Top 7 Must-try German Sweet Treats for Every Taste

hanuta German wafers

Everyone in my family knows that I am a big sweet-tooth or candy maniac. Whatever you call it, I love eating desserts and never miss a chance to try out a new type of candy. To satisfy all of my sugar cravings my lovely sister, who lives in Germany, has sent me a lot of delicious German sweets, chocolates, cookies, and other treats. So, my today's post I want to dedicate to everyone, who can't live without glucose overload. And if you live in the EU or Germany, maybe you'll find in this post some of your favorite snacks? If so, don’t forget to let me know in the comments.

Giotto Weiße Mandel

I want to begin with Giotto Weiße Mandel ‒ a German analog of famous Raffaello spheres made from coconut and almonds. But my taste buds think that Giotto has a far better taste. These sweets are as lightweight as a feather and melt away right after you put them in your mouth. I loved them very much, so these almond treats were the first thing I finished from the package. The structure of Giotto spheres is very similar to Raffaelo; they also have an almond nut in the center of the sweet.

German cereal bars Corny

Next are the very popular cereal bars Corny. My sister sent me two popular flavors: coconut and banana. Corny made of oat and wheat flakes, juicy coconut, and banana poured with milk chocolate. I am addicted to these cereal bars. They have a pretty simple flavor, which is nevertheless satisfactory. A few of the corny bars are still hidden somewhere in the depths of my purse.

Hanuta hazelnut wafers

Every German citizen knows and loves Hanuta hazelnut wafers. These crunchy wafers are smeared with sweet and aromatic cocoa cream and seasoned with crunchy hazelnuts. The incredible and aromatic taste of these wafers makes them perfect for breakfast. I love to eat them with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or sugar-free tea. They also provide the body with extra energy, which we all need during a long day of work.

the classic American chocolate cookies, filled with chocolate chips

These are the classic American chocolate cookies, filled with chocolate chips. The dough is sweet and crumbly, and the chocolate chips add an extra pinch of sweetness to the flavor. I am a fan of homemade pastries, but my cookies are not nearly as tasty as these crunchy yummies. If you prefer fairly simple desserts, then you should definitely try the German look on the good-old American cookies. I promise you won't be disappointed with the delightful taste and flavor of these snacks. 

Ritter Sport and Milka chocolate brands

I have no doubts, that everyone heard about Ritter Sport and Milka chocolate brands. These are probably the two most famous European chocolate factories that produce high-quality products since the early '1900s. Ritter Sport was founded in Bad Cannstatt, Germany, while Milka chocolate originated in Switzerland. Both of these chocolate brands taste lovely! Their distinguishing feature is a variety of flavors and fillers. For example, you can find 42 unique tastes of Ritter Sport chocolate square-shaped bar and 13 kinds of Milka.

Gummy Frogs by the world-famous confectionery company Haribo

And the last sweet treat for today is these cute Gummy Frogs by the world-famous confectionery company Haribo. It was founded by Johannes "Hans" Riegel in 1920. Gummy candies are one of my favorite sweets on the market because they are chewy, brightly flavored, and low fat. Haribo's Quaxi Fröschli is gummy, and transparent on the top, but the bottom part is thicker and tastes more like a chewy marshmallow. The description on the packaging claims that these frogs do not rasp, but they still make both children and adults happy. I can't agree less! And what about you? What is your favorite sweet treat? Or do you prefer to stay away from sugary snacks?


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