How to Take Care of Pale And Sensitive Skin in the Winter?

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Taking care of a pale and sensitive skin type might be very tricky, especially during the coldest months of the year. In the autumn-winter period, harsh cold airstreams can irritate the skin, making it dry, flaky, and more pliant to the harmful environment. Dry fair skin becomes even more sensitive and easily damaged by ultraviolet sun rays, therefore it requires a very special skincare regimen. My dears, today we are going to learn how to care for your pale and sensitive skin in winter properly, securing its health, overall well-being, and beauty.

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Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine

Start caring for your sensitive skin by upgrading your skincare routine for winter. In winter your skin becomes extra dry and may cause keratosis pilaris –- a common skin condition, when the skin produces too much keratin, blocking the hair follicles. To prevent this condition regularly exfoliate your skin with gentle skin scrubs. 

Instead of a harsh soap-based face cleanser, use a mild PH-neutral face wash. Avoid washing your sensitive skin with stiff facial cleansing brushes and skin cleaning systems, because they can traumatize your skin. A soft konjac sponge, made from a natural plant, is a great alternative to harsh synthetic brushes.

And the last, but very important step in upgrading your skincare routine for winter is moisturizer. It is best to substitute your favorite lightweight face moisturizer with a thicker nourishing cream. During cold winter days, our fair, sensitive skin needs a thicker moisturizer with a special formula, developed for drier skin types. Purchase a few travel-sized miniatures of your favorite face and body lotions. Keep your moisturizers within reach in your backpack or purse, so you can reapply them during the day when your skin needs relief.

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Sunscreen Protection

If the weather is super chilly, it doesn't mean that the sun won't burn your sensitive pale skin. That means a sunscreen moisturizer is your best friend and you need to put it on your face just as generously as you would apply it to the beach. Investing in good sunscreen lotion with a high UV filter is very important. Try to search for a fragrance-free cream with a very light texture that absorbs rapidly and doesn't leave a greasy residue on the face. If your skin is fair, always burns in the sun, and rarely tans go for a 30-50 SPF or even higher.

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Makeup For Pale Gals

Everyone is different, and when it comes to makeup, pale and sensitive skin also needs an individual approach. Consider these makeup tips and tricks, when applying your everyday makeup to make your fair skin look glowing and attractive:
  • Always use a light sunscreen cream before applying the foundation. Put a few tiny drops of the product and spread it with your fingers. Let it absorb for a few minutes and proceed with the primer.
  • Do not misuse setting powders! Dry skin doesn't look striking when it has a layer of dry and cakey powder over it. Dew's slightly glowing skin always looks more natural and fresh than totally matte skin. Take into account bb and cc creams with full coverage and high SPF.
  • Research makeup products, dermatologists recommend for dry and sensitive skin types. There are a ton of natural and affordable skincare and makeup brands, which care for dry and sensitive skin, making it look healthy and beautiful.
No Harsh Treatments 

Harsh chemical treatments are never recommended for people with sensitive pale skin, especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Except for your beautiful freckles and don't use any harsh skin-lightening creams and other chemical treatments. Healthy facial skin, with a smooth surface and glowing from the inside, always looks beautiful! Professionals also recommend cutting the long hot showers and baths. Hot water with chlorine can strip your skin of its natural barrier, making it uncomfortable dry, and even irritated.

Hydrate Your Skin Throughout The Day

Air conditioners and heaters do not help the pale sensitive skin stay good-looking and healthy. But lightweight vitamin sprays for the face will help your sensitive skin to stay hydrated in dry accommodations throughout the whole day. Special facial oils will reduce redness and skin irritations, making your skin look refreshed and nicely hydrated. Welcome soothing rose water into your everyday skincare routine. This ancient medical and skin treatment is good for every skin type and condition. Spray the rose water over your body and face to relieve the dryness and calm the skin.

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Drink Water & Eat Healthily

Winter days aren't hot and definitely not so exhausting as sunny summer period, therefore we tend to drink less water in winter. To be healthy and look glowing, the skin needs to stay hydrated, so don't forget to drink the recommended amount of water. Keeping a healthy diet rich in vitamins will improve the appearance of your skin.

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Fashion Aid

And lastly, I would like to stress, that fashion stands for the health of your skin during the winter. When reading about skincare for the pale and sensitive skin in the winter, I never stumbled across this particular statement. I strongly suggest you buy cashmere or wool gloves and a scarf to protect your face and hands from cold winter weather. Don't continue to wear gloves, if they got wet under the snow or rain.


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