and Green Acid Nail Look

Let's start this compilation with a badass long square nail covered in a green and black design. This nail look reminds me somehow of the Alien movie and video game franchise. Not an everyday look, of course, but something all nail art lovers must try at least once!

close-up of a female hand with Blood-Stained  Halloween nail look

  • Blood-Stained Nails for Halloween

If you want to do your own nails for Halloween this year but are not very good at nail art, then you should try this low-key blood-stained nail look. You'll only need two nail polishes to create the look: vivid red and glossy top coat. Blend the red color with a sponge to create a cool gradient effect.

close-up of a female hand with Minimal Black Halloween nail look

  • Minimal Black Claws

Who said you have to go overboard with your nails for Halloween? You can absolutely keep them on a 'minimalistic' side and choose a very simple black nail look with a little twist – a black flame-like design on a ring and middle fingernails. I love such simplicity!

close-up of a female hand with Cute Pumpkin Halloween nail look

  • Cute Pumpkin Nail Look

Do pumpkins and gourds automatically mean Halloween? No, they don't. But these vegetables automatically mean the fall season! Bring some color to your everyday nail look with these cute and minimal pumpkins on your naked nails. This look is great for every day and for Halloween as well.

close-up of a female hand with Beetlejuice-Inspired Halloween nail look

  • Beetlejuice-Inspired Halloween Nails

Creepy characters from movies and animated series are regular nail 'visitors' on Halloween. Would you like Beetlejuice to settle down this year? Pick this wonderful lime-green and purple nail design and don't forget to feature some black and white stripes in honor of Beetlejuice.

close-up of a female hand with red flaming Halloween nail look

  • Red Flaming Nail Look

Flaming-hot nail design is one of the most popular options for those, who like their claws to be eye-catching. How about decorating your nails for Halloween with hellish flame? I like how this design looks on a long, squared nail and a 'naked' base.

close-up of a female hand with pink and black Halloween nail look

  • Black and Pink Halloween Nails

Who doesn't like bats? These cute, nocturnal creatures are Halloween classics and vampire aesthetic dwellers. So, why don't we feature them on the nails? I like the black and pinkish-nude color combination and simple design with bats, crescents moons, and small stars. This nail look is simple but very appealing.

close-up of a female hand with eyeball Halloween nail look

  • Eyeball Nail Design for Halloween 

Now, for the creepy stuff! How about some actual, horrifying eyeball design on your nails? The pale, nude base for the look creates a strange, uncanny effect. This is something out of the Doom universe! For your comfort opt for short nails on your dominant hand.

close-up of a female hand with minimal Halloween nail look

  • Minimal Black and White Nails 

Back to minimalistic nail design for Halloween. This time it is a black French tip nail look with some geometric orange accents and cute white ghosts. Such nail design is a great alternative if you like moderate-looking nails.

close-up of a female hand with spiderweb Halloween nail look

  • Earthy-brown Spiderweb Nail Look

Lure your next prayer with the next Halloween nail look. The intricate design features nude and earthy-brown colors, small black spiders, and spiderwebs. If this is going to be your nail look of choice, you'll need to visit a nail salon to get the best results.

close-up of a female hand with barbwire Halloween nail look

  • Black and White Barbwire Halloween Nails

Why opt for short nails, when your nail technician can create a set of long, beautiful claws in no time? Cover them in opaque white gel nail polish and ask your artist to draw a thin, black barbwire all over the nails. A jaw-dropping Halloween look is guaranteed!

close-up of a female hand with Frankenstein-inspired Halloween nail look

  • Frankenstein Nail Art

If a classic Halloween combo of green and black is your favorite theme, then you simply have to try this Frankenstein-inspired nail look. It is seriously the cutest and matches the mood of the occasion ideally. Plus, it looks simple enough to recreate it yourself at home.

close-up of a female hand with white and red splashes Halloween nail look

  • Blood Splashed Halloween Nails

This nail design isn't only dangerous, but freakishly cool. These plain white claws covered in red splashes may be the best nail design for Halloween. Certainly, it is not for the squeamish people! The best would be to use a thick gel nail polish for the 'bloody' effect on the nails.

close-up of a female hand with celestial Halloween nail look

  • Celestial Nail Design for Halloween

For those who love celestial designs and dark feminine aesthetic, this nail look must be a blessing. It looks quite simple. You'll need only three nail polishes (white, black, and clear top) and a set of celestial nail stickers. Otherwise, you can use a thin synthetic brush to cover your nails in stars and planets.

close-up of a female hand with wiccan Halloween nail look

  • Nude and Black Ouija Nails

Witchcraft and everything connected to this dark topic is an excellent choice for Halloween. The black and nude color gradient is topped off with an ouija board design, rhinestones, and 3d pendants. This is one of those nail looks we never thought we would like.

close-up of a female hand with Jack-o-lantern Halloween nail look

Halloween Jack-o-lantern Nail Art

Another classic character of Halloween lore is the Jack-o-lantern. It would be even more strange not to mention it in this post. Made in traditional orange and black colors, covered in a thick layer of nail gloss, and looking on-point!

close-up of a female hand with Dragon Scales Halloween nail look

  • Dragon Scales Nails

Do you watch the House the Dragon series? The first season is almost at an end, and the fans are already excited for the next one. To honor these fantastic creatures, I've decided to feature this marvelous shimmering green nail look. 

close-up of a female hand with Spooky, Scary Skeletons Halloween nail look

  • Spooky, Scary Skeletons Nail Art

Spooky skeletons never get old, especially during October month. This Halloween nail look isn't for beginners. It requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. Lucky you, if you are a nail artist. If not, you can always make an appointment. 

close-up of a female hand with Thriller  Halloween nail look

  • Halloween Thriller Nail Look

Halloween is a time when terror becomes an art. You can perpetuate your favorite characters from scary movies in your nail art. The longer are your nails, the more characters you'll be able to draw on their surface!

close-up of a female hand with witchy Halloween nail look

  • Black and White Witchy Nails

Short squoval nails are a great canvas for a witch-themed Halloween nail look. Laughing witch on a broom and spooky dead tree will find their place on your ring and middle fingers. Other fingernails are kept plain or covered in chunky glitter.


Hey, guys, that's all for today! These 20 creepy and cool Halloween nail ideas have conjured up a bewitching spell, transforming mere polish into a canvas of haunting beauty.

From sinister shades to spine-chilling designs, these nails have whispered secrets of the season, casting a spell of allure and fright. Whether it’s ghoulish ghosts or spectral spiderwebs, each stroke of creativity brings forth a macabre masterpiece.