Top 10 Best Alt Fashion Brands You Have to Check Out

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Fashion has always been a realm of self-expression, a way to break away from societal norms and embrace individuality. In recent years, alternative fashion has emerged as a captivating and revolutionary movement within the industry. Embracing non-conformity and all things aesthetic, alternative fashion brands have earned their place in the fashion niche. This article will be your ultimate guide to the top 10 famous brands for alternative fashion. From goth to grunge, they offer unique clothing that allows you to embrace your individuality and express your style.

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  • Killstar

About the brand: Killstar is an iconic brand that celebrates the dark side of alternative fashion. They embrace gothic aesthetics, occult symbols, and witchy vibes, appealing to those who love all things mysterious and unconventional. Additionally, Killstar offers a wide range of plus-size alternatives, for those who want to flaunt their curves.

What they offer: Killstar is a place where you'll find anything from casual dresses and tops to macabre accessories with a twist of darkness.

Find Killstar here:

Instagram: @killstar
Facebook: Killstar

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  • Disturbia

About the brand: Disturbia blends streetwear, punk, and gothic influences, creating a subversive and edgy style. The brand claims ''to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable'' and everyone seems to love this approach!

What they offer: Disturbia offers a selection of graphic tees, hoodies, jackets, pants, and accessories, featuring punk-inspired graphics. The brand's long and short-sleeve t-shirts are manufactured using renewable green energy and made from 100% organic cotton.

Find Disturbia here:

Instagram: @disturbia,
Facebook: Disturbia Clothing

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  • ModCloth

About the brand: ModCloth celebrates individuality and offers a diverse range of styles, including our beloved alternative fashion style. While not exclusively alternative, ModCloth provides a platform for unique, vintage, and retro-inspired designers with a variety of clothing, footwear, and even accessories.

What they offer: You won't find a better selection of indie and vintage-inspired clothing, including dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories, with options that can cater to plus-size alternative fashion enthusiasts.

Find ModCloth here:

Instagram: @modcloth
Facebook: ModCloth

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  • Cider

About the brand: Cider is a brand that focuses on creating inclusive alternative fashion for all body types. They offer a pretty impressive of plus-size alt clothes, ensuring that everyone can embrace their individual style.

What they offer: Cider provides a selection of trendy and stylish clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories, with a focus on inclusivity and alternative fashion. This is one of TikTok's most beloved fashion brands, as it offers the cute and trendiest pieces a fashion fan can imagine!

Find Cider here:

Instagram: @cidersclothing, 
Facebook: Cider

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  • Depop

About the brand: Depop is more than just a brand or online store, it is a unique online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of vintage, retro-inspired, and alternative fashion. It's a treasure trove for finding one-of-a-kind pieces and supporting independent sellers from all around the world. As of today, Depop exists in over 150 countries, offering easy shipping to alt fashion lovers.

What they offer: On Depop, you can discover a wide range of alternative fashion items, including vintage and second-hand clothing, accessories, and unique finds from independent sellers.

Find Depop here:

Instagram: @depop
Facebook: Depop

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  • UNIF

About the brand: Searching for a brand that pushes the boundaries of alternative fashion trends? Then UNIF is the right place for your rebellious and avant-garde sense of fashion. They blend streetwear style, grunge vibe, and vintage influences, offering a unique and edgy aesthetic.

What they offer: UNIF offers an array of clothing, including oversized jackets, graphic tees, dresses, skirts, and statement accessories, catering to those who embrace alternative fashion.

Find UNIF here:

Instagram: @unif
Facebook: UNIF

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  • Dolls Kill

About the brand: A little disclaimer first – no dolls were harmed in the name of fashion! In fact, Dolls Kill is a place for any kind of individuality and non-conformity. They offer a diverse range of alternative styles: gothic, punk, rave, streetwear, and other style. 

What do they offer: Dolls Kill provides a wide selection of clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes, featuring bold prints, unique designs, and unconventional cuts. They also provide a range of exclusive accessories, including bags, hats, and jewelry.

Find Doll Kill here:

Instagram: @dollskill, 
Facebook: Dolls Kill

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  • Sourpuss Clothing

About the brand: Sourpuss Clothing is a leading alternative fashion brand that embodies retro, punk, and rockabilly aesthetics. They offer a wide range of alternative clothing and accessories, allowing everyone to fill in their alternative wardrobes and embrace their unique style.

What do they offer: Sourpuss Clothing offers a variety of alternative clothing items, including retro-inspired dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and accessories, featuring bold prints, vintage-inspired patterns, and edgy designs.

Find Sourpuss Clothing here:

Instagram: @sourpussclothing
Facebook: Sourpuss Clothing

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  • Restyle

About the brand: Restyle specializes in all gothic clothing and alternative fashion style. The brand claims to cover all of your dark heart ever craves: from casual and soft goth aesthetics to dresses and corsets. Restyle also has a great plus-size section, allowing everyone to embrace their love for the spooky and occult. 

What do they offer: This is the ultimate brand for a modern gothic style lover! They have everything from tops, skirts, jackets, and accessories! The distinguishing style – intricate lacework, occult symbols, and Victorian influences. Doesn't this sound intriguing?

Find Restyle here:


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  • AllSaints

About the brand: AllSaints is one of the most popular British fashion brands for urban and alternative fashion cravers. It is mostly known for its edgy and contemporary approach and offers a wide range of clothing for a unique taste.

What they offer: The brand is renowned for its leather jackets, which come in various styles like biker jackets, bomber jackets, and shearling-lined coats. AllSaints also offers a variety of tops and shirts characterized by their unique cuts, drapes, and asymmetrical details.

Find AllSaints here:

Instagram: @allsaints 
Facebook: AllSaints

Wrapping Up...

The alternative fashion scene in 2023 is thriving, and these top 10 best alt brands are at the forefront of this movement. From the occult-inspired designs of Killstar and Restyle to the diverse selection at ModCloth and Depop, these brands offer clothing options that cater to your individuality. Whether you're drawn to gothic aesthetics, futuristic styles, or punk-inspired looks, these brands offer a range of options for those seeking to embrace their individuality and express themselves through fashion. So, express yourself, explore these brands', and let your alternative fashion journey begin! I'll talk to you again very soon.
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