winter office outfit
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Winter is one of the most ideal seasons for minor and major wardrobe changes. As the temperature drops, we tend to substitute our breezy summer attire with something more substantial and cold-weather appropriate. Our favorite office outfits may suit the summer hotness, but they won’t be an ideal choice during the colder months of the year. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to figure out what you should wear to the office this winter. The following ideas will make choosing work outfits a lot easier:

Add Some Color with a Floral Skirt

Too many people make the mistake of assuming they need to hide their love of bright colors and beautiful patterns in winter. That’s not the case. Wear a classy and relatively formal winter sweater with a professional floral skirt, and you’ll have an appropriate outfit for the office that doesn’t require sacrificing your personal style.

Of course, you can’t wear the same outfit to work every single day. You might thus experiment with this general concept by pairing a floral scarf with a black suit. It will achieve essentially the same purpose as the previous outfit, while also being unique enough to stand on its own.

Find a Pantsuit You Love

Pantsuits have become extremely popular over the past few years. Some theorize this is due to the rise of women politicians who’ve embraced the outfit. Regardless, fashion brands and designers have responded to the growing demand for pantsuits by creating a wide range of options. Browse the collections at your favorite retailers to find one that’s attractive to you. Odds are good you’ll easily find a pantsuit that’s perfect for the office, and perfect for your tastes.

winter office outfit
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Go Cozy with Cashmere

The idea that you need to give up comfort if you want to dress well (particularly for the office) is a myth. In winter, there are plenty of ways you can be cozy in a work-appropriate outfit.

For example, you may decide to wear several layers of cashmere garments. As long as your job doesn’t require that you wear a suit, you could wear a sleeveless cardigan over a long-sleeved sweater, along with wide-leg trousers. Aim for muted winter colors for the ideal effect.

Pick a Graphic Blazer

Once more, your winter office outfits don’t need to be bland. A simple graphic blazer can be dynamic enough to suit your preferences. Pair it with leather pants, and you’ll have office attire that makes a subtle but undeniable impression.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to experiment with these outfits. Your goal is to create a winter office wardrobe that truly reflects your personality. These tips will simply help you get started.

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girl reads book in the park
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Reading is the safest and the most relaxing way to learn important life lessons. That's why today I gathered five engaging books that will help you become a little bit better and teach you some important truths. These books are not about self-improvement or personal development, these are the books that will teach you how to love, respect, and even how hate through the life and actions of characters from the books.

Each author in my list has a very special way of revealing the truth to the reader. Some are gentle, soft, and poetic, while others are roughly direct. But I hope all the books on my list will leave you with many experiences and emotions. I would love to erase my memory and re-read all of these five books once again.

Jack London portrait

Martin Eden
A novel by Jack London

“But I am I. And I won't subordinate my taste to the unanimous judgment of mankind”

This was one of the first books by Jack London I've read. A very romantic and beautiful novel about a young sailor from the working class who is struggling to become a writer and to win the heart of a girl from high society. I was fascinated by Martin's enthusiasm and his passion for knowledge. He is definitely a great example of a person who is trying to become better, pursuing his blue dream. The ending of the story is sad, and a little bit shocking, but absolutely understandable. I want to recommend this to everyone, especially those who are still trying to find their place in the world.

George Orwell portrait

Nineteen Eighty-Four
A novel by George Orwell
“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 

I know this book might sound a bit cliché, but it is a must-read for everyone. Nineteen Eighty-Four is a British dystopian novel written by talented writer George Orwell and originally published in 1949 about life under constant surveillance. This fiction has a lot of truth between the lines, and if you are a person who lived far away from the Soviet Union but want to imagine what it was like to live under a strict governmental machine of total propaganda, repression, and humiliation you need to read Nineteen Eighty-Four without any doubt. 

While I was reading this book I was thinking about our past and how many things it has in common with the present. I was thinking about the country I'm living in and other countries surrounding me. And of course, I was thinking about the future of humanity, do we have a chance?

