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close-up of plump lips with bold lip look and honey dew
Photo: Roxana Maria

Your lips are the field for the most non-trivial makeup experiments. Why wear casual nude lipsticks, if bold colors look so beguiling? Rich, saturated lip colors can transform both your look and your mood in a matter of seconds. Sounds tempting, isn't it? If you feel like it is time to wave goodbye to the light and pastel tones and embrace the charm of darker colors such as burgundy wine, bitter chocolate, burnt orange, and ripe plum then you are in the right place.

However, if you want to create a look that you can rock all the time, here are some tips that you should know. Things like dry flaky lips or uneven lip liner can drastically reduce the astonishing effect of your bold lip look. By following a few essential makeup tips, you'll be able to rock your lipstick all day long, and get the maximum out of it!

close-up of black lip makeup, black long nails and and pale skin

#1. Pick the right color and shade

Don’t wear unflattering colors. Picking the right color is essential when it comes to bold lipsticks. It is like picking a new hair color. You have to look at your skin tone and what that color would do to it. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid experimenting with colors. For example, ladies with pale skin and dark hair can bring out that natural contrast with stronger coloring. 

Also, if you already have a lipstick color that doesn’t quite work with your skin tone, try adding a gold gloss to warm the color. For example, black and gold lips can completely revamp your look. If you have thinner lips, darker lipstick hues can make them appear even thinner. To avoid this you should go for brighter colors. 

Last year, luxurious matte lipsticks were extremely popular because the color appears richer and more vibrant. But they can also be a bit drying. Many ladies prefer that plump and moisturized look which is achieved by applying lip glosses in rich colors or a clear lip gloss for a high-shine finish. For fuller pouty lips, we recommend using lip plumper gloss which hydrates the lips and makes them visibly fuller.

close-up of lips with black and magenta lip look and a hand with magenta manicure

#2. Apply foundation or concealer

For the perfect color that will last, you should apply a little bit of your foundation or concealer on your lip line before applying the lipstick. This will help block the redness around your lip line and the color will last longer. This will also prevent your bold lip look from smudging. Furthermore, this technique creates a neutral base, which will make sure you get the color that you wanted. 

close-up of lips with pastel pink and lavender lip look

#3. Use a lip liner

If you want to go for bold colors on your lips, you should make sure that your application is clean and precise. Using a lip liner in the same color is crucial if you want precisely shaped lips. In addition, using a lip liner in the same or similar color will help the color last longer and will stop it from running over your lip line. Because lip liners are denser and drier, they are more immovable and keep the color in place all night. Filling in your lips entirely before applying the lipstick prevents them from becoming uneven or patchy during the night, too. It can also make the color you are wearing more intense. 

close-up of bold, emerald lip look

#4. Focus on the lips

When you are wearing dark lipsticks, the focus should be on your lips. This means that you should keep the rest of your look simple with minimal blush, soft colors, nude eye makeup, and mascara, so they won’t steal the spotlight from your lip color. That way, the color of your lips will pop and people will notice your lipstick and not something else. This also creates a more polished and sophisticated look.

close-up of blue glossy lip look and a hand with blue manicure

#5. Avoid color stains on your teeth

One of the main problems when wearing dark lipstick is that the color gets your white teeth. Luckily, there is one simple trick that will help you to avoid this makeup incident. Position your lips around your finger and pull it out. This will remove all of the excess lipstick from your mouth and it won’t get on your teeth. 

close-up of bold amd matte purple lip look

#6. And finally, be confident

These small tricks will help you have the perfect bold color on your lips, but the key to pulling off the look is confidence. To rock that color proudly, you need to have a good basis. Many people tend to forget how important is to prepare their skin and create a glowing, clean, and even complex. This will help the dark lip color stand out and you will wear it with confidence.

The Takeaway

A bold lip look demands certain makeup conditions to look neat and posh. First of all, the makeup foundation must look smooth and seamless, otherwise, the old lip look will only emphasize imperfections. A perfectly-shaped lip with sharpened lip liner is yet another small secret of such a lip look. Certainly, the practice makes perfect, and the more you practice your ideal bold lip makeup the better it will look.


