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a portrait of a young woman posing in a black Gothic wedding dress on a plain background

Without a doubt, designer wedding gowns are costly with the price tag ranging from $2k to $10k. Depending on the material, the complexity of the cut, and the house, the price of such a dress can fly to the sky. However, who said you have to get one, when you can simply take a look? If you are looking for just the right black dress for your Gothic wedding ceremony, you can always draw a little bit of fashion inspiration on the side. Just so you know what you like and want for your big day. Take your time to appreciate these 10 astounding black designer dresses. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to create your Gothic wedding gown, sewing it with the help of professionals.

model wearing a black gothic dress on the Christian Dior, Paris Alta Costura fashion show
Christian Dior, Paris Alta Costura (Autumn/Winter 2017/2018)

#1. Black Velvet

Black velvet is an iconic material often used in Gothic fashion. This fabric is soft, stretchy, and insanely posh. It has the power to reflect and consume the light, depending on the angle of the dress's folds. Italian fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri made this fantastic black velvet dress for Dior's Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 show. I knew I must include it in today's list, as it is perfect for the dark-themed Gothic ceremony based on a Medieval setting.

model wearing a black gothic dress on the Julien Macdonald, London Fashion Week
Julien Macdonald, London Fashion Week (Fall 2011)

#2. Glam And Tore

Certainly, the black wedding dress isn't for every type of bride! It is a non-trivial choice for the brides with the most exquisite taste. If you are looking for the perfect black dress for your Gothic wedding ceremony, maybe you'll like this delicate floor-length dress with a satin plisse skirt? The whole Fall 2011 collection by designer Julien Macdonald was very alternatively-directed, infused with grunge and punk elements, but not without a touch of glam. 

model wearing a black gothic dress on the Roberto Cavalli 2022 show
Roberto Cavalli (Fall 2022)

#3. Bondage Couture

Well, it wouldn't be a Gothic wedding without some BDSM elements, right? Alternative fashion frequently uses fetish elements like spikes, chains, leather belts, and even piercing in its favor. But we all agree that these elements make a great accessory! And the next dress from Roberto Cavalli's show is not an exception. A flowing, a-silhouette dress made of lightweight black tulle, decorated with heavy later belts that connect to the thick choker necklace. This is a dress that is worthy of your attention.

model in a black gothic dress at the Blugirl Milano (Fall/Winter 2017/2018) fashion show
Blugirl Milano (Fall/Winter 2017/2018)

#4. Modesty in the Darkness

A wedding is always a big and important day in everyone's life. But, if you feel like using your wedding dress afterward for more casual occasions, you can opt for a simple black dress with a vintage vibe to it. The Blugirl's black dress with floral lace inserts looks like something your granny would wear to a funeral, but that is the intention. For what wedding is if not a funeral of a single life? Combine this dress with a wide belt, pearl accessories, and a pair of black vintage shoes. Go for a matching head accessory instead of a black bridal veil.

model in a black gothic dress at the Julien Fournie fashion show
Julien Fournie (Fall 2015)

#5. Starry Night

Did you know that a nighttime wedding is a thing? Yeah, you can actually plan and hold your Gothic ceremony at night under the stars! Of course, it could be an evening ceremony that slowly fades into the night and finishes early in the morning. To emphasize the beauty of the venue, and the charming dark setting around, try picking a black tulle dress abundantly decorated with rhinestones. Julien Fournié dedicated a whole collection to 20th-century fantasy movies. Among other charming women dresses was this gorgeous Gothic dress, which I think perfectly fit the dark, moody wedding ceremony.

model in a black gothic dress at Valentino Ready-to-Wear fashion show
Valentino Ready-to-Wear Collection (Fall 2015) 

#6. Innocent And Gloomy

If you are trying to pursue an innocent look of a very gloomy doll, then the next dress should be a great inspiration to you. This mesmerizing black gown is a part of the all-black capsule collection by Valentino fashion house, and it is perfect for the Gothic wedding theme! Just imagine how beautiful a long, floor-length bridal veil will look with this or a similar wedding dress.

model in a black gothic dress at Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear fashion show
Bottega Veneta Ready-to-Wear Collection (Fall 2018)

#7. Velvet And Lace

As mentioned above, velvet is a prevalent material for black Gothic dresses. But, if you want to take a step further, you can incorporate delicate black lace into the design. Bottega Veneta designed an incredible floor-length Gothic dress for their Ready-to-Wear show in the fall of 2018. Flowing velvety skirt – check! Tender lace trim – check! Relaxed royal silhouette – check! You'll only need to add a few heavy silver bracelets and a beautiful black veil to your hair.

