Top 10 Edgy But Chic Hairstyles You Should Definitely Try

woman n fron of the window with a french bob hair
Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

The edgier – the better! This applies to both makeup and hairstyle. However, there is no need to rock a neon-colored mohawk to attract attention to your looks. The best daring hairstyles always combine the rebellious, punk appeal with a subtle touch of chic. The best of both worlds, if you please. If you are looking for a hairstyle like this, then I suggest you look no further. In today's post, I've compiled my top 10 favorite hairstyles for the daring in the heart but mild in their looks.

a portrait of a young woman with hot pink hair and mullet hairstyle

Mullet Haircut

Let's start our hair journey with a trendy mullet – a unisex style with shorter hair in the front and sides, and long hair in the back. This hairstyle is super popular today but takes its origins as a trend in the 80s when it was called a bi-level. Little known that mullet wasn't called a mullet until the 90s. Well, this hairstyle is not for the timid, so if you are going for the mullet you better dive deep!

a portrait of a young woman with a short bob pink hair

Bob with Long Bangs

If there is a haircut that always looks neat and chic, it is always a bob. How do you like a classic short bob with long and choppy bangs? I love the way it looks! Especially, if it is combined with an eye-catching color like bright red, magenta, or plum. Despite being high-maintenance, a bob haircut always looks on point and allows you to pull-off different levels of hairstyle rebellion.

a portrait of a young woman with blunt bob, micro bangs and bright yellow hair

Blunt Bob with Short Bangs

That's been said, let's move onto the next level of rebellious bob – a blunt bob with micro or baby bangs. The neatly cut geometry of this hair adds extra crispiness to the look, while the baby bangs add a veil of peculiarity. Baby bangs are quite a controversial thing in the hair world. While most hair trend lovers can't have enough of the tiny bangs, other people have mixed feelings about them. Still, when worn with a bluntly cut bob, this hairstyle looks pretty elegant.

selfie of a young woman with beautiful makeup and short pixie cut

Pixie Cut

Derived its name from the mythological creatures, the pixie haircut is yet another controversial style in today's top. Girly and innocent, sexy and strict, the pixie reflects the mood and personality of its wearer. That is why pixie cuts are so universal. Wear it neatly styled with a ton of hair gel, or messily teased and locked with a hairspray. The destiny of your mythical pixie is in your hands!

a portrait of a young woman with a choppy wold haircut and platinum blonde hair

Choppy Wolf Cut

If you don't feel like an elusive pixie, but more of an untamed werewolf, then the next hairstyle should be your to-go choice. Choppy wolf hair is super trendy at the moment, and this hair trend doesn't seem to be going off track, at least not until the end of this year. You are free to pick from a variety of styles and lengths because this haircut allows for being creative.

portrait of a woman with brown hair and hush hairstyle

Hush Hairstyle

Hush-hush, darling, the next hairstyle is going to leave you speechless. At the first glance, it may look mellow, but the styling possibilities of the hush hairstyle are endless. It looks fabulous on any type of hair: from straight and fine, to wavy and thick. This style beautifully frames the face and allows you to play with layers and length.

gothic young woman with a v-shaped fringe and edgy makeup look

Pointed or V-shaped Fringe

I can still remember the times when the v-shaped fringe was on top of its popularity! And I definitely see why. The v-shaped or pointed fringe is a perfect way to spice up even the simplest hairstyle. Just don't try cutting this type of fringe yourself, or you might end up with micro bangs. It is better to allow a professional hairstylist to work the magic.

a portrait of a young woman with platinum blonde hair and undercut

Subtle Undercut

A lot has been said about the undercut. Just like any other edgy hairstyle, women's undercut comes in a variety of forms. Yet, only the undercut style with a subtle transition allows you to keep the look soft and feminine. Pair it with soft hair color and you'll get an ultimate recipe for a sophisticated, but highly daring hair look.

a portrait of a owman with a boyfriend bob hair

Boyfriend Bob

Have you ever heard about the boyfriend bob? It is the bob style of the year 2021. But, we still love and wear it. It is a versatile, androgynous haircut, which looks a lot like a short French bob. This hair was strongly influenced by the male icons of the 90s, but you can also spot it on the Kpop members. Style your boyfriend's bob with gel or curl with a curling iron.

a portrait of young woman with blonde hair and curly fauxhawk hairstyle

Curly Fauxhawk

And, lastly, an appealing combo of edginess and romanticism for the curly hair. Short on the sides and back, but long in the front – a fauxhawk hairstyle. It has everything you need to complete your alternative makeup and fashion style. Take your fauxhawk to the next level by adding highlights and lowlights. 


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