Photo: KimJSinclair

Probably every makeup lover has their favorite season shades. If in the warm period of the year we tend to pick pastel or vivid hues, the intensity and moodiness of the dark colors are considered to be ideal for fall and winter. The cool plum and dark red shade, earthy browns, and even basic black beckon my inner Goth. These dark lipstick colors may be hard to pull off, but they look simply mind-blowing. That's why, for today's blog post, I want to share with you my top 5 favorite lipstick colors, which I love wearing in the cold. 

close up of a plump women lips with an aesthetic gradient purple lip look

Lip Color #1: Rasin Purple

To start off, let me share with you this small and very cute container with purple lip paint. Unfortunately for me, the shade has no name or even number, but I will try to describe it myself. The semi-matte lip paint has a dark, cool-toned purple shade with a velvety finish on the skin. It closely resembles the Artist Acrylip Lip Stain by Make Up For Ever, but less glossy, so I would definitely call it an affordable dupe.

The Purple lip paint is one of my favorite lip colors for winter, as it looks absolutely amazing on any complexion — light, medium, or deep. Everyone can pull off the craziest grunge or nu goth look, all thanks to this shade. The consistency of the lip paint looks similar to a gel or cream eyeliner, and even comes in a similar container. I suggest using a small and flat synthetic brush, to apply it neatly to your lips.

close up of a plump women lips with an aesthetic dark burgundy lip look

Lip Color #2: Garnet Red

The classic red color is good any time of the year. But, during the coldest months, I especially love the intense and moody shade of garnet red. I believe there is no better shade to math the wintertime spleen. So, my next lipstick I wear any time of the day, and I don't care if it is not 'appropriate' for mornings or noons. It is the Liphop velvety lipstick in shade called 'Ripe Plum'. The shade is called plump, but it is definitely closer to burgundy and reds, even though it is still cool-toned red.

The lipstick gives the lips a very appealing, semi-matte finish. It doesn't dry them, in fact, moisturizes the lips. I love every little detail about this winter lipstick by Liphop. Starting from the sleek, minimalistic packaging, to the perfumed scent and even the price — it is a truly affordable product. If you're looking for a full-coverage lipstick that has super-rich pigment you should try Liphop. 

close up of a plump women lips with an aesthetic glossy magenta lipstick

Lip Color #3: Dark Magenta

Magenta is probably one of the most controversial shades in the beauty industry. It is quite hard to find an ideal magenta shade, that would look beautiful with eye makeup, and with the outfit. Therefore, a good option would be to rock this shade on the lips, on its own, without any eye makeup. A few coats of mascara on the curled lashes, light-coverage foundation, and completely lose hair. How does it sound?

My magenta color is a bit too light for my liking, I would prefer something darker for the fall and winter seasons. But I learned to pair it with a similar, but dark lip liner and it turn out pretty well on my lips. This lipstick or it is better to say lip craton, was a part of the Y-Cid set. I would recommend you to use a lip liner not only to intensify the color but also to make the final lip look defined and neat.

close up of a plump women lips with an aesthetic gradient brown lip look and glossy finish

Lip Color #4: Chocolate Brown

The late fall and winter are a time for hot, toasty drinks. The same goes on for lip color. I believe the beautiful shades of earth brown look fantastic on the lips. Depending on your complexion, and personal preference, you can experiment with a wide range of brown shades: starting with almost nude, translucent lip colors, to the intense and saturated coffee colors.

I stay with my favorite 'Claudia' lipstick — a stunning, matte lip color by City Color Cosmetics. It may feel a bit dry on the lips, but it is easy to fight this uncomfortable sensation together with a moisturizing lip balm. A matching lip liner can also be used here to add more 'definition' to the lip look, but it is not mandatory. The lipstick stays put on the lips for a long time.

close up of a plump women lips with an aesthetic classic, red and glossy lip look

Lip Color #5: Classic Red

Any fall or winter day wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous, classic red lipstick. I have two red shades, which I love to wear during this time of the year. The first one is Le Keux Cosmetics Lip Paint in shade called 'Whistle Bait', which is perfect for festive occasions like Christmas and New Year's. It is a warm-tones red, which glides onto the lips like a charm. The second one is another lip crayon by Y-Cid. It is a blue-based red color, which looks fantastically on cool skin I wear both of these lipsticks with a lip liner because without it would be hard to achieve a sharp lip look.

