How to Repair Damaged And Dry Hair with Natural Honey Treatment?

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Is your hair dry and damaged because of regular blow-drying, heat styling, towel twisting (which is, by the way, a real thing!), chemical treatments, excessive washing, or general environmental factors? You are definitely not alone, we have all been in similar situations! And when left untreated, they can lead to even more breakage and damage. But don’t despair; with proper hair care and the right restorative hair care product, you can easily get your smooth, silky hair back. 

To cut your search for the perfect hair care solution short, we have decided to share our go-to shampoo pick specifically for damaged hair that is made out of the finest ingredients and will give you the best results in a matter of time! And not to forget, reasonably priced too. So what are you waiting for!? Here we go...

Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo is one of the best, top-rated shampoos on the market today that is specially formulated to address damaged hair. The Whole Blends Honey Treasure shampoo is carefully crafted with honey, propolis, and royal jelly extract in a lush and creamy formula that keeps hair strong against any damage and replenishes dry, lifeless hair from root to tip with every use. 

The use of natural moisturizing factors and antioxidants is what truly sets this hair care product apart. It also stimulates the scalp and keeps frizz at bay. Unlike other shampoos that are packed with a constellation of chemicals and wreak havoc on your hair (and skin), Whole Blends Honey Treasure is paraben-free with a subtle calming scent, making it gentle enough for everyday use (however, experts recommend not to shampoo hair daily). In case you don’t know, the Whole Blends Honey Treasure range is also renowned for salon hair care and treatments. That’s how big of a deal this shampoo really is! Now let me take you through the key ingredients that make this hair care product what it is.

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Main Ingredients:

  • Honey

As the name says, honey is the key ingredient here. “Can honey grow hair?” you may ask. Yes, it can! In fact, Honey works wonders for your hair. It is emollient, meaning it retains moisture in your hair to give that soft and smooth texture. Honey is also rich in antioxidant properties, which enables it to reduce hair breakage and hair loss, keeping your hair strong and healthy. It contains anti-bacterial properties as well, which prevents scalp infections that can affect hair growth.

  • Propolis

Propolis extracts are known for their nourishing and repairing properties. Also called “bee cement”, it is a chemically complex substance produced by bees that offers healing benefits.

  • Royal Jelly

You may also know royal jelly as “bee’s milk”, and it is a nutrient-rich concentrate. It is commonly used in cosmetic products as a powerful tool of restore and damage repair. It pampers dull, dry, and damaged skin and hair, bringing them back to life.

  • Instructions:

• Apply 1-2 pumps of whole blend honey shampoo to wet hair

• Massage into a lather 

• Rinse and repeat (if necessary). A cool water rinse is also nice to help gently lose the hair shaft.

• Use the full Whole Blends Honey Treasures system, with shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask treatment for best hair-strengthening and repairing results.

I hope you solve all your hair woes with Whole Blends honey. Trust me; you will love this honey blend shampoo as much as I do!

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