elegant groom accessories
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Every groom wants to feel good about their appearance on their big day. Not only because it’s your wedding day or that you will have both your and your wife’s entire family and friends there, but also because you will be having your pictures taken and those will last for years to come. Years to come when all you have are those pictures you will regret if you are not looking your best. To help ensure that you look the best that you can and that your pictures will turn out the best that they could, we have a few accessory ideas that will help to ensure you look your absolute best for those close-up shots. 

visit This may not apply to all grooms, however, for those that do wear glasses, this will make a huge difference. If you already wear contacts, great! However, if you typically wear glasses every day all day, then maybe you should consider buying a pair (or even getting a free trial from your local Walmart) for your big day. They can take some practice getting used to but once you do, it’ll make the world of difference. When you are wearing glasses and getting your pictures taken there can be some slight reflection issues. 

This will depend on angles, lighting, flash, distance, etc. But regardless, you ensure you don’t have a glare in your glasses in your pictures wearing contacts is an easy fix. If your glasses are part of who you are as a person, that is okay too and totally understandable as to why you’d continue to wear them on your wedding day. However, if you’re someone that wears them just because it’s easier or for whatever reason then definitely make that appointment with your eye doctor and look into getting a fresh pair of contacts to step up your appearance for those close-up pictures ahead. 

elegant groom accessories
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Personalized Modern Gentleman Accessory Groomsmen Gift Set

visit Tie clips are a seemingly forgotten aspect. The last-minute thing that some men don’t put much thought into. However, if you take time and pick out that perfect tie clip to tie together your entire outfit it will make those close-ups spot on. You can make them personalized which will elevate the outfit also as a whole. 

Giving it that personal touch will make it more meaningful as well and knowing you have that on you during your big day can be reassuring or even a comfort aspect for some and that can be a dead giveaway on some people’s faces. This website has tie clip sets that also include things like wallets, cliff links, or even money clips. On their site, you can also do the personalized option and give yourself that extra boost of confidence. 

Bowties & Ties

visit Bowties or ties? Either is common for your big day. If you and your bride have plans for a more traditional wedding then it is probably expected of you to wear either a tie or bow tie. Which one? That answer lies to you. Which fits the theme of the wedding better? Which fits your personal style more? Have a tradition of wearing bowties? Perfect! Stick to what is best suited for you. Physical comfort is everything especially when you’re in a stressful or seemingly uncomfortable situation (or know you will be). 

No, no we are not saying you’re going to be uncomfortable on your big day, but let us be honest some guys might be, and that’s to be expected. Your wedding day is a huge day for both you and your bride and so that can cause stress, uneasiness, and even slight discomfort. Wearing whatever feels right to you will help to calm you down or at least not make things worse. Why does this matter for your close-up? Easy. Because if you’re not physically comfortable in your clothing that will show in your face and body language throughout your pictures. It also affects the common-sense element of “what will your pictures turn out to look like?” You want to make sure that your tie or bowtie doesn’t clash with your bride, with your suit or tux, with the bridesmaids, or even with your own groomsmen. Collaboration between all outfits is important for overall appearance but also for those everlasting close-ups. 

elegant groom accessories
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Pocket Squares

visit Pocket squares are another important part of every groomsmen’s outfit that can be forgotten or not taken advantage of when trying to enhance one’s appearance or outfit. These are some of the few things that can show in a close-up photograph. This is why they should be taken more seriously or used for one’s advantage more often. 

You can get a pocket square that simply goes well with the color scheme that you and your bride selected or you can use it to show your own personality as well. There are places such as Otaa that have hundreds of different patterns and/or colors to choose from. This gives you a great opportunity to elevate and personalize your outfit for the big day as well as enhance your close-ups. 

Close-ups can be the death of many, however, with these few accessories, you can ensure to look your absolute best for your close-up shots that you will hold near and dear to your heart for years and years to come. Those great close-ups will be what you and your family use to remember the big day. 

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