Quick & Easy Lime Cinnamon Rolls | A Recipe For Beginners

a pair of cinnamon rolls on a white plate

When life gives me too many limes, I either do Caipirinha or bake a bunch of lime and cinnamon rolls to eat the stress away. Of course, it doesn't sound too inspiring, but certainly relatable. Besides being a great stress-relieving food, cinnamon rolls are one of the best holiday desserts for a beginner. They are super easy in making, you won't need any prior experience, and everyone can find a couple of limes and cinnamon at their disposal. So, everything you need to bake the most delicious lime and cinnamon rolls is to follow my recipe. You can even prepare it together with your friends, relatives, and childer, making the holiday evening both yummy and fun. So, let's begin!

Ingredients For Lime & Cinnamon Rolls:

• 2 cups of flour

• 3/4 cup of warm milk

• 1 full teaspoon of dry yeast

• 1 egg

• Vanilla extract

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• Ground cinnamon

• White or brown sugar

• Salt

• Butter or margarine

• Lime juice

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A Step-by-step Lime & Cinnamon Rolls Recipe:

1. Start with preheating your oven to 400 F (200 C). Next, prepare your baking dish by applying a very thin layer of butter or vegetable oil inside it. This will prevent our cinnamon rolls from sticking to the dish.

2. Now let's start mixing the ingredients. Put yeast and all the necessary amount of sugar into the mixing bowl. Add the warm (not hot!) milk to the mixture and let the yeast completely dissolve. When the mixture starts to create a foam, you can start the next step.

3. Add an egg and vanilla extract to the mixture of milk and yeast. Start to slowly sift the flour and the baking powder into the bowl, softly mixing all of these ingredients together. You can add a pinch of salt at this point to balance out the sweet and sour tastes. Let the mixture 'relax' for some time.

4. Proceed to stir the dough. For the best cinnamon rolls, the dough shouldn't be hard and rubber, but soft and supple. You can start by mixing it with a plastic spatula, slowly switching it with your hands. To prevent yeast dough from sticking to your fingers apply some vegetable oil over them.

6. Let the dough rest once again, give it around 30 minutes. At the same time, you can prepare lime caramel for filling. Do so by mixing sugar and lime juice in the saucepan and putting it on fire. Let the lime caramel thicken in the pan, no need to stir it.

a pair of cinnamon rolls on a white plate

7. The dough is ready to become the tastiest cinnamon roll! It is time to put some vegetable oil on the surface of the table and put the dough on it. Roll out the dough into a thin rectangle and brush the surface of the dough with soft butter, lime caramel and sprinkle with a large amount of cinnamon.

8. Next roll and tuck the dough tightly enough, so that the filling can't escape. Cut the 'log' into a few rolls, and try to keep them similar in size. Place the rolls one by one inside of the baking form and bake them until the cinnamon rolls are done. It takes about 25-30 minutes. You can sprinkle them up with some powdered sugar, or brown sugar crystals. And your lime and cinnamon rolls are done and ready to be served on the table.

Planning on inviting your friends and your family to celebrate the winter holidays? Treat them with freshly baked homemade lime cinnamon rolls! People you love will definitely enjoy these flavored rolls even more than Cinnabons, as you will bake them with love and care. These rolls taste the best with some spicy tea or freshly-brewed coffee. If you aren't a fan of lime, you can substitute it with any other fruit, and even add chocolate drops, vanilla topping, some delicious jam, or even ice cream. I wish you all an amazing day and delicious cooking!


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