You can love it or hate it but punk hairstyles are here to stay. Just like punk fashion and music, punk hairstyle has been a prominent trend throughout the last 50 years. I’m sure this style is going to outlive us all! Punks not dead, am I right? Unquestionably, you can spot punk hairstyles and haircuts not only on devoted people who follow the subculture closely. This hairstyle is just as popular among fashion designers, stylists, influencers, and other appreciators of alternative fashion styles

And how about you? Thinking of giving yourself a bold change of hair look? In this case, here are a few punk hair ideas that are always trending.

selfie of a young woman with punk mullet haircut

#1. Peach Mullet for Punks

Mullet hair has become one of the most popular hairstyles for women in the last few years. It is both edgy and good-looking but may require styling and content maintenance. To soften up your look opt for rose gold or peach hair color with a few black low-lights. This style looks wearable but daring.

selfie of a young woman with punk pink adn red haircut

#2. Pink and Red Choppy Bob

Choppy haircuts have always been trendy! They are pretty easy to style and pull off. A huge bonus of such a punk hairstyle is that it looks great on every hair texture and face shape. Spice it up by adding some bold colors to the mixture; How about cherry red and Barbie pink?
selfie of a young woman with punk choppy bob cut and black hair color

#3. Choppy French Bob with Punk Baby Bangs

Have you watched The Craft movie? The 1996's version with a gorgeous Fairuza Balk? Well, this choppy bob with punk styling and teeny-tiny bangs reminds me of Fairuza's character Nancy Downs. It looks like a classic French bob haircut turned edgy and punk with the help of a hair straightener and styling gel.

selfie of a young woman with grass green punk mullet haircut

#4. Moss Green Punk Hair

And what about the color? What is the ideal punk hair color? Certainly, pitch black or raven wing are the first two options that come to mind. However, if punk is all about breaking the norms, then I prefer swamp or moss-green hair in this case. A short bob with long asymmetrical bangs and black shadow roots looks mind-blowing!

selfie of a young woman with punk haircut, mustard hair and pin-up makeup look

#5. High Messy Bun with Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are just as popular in 'alternative' subcultures as mullet hairstyles. I love the soft and delicate combination of straight baby bangs with some longer hair locks on the sides. For the moments when you want your punk hair up, put it in a messy bun, leaving the baby bangs and locks out.

selfie of a young woman with punk bob haircut and platinum blonde hair

#6. Short Platinum Blonde Bob

A shaggy short bob in platinum blonde looks super punk! Don't let the first impression fool you. And, when it comes to styling this punk hair look, the options are indefinite. Of course, matching punk makeup look and outfit will only intensify the jaw-dropping effect. Try it yourself!

selfie of a young woman with punk assymetrical haircut

#7. Asymmetrical Long Bob and Punk Choppy Bangs

So many words have been said about the classic asymmetrical bob. If you are a big fan of this hairstyle for women but want to give it a punk twist try incorporating some hair color. The vivid combination of acid green and royal purple looks astonishing. Harley Quinn would be jealous of this hair look!

selfie of a young woman with short punk haircut

#8. Messy Caesar Cut

Have you ever heard of a Ceasar haircut for women? It looks like a very short bowl undercut. It may not be a look for everyone, but if short punk hair is what you always wanted to try, this may be a look for you. It looks very edgy and rebellious, but somehow soft and feminine at the same time.

selfie of a young woman with punk mohawk, sidecut and curly hair

#9. Improvised Mohawk with Natural Curls

The lucky owner of luxurious natural curls? Then the next punk hair is definitely for you! How do you like this improvised mohawk with shaved sides and accent on the natural hair curls or coils? You may need time and patience to master this punk look, but when you do, you will want to rock it all the time.

selfie of a young woman with green and pink punk mullet hair

#10. Hot Pink and Grass Green Mullet Split

Another day another punk mullet for rebellious women. To style this hair look most efficiently, start with the fringe and blow dry the rest of it with your fingertips. Use some hair wax to get rid of flyaways, and gently 'press' the shape of the hair with a comb. Finish off your punk mullet with a few accessories – hair clips or a scarf.

selfie of a young woman with platinum punk mohawk haircut

#11. Voluminous Punk Mohawk 

The time for punk mohawk has come. Don't deny it, you have been waiting for this hair look in this compilation. No wonder, as it is the first and most popular hairstyle for punk women! The side and back part of the head get buzzed, while the top part of the hair stays long to form a mohawk-like forelock. The platinum blonde color makes this punk hair look extra crisp.

selfie of a young woman with punk messy buns and split hair color

#12. Tiny Buns on Curly Hair

Another way to keep your punk hair away from your face is to bring it up in two tiny buns, leaving a large portion of the hair loose. You can straighten the rest of your hair with a hair straightener, curl it up, or keep your natural hair texture.

selfie of a young woman with punk mohawk haircut

#13. Curly Undercut Mohawk

The next punk hair idea is very similar to one of the previously mentioned mohawks, but this time with a little different twist. The buzzed sides feature two straight lines shaved into the styles and the forelock is long enough to create flirty curls or add colorful accents.

selfie of a young woman with classic punk mullet haircut

#14. Classic Long Mullet with Baby Bangs

Let's say a few more words about the classic mullet hair for women. This time this layered cut features choppy baby bangs and intense black color. Unlike their short versions, long mullets are easier to maintain and can be gathered in a low ponytail or low-key braid for your comfort.

selfie of a young woman with short punk mullet haircut

#15. Black and White Short Punk Mullet

And, lastly, gorgeous shaggy hairstyle in black with contrasting white accents. Tease it up for volume and hairspray the shape of the hairstyle in place for long-lasting wear. This is one of the most versatile and cool versions of mullet for that gorgeous punk look. Isn't it?


Whether you're diving headfirst into the rebellious world of punk or simply seeking a bold transformation, these 15 trending punk hairstyles offer more than just a change of look—they're a statement. Embrace the edgy, the unconventional, and the fearless. Let your hair speak volumes about your individuality and attitude. From vibrant colors to daring cuts, these styles are not just about fashion; they're about owning who you are.