model in a black gothic dress at Andrew Gn Ready-to-Wear (Fall 2012) fashion show
 Andrew Gn Ready-to-Wear (Fall 2012)

08. Spider Queen 

The Victorian period is dearly loved by modern Goths. It is hard not to love all those heavy gowns, tight corsets, stockings, and mercury-based medicine. Fashion designer Andrew Gn definitely agrees with the statement, designing the most gloomy, yet romantic Ready-to-Wear collection in the fall of 2012. You'll find here everything a Victorian Goth holds dear: from breezy blouses to elegant black dresses. My personal favorite is this wonderful dress with a spider web design on it.  

model in a black gothic dress at Gareth Pugh Ready-to-Wear Collection (Fall 2013) fashion show
Gareth Pugh Ready-to-Wear Collection (Fall 2013)

09. Victorian Grace

Another Victorian-inspired wedding dress, yet, this time, with a crazy twist to it. This black wedding gown with a high collar and floor-sweeping skirt is a dream come true. It is posh, has a classic silhouette to the cut, and is decorated with the most unique crumbled-like texture along the skirt's trim. The shiny effect on the material is what makes this dress stand out from the crowd. This black wedding dress takes the best of both worlds: a class with a modern approach. Do you like it?

model in a black gothic dress at Jean Paul Gaultier (Spring 2009) fashion show
Jean Paul Gaultier (Spring 2009)

10. See-through Mystery

And, lastly, a Gothic pearl which is worth remembering! It's been more than a decade since this French maestro Jean Paul Gaultier created the show. Still, every single dress looks just as special, as at the first glance. Certainly, it is not your classic wedding dress, but what is classic on a dark-themed Gothic wedding ceremony anyways? If you are not afraid of a little fashion challenge and are ready to rock this gem then get into it without a doubt! 

bride and groom are hugging and posing in a filed
Photo: Trung Nguyen

2021 has changed the wedding scenario for all of us. Nonetheless, we all desire to look uber-chic in the wedding gown. If you’re planning to get married soon, then we’re here to show you the best 8 Bridal Trends for 2021 Weddings so that you can shine on your D-day!

1. Short Dresses

This dress is perfect if you’re planning to have a casual and intimate ceremony, and want to look chic. Also, you can flaunt your shoes wearing this dress. It’s suitable for all types of functions, be it a reception, dinner, or bridal shower.

2. Ruffles

If you like carrying something voluminous, then this is definitely going to have all your guests hooked. Opt for frills with extra detailing. You can go with a ruffled skirt as well, which could be a great addition to your mermaid silhouette. Well, if you don’t want to dive in maximalist ruffled gowns, then you can opt for a streamlined ruffled gown.

3. Florals

Absolutely nothing can beat a floral gown. They’re so colourful and pretty, that will definitely make you look gorgeous. Pastel florals are the best and can subtly enhance your overall wedding look. And if you’re planning to have your wedding in spring, then florals can be a great option to consider.

floral wedding dress hanging on the balcony
Photo: Fidel Hajj

4. Off Shoulder Sleeves

If you want to look classy and attractive and want to look graceful, then definitely try this out. This comes in every wedding gown style, be it a mermaid gown or a grand ball gown. It’s perfect if you want to show off your neckline or your collar bones.

5. Pants

If you want something sleek to flaunt your figure and want to look different, then this can be a perfect choice. It can be carried well with a crop top. If you’re looking for classy pants or jumpsuits to wear to the wedding, then you really need to check this out!

6. High Slits

Well, if you want to show some skin, then these high slits can become your wedding dress. And if you want to opt for a more daring option, then you can go with a thigh-high slit. This will highlight your best features and make you look glamorous.

a close-up picture of a wedding dress embelished in feathers
Photo: Sophie Wust

7. Feathers

This design can never go out of style and has always been in trend! An embellish designed feather gown will make you look ethereal and classy. Its gorgeous detailing will add glamour to the entire look.

8. Transitional Pieces

If you’re confused and don’t want to splurge on something extra, then this can be a great option. These transitional pieces are there in the designers’ store everywhere. It allows you to get two unique looks to carry off at two different functions at no extra cost. Win-win!