And what are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have any particular lip colors you love wearing in the fall and winter? This question is highly-debatable, but it looks like the lip color tradition is already set, and I completely agree with it. At least, at this moment of my life. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I'll talk to you in my next moody post.


close-up of womans face with a black lip look

You can never go wrong with wearing a dark, haunting lip look. No matter what fashion critics have to say, dark lip makeup looks absolutely gorgeous on every skin complexion and absolutely anyone can pull off this daring makeup trend. The only major secret here is to find an ideal dark lipstick shade, which will ideally fit your inner vibe, the occasion, and, of course, your skin tone. Today we are going to find out everything you wanted to know about dark lipstick, discover how to evenly apply it to your lips, and much more!

How to Choose Dark Lipstick?

Well, first of all, let's discover what is the best dark lip color for your complexion. Girls with fair skin tones usually look the best with intense berry shades. Don't be shy about wearing very dark colors on your lips, vampires are always trendy! I love wearing dark and bold lipstick combined with bushy eyebrows and minimal to no makeup on my eyes. 

If you have warm undertones in your skin opt out for warm-toned lip colors like bold brick-red lipstick and true red. And if your skin has cool tones, colors like purple will look better on you. Ladies with medium and tanned skin tones should definitely try to wear plum or dark grape color on their lips, dark red also goes well with this skin tone. If you have a deep skin complexion go for dark chocolate, ripe plum, and magenta shades.

blonde woman with a dark red lip makeup

Nocturnal Blackness is a Key

I know, this might sound unbelievable, but black lipstick color is very versatile and anyone can effortlessly wear it. The ideal black lipstick should be opaque with only one thin layer. Creamy formulations should glide easily on your lips, like a charm, while matte black lipstick should feel comfortable on the lips. Combine with classic winged eyeliner, flawless foundation, and subtle highlights, black lipstick completes one of the most insolent, yet wonderfully sophisticated makeup looks. You should definitely try it out one day!

close-up of a pale woman's face and a process of black lipstick application

How to Flawlessly Apply Dark Lipstick?

Well-defined dark lips are the dream look for many makeup lovers. But how do you actually apply dark colors with such irreproachable precision? Believe me, it is not as hard as it seems at first. Practice makes perfect, of course, but you'll easily learn this lesson and will have no issues with any dark lip color in the future. 

Firstly, exfoliate and moisturize your lips' skin – an even and smooth surface is mandatory for flawless application. You can use a bit of vaseline and sugar to scrub your lips and your favorite lip balm to keep them nourished and moisturized. The next step is to give your lips a desirable precise shape. Use a well-sharpened matte lip liner in a similar color to shape your lips and fill them in with color. When finished, apply the dark lipstick on the top of the lip liner. Use a special synthetic brush for better precision. 

Now when you have your dark lip liner and dark lipstick on it is time to pay some attention to the edges of your lips. Use a clean synthetic brush for a tiny amount of your foundation or concealer and clean up any uneven edges and messy corners. Keep your hand steady and carefully outline your lips once again. As a result, you'll get a perfect, well-defined dark lip look. This method works great with vivid lip colors as well.

blonde girl is wearing dark violet lipstick

How to Wear Dark Lip Look?

Evidently, pairing intense lips makeup with very dark eye makeup, like this gorgeous Gothic smokey eye look is not the best idea. To look good you always need to keep your makeup well-balanced. Avoid wearing black and dark eyeshadow colors together with dark lipstick and keep your foundation natural. Stay away from harsh contouring, instead go for a subtle highlighter. Dewy highlighter placed on the highest points of your face will add dimension to your look, creating an appealing youthful effect. 


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