Top 5 Best Shapewear Pieces to Wear Under Any Outfit

woman in a studio with natural light wearing shapewear set and posing on the floor
Photo: Anna Shvets

Too many words have been said about the shapewear, but it still doesn't receive enough praise for its simplicity and versatility. Shapewear always stays hidden underneath the layers of clothing, and little to no people like to be talking about it. That's in vain, after all, it is one of the most versatile types of undergarments. Shapewear in all sizes, colors, and shapes like no other piece. It can be worn underneath an outfit and even styled like outerwear. Isn't it fascinating? 

However, it is not always easy to find the best shapewear that will perfectly fit your fashion needs, and emphasize the qualities of your body.  With so many variants on the market to choose from, it may be hard to stop your eyes on a particular option. In this post, we are going to try to discover which shapewear pieces are the most versatile and will work best for most people and wardrobes.

undentified woman wearing shapewear shorts

#1: Shapewear Shorts

Let's begin with the most popular shapewear piece — high-waisted body-shaping shorts. If you ask your friends and relatives, all of them will admit to wearing shapewear shorts. Of course, like any other shapewear, shorts came in several models and level controls. The shorts have the power to sculpt hips, support the inner thigh part, slim the tummy area, and get rid of muffin tops.

undentified woman wearing shapewear bodysuit

#2: Body-shaping Suit

Buying wholesale shapewear is a good way to flatter your outfit. And, if you are not sure what shapewear to use underneath your today's look, try a win-win body-shaping suit. It is an undergarment that will take care of every area: support the breast, smooth the volume on the back, flatter belly, and muffin tops, and slim the upper part of the legs.

undentified woman wearing shapewear leggings

#3: Shapewear Leggings

I believe every woman loves and wears leggings. They don't just smooth the skin, and flatter the curves, but make the whole workout experience more pleasant. Pick a high-waist model that will support your abdomen muscles during the session, and opt for neoprene fabrics. This special material will make your body sweat more profoundly, which always results in better results. 

undentified woman wearing shapewear leggings

#4. Waist Trainer

Waist trainer wholesale is probably one of the most controversial, but nonetheless, popular shapewear pieces. It is a waist-shaping garment that is very similar to a girdle, and it is used to hold the body's core and slim down the waistline. It may not be for everyone, but a waist trainer is worth mentioning, as its popularity grows each and every day.

undentified woman wearing shapewear bra

#5 Breast Shaper

And, lastly, a few words about the breast shaper, or shapewear bra. Make sure to go for a bra with soft padding, and wide straps for the best comfort support. Another important thing to look for is a lightweight material that will not be visible underneath the clothes but will allow your skin to breathe freely. You'll be able to wear such bra shapers underneath any outfit for most fashion occasions.


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