Gabriel García Márquez portrait

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Short story by Gabriel García Márquez
“His huge buzzard wings, dirty and half-plucked, were forever entangled in the mud.” 

The first time I read this book at school and I remember liking the story very much. Gabriel García Márquez combined two absolutely opposite literature genres of fantasy and realism in one masterpiece. The story starts when a very poor family finds an old man with huge wings who have crash-landed in their yard. 

The author does not explain this supernatural event, he does not open up to the audience a character and personality of an angel. He simply leaves this to the reader's mind and everyone can decide who this mysterious old man was with wings.

Vladimir Korolenko portrait

In Bad Company
Book by Vladimir Korolenko
“Better to have a piece of heart in the chest, than a cold stone.” 

I doubt my readers have ever heard about this book and the author Vladimir Korolenko, but I couldn't leave this book without attention. Bad Company can also be translated as Children Of The Underground is a tragic story filled with sadness and truth. Book events took place at the end of the 18th century in a small Polish town. The author demonstrates the everyday life of two boys from polar families - a family of main judges of a city and a family of beggars. This story is sincere and it definitely leaves a very pure and kind print in everyone's heart, I wish I'd read this lovely story at school. 

Alice McLerran portrait

The Mountain That Loved a Bird 
Book by Alice McLerran 
“I am Joy, and I have come to greet you.” 

A colorful and emotional book written by Alice McLerran and featuring the most beautiful illustrations by Eric Carle. The story is about a little bird named Joy and how she healed and was brought back to live in a broken, lonely mountain. Every word in this book is saturated with love, loyalty, and hope. Even though this book is not lacking in sad moments, I still think you can definitely read 'The mountain that loved a bird' with your little kids, since it will teach them to love nature and always believe in happy endings.

This was my personal list of five interesting books that will make everyone better. Please let me know if you've read any of these books and if you agree with my list. Don't forget to share your favorite books, that helped you to learn some lessons. Do you have Goodreads account? Add me as a friend, so I can check out your favorite books as well. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'll talk to you again very soon!


portrait of a woman with ginger hair
Photo: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

When winter arrives, your hair becomes a little more vulnerable than normal, but as long as you look after it, it can remain at its glossy best. One of the best ways of keeping your locks in tiptop shape is to use essential oils. From the benefits of using tea tree oil for hair to how rosemary oil can help with thickness, here are four of the best natural oils for your winter hair care routine.

  • Tea Tree Oil 

Irritated skin is an inevitable part of the winter, and that includes your scalp. In particular, it can easily dry out and cause dandruff. Using tea tree oil for hair can prevent dandruff, as its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties can help fight the flakes. Mix in a few drops of tea tree with a carrier oil like coconut or olive, massage into the scalp, leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse out. For a deeper conditioning treatment, you can leave it in overnight and wrap your hair. 

close-up picture of lavender branches
Photo: Joanna Kosinska

  • Lavender Oil 

Staying with irritation for a moment, lavender oil is great for soothing an itchy, dry scalp. In addition to that, it can also nourish your hair follicles, prevent breakage, and even promote growth – the perfect combination when you’re looking to improve the health of your winter hair. All you have to do is mix a few drops into your favorite shampoo or conditioner and massage them into your scalp. Just be careful how much you use – as with all essential oils, you won’t ever need more than five drops at a time.

  • Chamomile Oil 

Another potential problem we all face when it comes to winter hair is dullness. As the elements take their effects your hair can lose its luster and sparkle. The answer to that? Chamomile oil. Not only can it leave your hair with a lovely shine, but it can also actually lighten the tone of your hair and soothe your scalp too. Mix up to five drops with a carrier oil and rub it gently into your hair. Leave for up to an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

woman's hand is holding a natural oil for hair
Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

  • Rosemary Oil 

Just like dullness, winter weather can also leave your hair looking a bit thin and limp. That’s where an essential oil that helps promote hair growth, health, and thickness would come in handy. And that’s exactly what rosemary oil can do for you. Rubbing a little rosemary oil, combined with coconut oil, directly into your scalp can actually assist cell regeneration, resulting in your hair regaining its luscious and glossy look. 