The Takeaway

I hope these wedding dresses will give a glimpse of the current wedding trends. Besides these trends, pick something which actually fascinates you and are eager to wear it at the wedding! What’s your favourite 2021 wedding trend and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Guest Post

woman wearing black bridal dress posing on a coast

White is undoubtedly one of the most versatile colors. It fits absolutely anyone and can be combined with so many other colors in one beautiful ensemble. You can't go wrong choosing white, especially when it comes to a wedding dress. Yet, there is another trusty color that works just as great as white. Can you already guess what color I am talking about? Let's face it, the black is always the new black nothing can substitute for its elegance. Moreover, you can always rely on this color or its absence if you prefer to call it this way.

So, if your nocturnal instincts push you towards the dark side, or you plan to have a themed wedding ceremony then my today's post is for you. Here are some of my favorite black bridal dresses from elegant lace ornaments and bohemian wedding dresses to voluminous Victorian-inspired ensembles. And which one is your personal favorite?

gorgeous black mermaid bridal dresss

1. Dark Mermaid

Let's begin with the open-back black mermaid dress. It has sleek lace-covered sleeves and a long tail-like skirt. This dress is going to look fascinating on an hourglass figure highlighting curves and waistline. Nocturnal brides who love simple silhouettes and lace will adore this wedding dress.

woman in black bridal chiffon dress is posing on the snow

2. Odile from Swan Lake

Odile is the secondary antagonist in the Swan Lake ballet. Her dark entity inspired me to pick up this gorgeous black bridal dress with a voluminous chiffon gown. The top part features a deep-v-neck neckline under the thinnest coat of intricate lace. Looking stunning and radiates an edgy vibe.

woman is posing on a beach, wearing a black, boho-inspired bridal dress.

3. Moody Boho

The next dress you'll want to wear even after the wedding ceremony, as it is a very wearable, boho-inspired ensemble. It is going to be perfect for the beach wedding ceremony, and after, you can wear it casually or revamp it for a night out.

woman in black bridal dress with flower crown on her head is posing in a field.

4. Beauty in Modesty

This floor-length, draped gown is an ideal choice for the beginning of the spring or the fall time. Its modest silhouette and lace-covered sleeves are ideal for romantic brides. And the black color makes the dress versatile for various wedding themes.

a woman in a balck tulle bridal dress is posing in the field

5. Gothic Princess

Moody, and dark, this dress is made for a sad Gothic princess who enters a dreamy and obscure dream wedding. This black gown needs nothing to make your dark look complete. It is obsolete in its simplicity. Loose hair and smokey eye makeup are going to be your best friends for this dress. And, for the comfortable ceremony, opt-out for a pair of flats.

a woman in a simple black weding dress is posing in the field

6. Free-spirited Energy

Another perfect option for an outdoor wedding ceremony. This deep-v-neck black wedding dress is covered in tassels and has a loose cut. Exactly what you need if you aim for an ethnic vibe for your ceremony. When I see this dress, I imagine a private wedding somewhere in the middle of an immense grassland.

a woman wearing black wedding gown, posing on a coast

7. Gothic Sweetheart

The sweetheart neckline is one of the most delicate and the most popular choices for a wedding dress. It elongates the neck, accentuates the décolletage area. Combine it with a billowing tulle gown and a pair of drop earrings. You can also add a baroque necklace to your neck as a final Gothic touch.

woman wearing a black, gothic gown is posing in the field

8. The Black Queen

If the Gothic Princess wears a black tulle gown that looks like cotton candy, then The Black Queen rocks a full Victorian attire for her wedding. The boat shoulder neckline is covered in retro lace, Juliet sleeves, royal embroidery all over the gown, and, of course, a layered mantle that completes the look. Such an ensemble will fit a wintery fairytale wedding.

woman in a black wedding dress

9. Dark Elegancy

If you always wanted to wear a big, fluffy dress for your wedding but also wanted it to look "alternative", then you will definitely like the next dress. It combines all of the classic elements like a sweetheart bodice and fluffy skirt. Still, the pitch-black color makes this dress look edgy enough for a Gothic-inspired wedding.

a qoman in a black wedding dres is posing on a coast

10. Gloomy Fairytale

And the final dark beauty is an a-line dress with a 3-d floral lace and a bateau neckline. If Disney's Maleficent planned a glamorous wedding, she would go for this black bridal dress without any doubt. My favorite detail is a sexy slit on the side, which allows you to show some skin. A black diadem decorated with raw gems is a mandatory accessory for this dress.


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