3 Simple Tips to Help You De-clutter Your Wardrobe

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Shopping for brand new clothing and shoes is always a pleasure. At least for most of the time. But, after a few years of fruitful trend-hunting, your wardrobe can be easily compared to a post-apocalyptic world: a pile of unwanted things buried under another pile of outdated stuff. A loaded closet is a very common thing for most people. Sometimes we have no time to organize it, other times we are not in the right mood for changes. But, most of the time, we get sentimental about clothes and can't let them go.

Theoretically, having various fashion options to choose from sounds fantastic. But in practice, it always results in the infamous ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation. The wardrobe's drawers and shelves end up overburdened with clothes, which are too big, too small, or too distressed for your outfit. Sounds like a fashion nightmare, doesn't it? If it does, then it is time for a clean slate! Prepare some large bags, roll up your sleeves and get ready to say goodbye to some of the clothes you own. And 3 simple tips will help you to de-clutter your wardrobe.

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#1. To keep, to throw, or to give away? That is the question.

The very first, and the easiest wardrobe de-cluttering tip to follow, is a one-year rule. If there is a piece that you haven't used for a whole year, the chances you are going to go back to use it in your next outfit are thin. You may love it, it may look perfect on you, and be stylish and trendy, but if you are not using it for over a year, it is time to let it go to a better place.

But, don't rush to be wasteful, and throw away everything you are not using anymore in the nearest bin. If clothing is still fresh, doesn't have stains, or holes, and holds the shape, you can easily donate it, making someone happy. Another way to get rid of old clothing is to sell it, making money for something you may actually wear.

Now, it is time to get rid of items that you have a sentimental attachment to, but no practical use. This will be more complicated, so be ready to put your emotions away. Clothes may remind you of some special times in your life, but your fashion style always evolves and changes. Set your memories and your clothes free, opening space for something new.

Next in line are the impulsive purchases, those that seemed like a good idea at the time, but have never made it into a decent outfit. You can also include items on sale, when you couldn't resist a deal, but have never actually wanted or needed it. The pricey clothes and shoes also must go in this pile! Just because you feel like it is a waste of money to get rid of expensive items, you shouldn't let them take up the space in your wardrobe. Try to sell it and move on to better, more relevant things.

And, finally, we have reached the last category with too big or too small clothing. A good tailor will help you to resolve the problem with the clothes, that are too large for you. It will almost be like getting an entirely new piece of clothing. The rest of the pieces should be packed away into the bags and dispatched to their new homes.

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#2. Let's start from scratch.

At this moment you may feel a slight demotivation, and your wardrobe may seem like a glass half empty. However, this way of fashion thinking is completely wrong, and a semi-empty wardrobe is going to be your excuse to shop for brand new clothing. This time you are going to approach fashion shopping seriously with a list of must-have pieces, and an organized manner.

To save your time, money, and the space in your free from the cluttered wardrobe, you'll need to shop smarter. By this, I mean investing in fewer, but high-quality clothes that fit into the 'capsule wardrobe' vibe. To give you an idea of what to shop for, try thinking of classic cuts for coats and pants, natural material, and pricey haberdashery. Everything must fit your body type, complexion, and personality 100% with little to no exceptions. Pricey accessories are mandatory as well. 

Speaking of fashion basic, you shouldn't skip the purchase of quality undergarments. The right type of underwear and shapewear do wonders to your outfit and provide your body with the proper comfort and support. Correctly chosen undergarments can even numerous benefit your health, especially if they are made with natural, sustainable materials like linen, silk, and bamboo.

#3. Get Some Fashion Advice

Relying on your fashion sense is always the right idea. You are the only person who knows what your fashion style needs. Nevertheless, asking for some fashion advice from a professional stylist may be beneficial for your new wardrobe. That doesn't mean you have to hire the most expensive celebrity stylist. You can start by finding professionals in the fashion industry through Youtube and Facebook. Their tips will help you with the basics: everlasting trends, color palette, fabric quality, and other little fashion secrets. If you are going to need more in-depth fashion help in interpreting your style, then proceed to a hiring personal stylist

In addition to all of the previous de-cluttering tips, it is highly recommended to invest in good bags and footwear, as they make half of the look. It is always better to own only a few high-quality items rather than a ton of cheap ones. Your personal stylist will surely help you to find the best options, and can even recommend to you in which pieces it is best to invest your money. Remember, that it is more than just a matter of personal style, it is also about being environmentally conscientious.


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