When you’re thinking about hair health in the winter, remember these essential oils. All of them can support your hair and keep it looking healthy when it’s at its most vulnerable. So, say bye-bye to weary winter hair and hello to luscious locks!

Guest Post


cosmic girl on a beach
Photo: Marek Okon

History repeats itself, and so do fashion trends, they come and go and return to our wardrobes again. It is an eternal fashion cycle and every trend comes back into style eventually. Each time an old fashion design reappears in fashion, it brings brand-new ideas and fresh concepts. According to this point of view, future fashion may repeat the hottest trends of the early 00s, so don't hurry to throw out your beloved hipster glasses and skinny jeans, you may want to wear them once again shortly. 

Of course, I doubt that future outfits will look like the old-school costumes from sci-fi movies and books. I hope fans of the original Star Trek will forgive me, but there are no places for aluminum swimsuits and faux fur crop tops in the future. And as much as I love tight catsuits, we need to face reality, the future won`t look like Marvel comics. But what will the future of fashion look like?

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contact are so quick. Fashion is an instant language." —Miuccia Prada

woman wearing eco fashion
Photo: Noah Buscher

Intelligent Textiles & Fast Fashion

Climate changes will accelerate the invention process of new materials and fabrics. These materials will be bacteria and cruelty-free and have adaptive abilities to regulate body temperature according to the weather condition. Brands will need to develop a new design approach to stay up to date and survive on fashion markers. 

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, so designers will need to think up how to carefully bring environment-friendly materials into the fashion industry. Thanks to worldwide globalization, cultural mixing processes, and advanced technology, future clothes will be comfortable, mobile, and fleeting. The concept of 'throwaway' or fast fashion will become a common principle of all designers, because of a rapid lifestyle and fast-changing trends.

future shopping process
Photo: Lucrezia Carnelos

Shopping Revolution

When it comes to future shopping, I disagree with people who think that regular physical stores will fully disappear from our lives. Of course, they will look and function differently, in a new contemporary way. For example, future dressing rooms will be equipped with holograms and virtual reality. These technologies will allow customers to try on new outfits without even changing their clothes. In the near future consumers will play a large, important role in designing their own garments. Fashion stores won`t need to stock a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Future 3D printers and other similar technologies will allow customers to print necessary items with a unique design and sizing. Digital modeling and virtual reality technologies are even closer than you think. For instance, in October 2015, designer Tommy Hilfiger became the very first major fashion retailer who tested out the virtual reality headsets in the stores and shoppers experienced his fashion show virtually. 

"Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment." —Alexander McQueen
close-up of futuristic smart watch
Photo: Fabian Albert

Smart Accessories

Even today, computers, smartphones, earphones, and other gadgets have become more than just everyday items, but essential fashion accessories. When people are searching for a new computer or smartphone, they aren't just buying an electronic device, they are also making a fashion statement by choosing the gadget`s designs, color, and even brands. In the long run smartphones, smartwatches and glasses will become a stylish addition to our everyday outfits. Fashion will become more than just a personal expression of your style, taste, and personality, it will become a technology as well.

Oscar de la Renta once said that the greatest thing about fashion is that it always looks forward. With every passing day, we approach the future closer and closer, but we can't know for sure what is coming for us. My biggest wish for future fashion is to be versatile and indulgent. There will be no more racial, age, or gender boundaries ‒ anyone will wear the clothes they want. In the future fashion will empower people, not isolate or separate them. I'd like to see how fashion becomes an international language of communication and fashion designers become its interpreters, helping people to understand each other better.


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